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Chapter 2492: Listen to My Orders

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"Haha, good!" laughed Icefire, glancing at the crowd and cackling gleefully. He said to the crowd, "From now on, everybody must obey me! I am the new king of the Continent of the Nine Clouds! Only one system will exist now in the Continent of the Nine Clouds!"

How ambitious! He wants one system in the Continent of the Nine Clouds! He wants all the Shrines to submit and become his subjects! He wants to be the only ruler of the Continent of the Nine Clouds!, thought the Thunder Shrine Leader. The two leaders had made great efforts for such a long time, all for this moment.

The members of the Fire Shrine alliance didn't dare go against the will of Icefire. Now, he wanted to make the members of the Fortune Shrine alliance submit too!

Icefire slowly turned to Lin Feng and the others, and said coldly. "Apart from Lin Feng and the members of the Fortune Shrine, you others can submit and I won't kill you."

He was definitely going to kill Lin Feng, who had a Forbidden Body, as a G.o.d couldn't let Lin Feng live. The Fire Shrine leader was one of the oldest Shrines' leaders, he had heard about the battle of the ancient past, and before the G.o.d of the Fortune Shrine had died, he had left a prophecy. If someone with a Forbidden Body appeared someday, they'd have the potential to become a G.o.d, so no Shrine would let him live. However, what if the Forbidden Person died? Then who would become the G.o.d?

"Lin Feng, yin and yang are the source of the five elements. The power of yin and yang Qi is almighty. He's already stronger than a peerless Saint! We must think of a solution to escape," the old ox said to Lin Feng telepathically.

Lin Feng's heart twitched but he said calmly. "If anyone wants to surrender and pay allegiance to him, I won't blame them."

"Bulls.h.i.+t! That thing is not even a human anymore. I would never surrender and pay allegiance to him! I prefer battling to death!" said the Earth Shrine Leader coldly.

Icefire smiled sinisterly and said. "Wait for your destruction then."

"Icefire," spoke up Zi Zhu suddenly. Icefire glanced at him. "The world is not as simple as you think. Do you think you have no enemies anymore just because you understand yin and yang Qi? Do you think you can do anything?" said Zi Zhu calmly.

Icefire glared at him and replied, "I'd love to see who can compete with me!"

"If I lose this battle, no matter what you guys do, I won't blame you. And if you don't want to serve him as his subject, then leave while I'm fighting," said Lin Feng. He rose up in the air and retreated as fast as he could, disappearing and reappearing far away in the horizon.

"Where are you going?" asked Icefire, smiling coldly. He wanted to kill Lin Feng, how could he let him escape?

The crowd quickly realized Lin Feng was trying to buy time to protect the others!

"Let's go!" shouted Zi Zhu. They left. n.o.body dared stop them. After all, if Icefire wasn't there, Lin Feng's team would have been stronger!

Lin Feng and Icefire suddenly appeared high up in the sky. Lin Feng said coldly. "Time, standstill!"

Time stopped, and he threw himself at Icefire. However, his enemy's yin and yang Qi surged,  modifying s.p.a.ce around him. All sorts of strengths were inside his energies!

"Die!" shouted Lin Feng furiously. An incredible amount of cursing Qi turned into a river and flowed out. At the same time, his G.o.d Qi turned into dazzling Ruler's G.o.dly Imprints, descending from the sky and oppressing everything.

Icefire smiled coldly. His Qi was also a n.o.ble king Qi. He acknowledged that the forbidden strength was incredible. No wonder peerless Saints couldn't withstand a single attack. The Forbidden Person was truly incredibly strong. However, he had practiced yin and yang Qi, and he was stronger than peerless Saints as well. His yin and yang Qi attack collided with Lin Feng's Ruler's G.o.dly Imprints.

The yin and yang Qi exploded, turning into two threads of energies moving left and right. They morphed into dragon heads containing millions of different kinds of strengths. The Ruler's G.o.dly Imprints gradually broke apart, and the yin and yang Qi continued moving forwards.

"Slow!" said Lin Feng. He retreated quickly, grimacing.

"You've become so strong, that's quite rare. However, you will die today, it's your destiny!" declared Icefire arrogantly. Ice energy froze the s.p.a.ce around them, he used the Great Celestial Seal and fused it together with yin and yang Qi.

Icefire flickered, he moved as fast as lightning and charged at Lin Feng. A strange kind of strength emerged around his body. After that, Icefire had the impression he was being taken to another world, a misty world.

"Eh?" Icefire didn't understand. "Splendid. The Forbidden Body has a world! I really want to absorb you and turn my body into a Forbidden Body!"

Icefire had practiced for so many years, both leaders had practiced that set of skills for countless centuries. They had gone through so many hards.h.i.+ps. Lin Feng had been talented since birth. He was jealous, and he wanted to kill Lin Feng!

"Die!" An incredible amount of cursing strength turned into an earth-shattering ocean, roaring as it hurtled towards Icefire. Lin Feng was even stronger in his own world!

"Yin and yang Qi are the most original source of energies in the world, even in your world!" shouted Icefire furiously. He gazed at the incoming ocean, and ice and fire dragons emerged from his body. At the same time, he continued moving toward Lin Feng and threw his fist at him.

Lin Feng released Ruler's G.o.dly Imprints to collide with him. However, Icefire suddenly turned around and threw his fist out behind him. There was a tremendous rumble, and the whole world around them shook, on the verge of collapse. Many of the people living there sensed something abnormal was happening.

"Lin Feng, your illusion technique is powerful, but with my current strength, you can't do much against me! I understand now because when our fists collided a moment before, your real body turned into an empty s.p.a.ce illusion, you probably fused illusion and empty s.p.a.ce original strengths together to create that attack. When people are fighting against you, they don't notice it because they're never prepared well enough against such a fusion of attacks," said Icefire. One of his eyes was filled with yang energy and the other one with yin energy. They could absorb all sorts of strength.

"You're strong here, but today, I will destroy your world!" shouted Icefire, spitting out the strength of the earth and sky. An incredible amount of energies struck the fabric of the world with soul-quaking thunder.

Lin Feng was furious, releasing time strength to move faster. At the same time, he also released time strength to slow down his enemy. His G.o.d's Sword appeared in his left hand as he moved as fast as lightning.

He looked like a fearless G.o.d, not caring about anything anymore, this battle was too important. His body started to burn with power.

Lin Feng released a peerless strength, the true power of a Forbidden Person. Icefire's yin and yang Qi swirled into a celestial curtain which could destroy anything. Both cultivators' attacks collided, and at that moment, Lin Feng disappeared.

The whole world shook violently. Many people raised their heads and looked at the sky, not understanding what was going on. Were G.o.ds fighting?

A hole appeared in the sky, and Lin Feng coughed up blood. Each time the world shook, his body shuddered. He was injured. However, he continued fighting this crazy battle.

Icefire could see Lin Feng's images everywhere in the sky. He was shocked, as his own robe had blood stains on it now. His heart shook, realizing Lin Feng had gone berserk, and was terrifyingly strong.

Lin Feng released cursing strength to corrode away Icefire's life. Icefire wasn't badly injured yet, but Lin Feng was going insane, so he had to use his full strength. He had to create the best yin and yang attack he could to protect himself. That time strength was still influencing his speed, otherwise, Lin Feng wouldn't have been able to pose a threat to him!

On top of that, in this world, Lin Feng's strength was multiplied!

"Die, die, die!" shouted a voice. The whole world shuddered. People in the palace of Xue Yue were nervous as they looked at the sky. There was only one possibility: Lin Feng, the G.o.d of the world, was fighting against someone, and his enemy was extremely strong!

Thunder crashed, and Qi descended from the sky. The ground was shaking nonstop, and many buildings came cras.h.i.+ng down.

Finally, some people heard someone shout, "p.i.s.s off!", and the world began to calm down.

In the outside world, Icefire had been driven out of Lin Feng's world, and Lin Feng had disappeared. He grunted angrily, his face pale. He looked at his chest, where there was a huge wound with blood dripping down, death and cursing strength infecting it. It was incredible, the strength of the Forbidden Body was still corroding him!

He pulled a long face and looked around coldly. "Lin Feng, you're insane. Your injury is worse than mine! We'll see how long you can hold on! My yin and yang Qi is corroding your world and your body. You'll die sooner or later!

"Obey me, surrender and pay allegiance to me! Everybody, search the Continent of the Nine Clouds and look for Lin Feng's traces!" shouted Icefire angrily. The members of the Fire Shrine were shaking. Icefire hadn't managed to kill Lin Feng, and he had managed to escape. How strong! However, Icefire had still defeated him, and forced Lin Feng to flee!

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