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Chapter 2384: Traveling Alone

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Lin Feng interrupted the Blood Saint's battle. The two of them looked at Lin Feng coldly.

"You killed my people!" shouted the old man who was fighting against the Blood Saint. He had a long beard, thick eyebrows, and looked dignified and majestic. He controlled gold strength and his gold strength had reached the peak of perfection. His attacks were powerful and his defense was incredible, he was only a bit slow. If Lin Feng hadn't distracted him a moment before by killing his comrades, he would have already killed the Blood Saint.

Lin Feng stood in the air and asked them both, "Why do we need to steal people's points?"

"I will tell you. When you have enough points, they turn into historical remains. If a person wins enough point on an individual basis, then they can personally receive the G.o.ds' teachings," said the old man with the thick eyebrows.

"Everybody believes in the G.o.ds here." Lin Feng was stunned.

The old man continued, "The G.o.ds decide the rules. If you kill people of the same level, you get more points, that's why Saints don't kill Saint Emperors. We don't get enough points that way. It's why we make our Saint Emperors fight against Saint Emperors. You just killed many people, but you probably didn't get many points for the Fire Grave. You just slaughtered Saint Emperors, and that was actually against the rules."

"So the G.o.ds told you the rules personally? n.o.body told me anything about rules," said Lin Feng, smiling coldly.

"Hmph! I've been here for a very long time, I know better than you! It's for the balance, to avoid that extremely strong people slaughtering everyone else. Saints don't go to enemies' territories to slaughter weaker cultivators, otherwise the Saints of the other side could also go and slaughter the Saint Emperors on the other side. That would be useless and the historical remains would never appear," said the old man coldly, "There are nine supreme cultivators at the head of the graves. Even if they control everything, they don't fight, they just let everything happen according to the rules."

"Lin Feng, that's true, Saints never attack Saint Emperors, or really rarely. That's why Saint Emperors are just cannon fodder, because there are too many of them. According to the rules, we do have to kill a sufficient number of Saint Emperors to open the historical remains. There aren't many Saints, but they can only fight against other Saints, and killing Saints isn't as easy. As you become stronger, it gets more complicated to kill them" Lin Yi told Lin Feng telepathically.

Lin Feng believed in the G.o.ds more and more. Those rules created a real balance; Saint Emperors were cannon fodder, the nine supreme ent.i.ties controlled everything, but never fought because there weren't many people who had the same cultivation level as them. One person killing billions easily was useless. Only killing a sufficient number of people of the same level was rewarding.

"If your cultivation level is the same as mine, a low-level Saint, and you kill everyone, you will get very few points: first because it's against the rules, and second, you will probably die." The old man and the Blood Saint released their Qi to surround Lin Feng.

"Very few?" Lin Feng was surprised. When he had killed the Saints, he had sensed an incredible strength, was that 'a few'? Were there really rules here? But then, since he was at the G.o.d level, what was his cultivation level?

If he had to compare himself with normal cultivators, he could be compared to a low-level Saint, but his cultivation and his techniques were completely different from other people's. He could easily destroy Half-Saints, his fighting abilities were at least a rank higher. Relying on various methods, he could compete with low-level Saints. With terrifying Saint's Weapons, his fighting abilities were even scarier.

So, he was probably considered a Half-Saint, and in terms of fighting abilities, a low-level Saint. That was the particularity of his cultivation, his own G.o.d level.

To Lin Feng, it was probably the last cultivation level he would have. It also meant one thing: nothing was impossible for him anymore. He had to study, and he would gradually become stronger and stronger. His strength had no limit.

"Pathetic," said Lin Feng. The old man and the Blood Saint were startled, watching Lin Feng coldly. They were pathetic?

"I've been here for a short time and you tell me there are rules, and since there are rules, why don't you let Saint Emperors travel alone? You are Saints and you abuse your power to control them. You don't go and fight against enemies alone because you are incompetent. You know you can't kill people of the same cultivation level. But that way, even if someday you had enough points and the historical remains appeared, there would be many Saints there, what would you do then?" said Lin Feng calmly. "You know what would happen, but because you are incompetent, you try to protect your lives by using other people. You are just afraid and weak."

The old man's face stiffened. Lin Feng's words were like a knife stabbing his heart.

"So what? When you come into the G.o.dly Grave, you can never go out. Even if you don't die here, even if people in the outside world see that your jade talisman isn't broken, they don't know this place is just like a prison. If you're not strong enough, how can you travel alone? How can you kill so many strong opponents? Do you know how dangerous this place is?" challenged the old man coldly.

"So, you admit there are stronger cultivators?" said Lin Feng. The old man was surprised and said, "Of course, but it doesn't mean you are one of them!"

Lin Feng stretched out his hand and a G.o.d sword appeared. He flew up and an extremely heavy energy descended from the sky.

His sword was as heavy as a gigantic axe, containing overwhelming energy. He struck the seal, and cracks appeared, breaking sounds spread out. The sword streaked across the sky again, and shattered the seal!

"When you face people who terrifyingly strong and whose cultivation level is much higher than yours, you feel weak. You have the impression you will never be as strong as them, you find them mysterious. But those people used to be weak, too. Everyone goes through the same things, independent of your cultivation level, it's a universal rule. All in all, we are all ordinary people who have different levels and different lives."

Lin Feng turned around and looked at the Blood Saint and the old man. When he wasn't a Saint, he used to think Saints were incredible, he used to think of them as G.o.ds. Now, he realized that being a Saint wasn't such a big deal after all.

"When you're weak, you cower. When you have strong beliefs, you persevere, and then someday you become strong enough, and when you reach a certain level, if you stop believing, you stop breaking through. You are Saints, it proves that you used to be extremely determined in the past. But now…"

Lin Feng stopped talking. He was muttering to himself. Even if there were G.o.ds in this world, Lin Feng could definitely become as strong as them, he could become a real G.o.d. He was still extremely determined.

"Lin Yi, let's go," Lin Feng said to her. Lin Yi had heard everything. She was astonished, she had the impression Lin Feng and her belonged to two different worlds, that she would never be able to catch up with him.

Lin Yi nodded, and Lin Feng took her away. The Blood Saint and the old man didn't prevent them from leaving. Lin Feng's voice was still resonating in their heads.

After a very long time, the old man sighed and looked at them in the horizon, saying "I've been in the G.o.dly Grave for seventy thousand years. Back in the days, I used to be extremely determined, I was young. I used to hope it would never change."

At that moment, the old man's heart was filled with admiration. He hoped Lin Feng would continue being determined.


"There's a building here. I'll put you there, they will take care of you, alright?" said Lin Feng to Lin Yi. Lin Yi suddenly looked low-spirited, sad, and disappointed.

"Alright," Lin Yi agreed. She was extremely weak compared to Lin Feng.

They both flew in the sky. Someone flew up to meet them, he sensed a terrifying Qi and said to Lin Feng, "What do you want here?"

"Her home was destroyed. I have to go. Can your people take care of her?" asked Lin Feng. His Qi was overwhelming and filled the air.

The man nodded, "Alright, I'll find a place for her!"

"I'm off!" said Lin Feng leaving. Lin Yi gazed into the distance, she didn't want to be away from Lin Feng. She admired him so much.

"Where is he going?" asked that Saint to Lin Yi.

"He's going to other places to get points, alone!" whispered Lin Yi. The Saint was astonished and started trembling. Lin Yi continued walking away; she didn't need to ask Lin Feng, she knew what he wanted to do!

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