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Chapter 2401: Incomprehensible Test

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Lin Feng looked at the old ox and said, "Master, what is the last exam?"

"A test created by the old ox, it's impossible to pa.s.s," said the supreme cultivator next to Lin Feng.

"You're just incompetent, so don't blame the exam for your lack of skills. I did create all the tests myself; however, the rules of the last part of the exam have been determined by my master, I can't change them. If you can't pa.s.s the last part, then you can't go inside the palace," the old ox to the supreme cultivation detachedly.

"Old friends, together?" asked the strong cultivator to the three other cultivators.

Their eyes glittered, but the old ox just grunted coldly. "I suggest you think carefully before violating the rules."

"I don't think you alone can fight against the four of us," said the supreme cultivator.

Lin Feng's forehead was covered with sweat. These supreme cultivator's tempers were incredible. Since they couldn't pa.s.s the exam, they wanted to attack the ox and go into the palace… Lin Feng was startled, but he could understand them. These people were peerless Saints, they were at the top of the cultivation world, and they had lived for a very long time. They wanted to become G.o.ds, and now an old ox was prevent them from pa.s.sing so they couldn't complete the exam, so of course they lost patience!

"Try and you'll see," said the old ox calmly. He had everything under control, he was extremely composed. The supreme cultivators could only wonder how strong the ox was. He had traveled with the G.o.d, after all. They really wanted to know how strong he was…

"Little boy, come here, see if you can pa.s.s the exam. If you do, it'll p.i.s.s them off. But I don't think you can pa.s.s," said the old, ox glancing at Lin Feng.

"Is it really possible to pa.s.s the exam, or not?" asked a supreme cultivator next to Lin Feng. Lin Feng was even more curious.

"So many years have pa.s.sed and n.o.body has ever pa.s.sed the exam," sighed the old ox. He felt hopeless. He couldn't wait to see someone pa.s.s the exam and enter the palace, either.

Since the ancient times, many people had come here, but n.o.body had pa.s.sed the exam.

"I'll try, Master," said Lin Feng, "I'm not as strong as those supreme cultivators though, so the difficulty of the exam probably depends on the cultivator's strength, right?"

"You're wrong. The reason why everybody arrives here in the end is that the last part of the exam doesn't depend on strength. The end of the exam is the same for everybody."

"Alright," said Lin Feng nodding.

"Sit down!"

Lin Feng sat down.

"From now, you're not allowed to talk. You're not allowed to move. If you talk or move, you fail," said the old ox. Lin Feng's face stiffened. He couldn't talk or move? How was he supposed to pa.s.s the exam?

The old ox also stopped talking, he was just standing there facing Lin Feng and looking at him. Lin Feng remained silent, too.

One hour pa.s.sed, two hours pa.s.sed… Lin Feng frowned. The old ox was still facing him.

"That's the test?" Lin Feng realized something. The test was so strange, though, he could neither talk nor move?

However, even though Lin Feng was perplexed, he remained determined. One day, two days… the old ox didn't move either, he didn't even blink. Lin Feng was losing patience, though.

"How boring. So boring!" The four supreme cultivators were speechless, they had also taken the exam in the past. Like Lin Feng, they couldn't talk or move, but in the end they had failed.

"Old woodcutter, the four of us are very patient, we waited for a year, we didn't move, we said nothing, and in the end we failed. What kind of exam is that?" said the Earth area's supreme cultivator, looking at the man on the right, who looked like a woodcutter.

He shook his head and said, "I'm too stupid. I didn't understand it, either."

"The exam is extremely annoying. Little boy, you're determined too, I think that old ox is making fun of us."

Lin Feng ignored them, and remained motionless. This place was extraordinary, a G.o.dly place, Lin Feng didn't think the ox would be making fun of them. The exam had to be real. They just had to understand something.

Time pa.s.sed. A month pa.s.sed. The four supreme cultivators looked at him in a strange way.

"How calm. That little boy has already been more patient than you the first time," said the Earth area's supreme cultivator to a man in black clothes. He was wearing a black robe, his face pale as a corpse. He looked calm and aloof.

"You did about as good as me the first time," replied that cultivator indifferently.

"Let's see how long that little boy will wait, he's funny," one of them smiled. He sat down and looked at Lin Feng.

"Old buddy, it's funny when you watch someone do it."

The four supreme cultivators were chatting, Lin Feng heard them. He finally smiled wryly and said, "Master, let's say I lost this time. But could you tell me more about the exam? If I just sit, remain motionless and remain silent, I…" he trailed off.

He didn't know what to say. He was speechless. That was the exam?

"You have to understand yourself, you can sit the exam again anytime, one person, or several at the same time, anything works," replied the old ox indifferently.

Lin Feng smiled wryly and stood up. He walked over to the four supreme cultivators and said, "Do you have any ideas?"

"Nothing at all," said the Earth Area' supreme cultivator, shaking his head.

"Don't look at me, I don't understand this exam," said another one, shaking his head. They just stood there.

"That old woodcutter is more patient than me. I remember hundreds of thousands of years ago, I was fis.h.i.+ng in Tian Mu Mountain, I fished for a hundred years, but it wasn't as boring as here," said the old woodcutter, who was also a fisherman. He didn't understand the exam at all.

"If it were a battle, it'd be great, but this exam is boring," said another one. Apart from Lin Feng, only the four supreme cultivators were there. They had probably broken through during a different part of the exam. They were now supreme cultivators who had sat different exams.

"We should fight him," said the Earth Area's supreme cultivator. He was bored and talked a lot. Lin Feng didn't imagine a supreme cultivator like that. They looked absolutely ordinary, were calm and polite, not arrogant at all. Only people who had gone through all this in life could be like that.

"Go and fight him. I will support you," said another one to the Earth Area's supreme cultivator.

"p.i.s.s off!" said the Earth Area's supreme cultivator.

"We should take the exam together again and see who the most patient one is," said the woodcutter.

"Good. Maybe we'll be even more patient. I'm sure I can be more patient than him," said another one, looking at the Earth Area's supreme cultivator.

"Is that so? Let's try then." The four supreme cultivators then sat down cross-legged in front of the old ox, the old ox split apart into five cultivators, each one of them sitting down in front of the five.

"Small trick," said the Earth Area's supreme cultivator, twitching his mouth.

I wonder what kind of original strengths these four supreme cultivators know, thought Lin Feng. Peerless Saints understood several sorts of original strengths, and there were special combinations.

"Start," said the old ox indifferently. They couldn't move and couldn't talk.


Time pa.s.sed. Those people were incredible. The other four cultivators had lived for over five hundred thousand years, and perceived time differently. The problem was that they were bored.

One year pa.s.sed and Lin Feng heard someone talk to him telepathically, "Little boy, you're probably bored to death, you should stop."

"Eh…" Lin Feng was surprised, as the old ox in front of the Earth Area's supreme cultivator moved and said, "You failed."

"I didn't say anything, I didn't even move," said the Earth Area's supreme cultivator, extremely annoyed.

"Hmph!" the old ox grunted coldly and glanced at Lin Feng. "You just talked to him!"

The Earth Area's supreme cultivator was stunned. He thought, No wonder he was a G.o.d's beast, he even knows what I say when I use telepathy… I wonder what the exam is about. How to pa.s.s?

He was convinced the exam was real, but he didn't want to fail, he wanted to pa.s.s. But he understood nothing at all. How humiliating! He kept saying the old ox was making fun of him because he felt ashamed.

That boring exam continued for ten years, Lin Feng and the others didn't understand anything, and Lin Feng had already spent nine years in that world before the beginning of the last exam, so he had been in there for nineteen years already. During those nineteen years, the Continent of the Nine Clouds had already started changing, and it had started changing because of Lin Feng. The Fire Shrine and the Fortune Shrine had started fighting. The whole Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds was affected, and the Continent of the Nine Clouds was also affected.

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