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PMG Chapter 801

Edited: OddManOut

Chapter 801: Palace Hologram

Lin Feng and his friends arrived at the palace to find a pile of corpses on the ground. 

“How tranquil…” whispered Lin Feng.

“The fourth palace has already been found.” said Jun Mo Xi. Huang Fu Long and Yun Fei Yang nodded, “Yes, someone must have obtained great treasures.””

“As expected.” Lin Feng noted that the four palaces were found and now wondered where the great emperor’s palaces was.

“Hehe. I think I can find the great emperor’s grave.” said Huang Fu Long giggling. Instantly, the others looked at him. Could he really find it?

“I learnt many things from the Zun cultivator at the pool. n.o.body knows where his grave is but it has to be on a vein of Earth where dragon Qi is extremely dense. The four Zun cultivators’ palaces are on veins of Earth where dragon Qi is. Now that they have all been found, the dragon Qi is much denser than before so I can use my dragon blood spirit to sense where the densest dragon Qi is.” said Huang Fu Long, still giggling . The fact that the dragon Qi was initially not perceptible meant that the great emperor’s palace had to be discovered first.

Everything was preordained fate.

“Can you sense the Dragon Qi now?” asked Lin Feng to Huang Fu Long. Huang Fu Long’s eyes were twinkling while pointing in one direction, “That is where the dragon Qi is the densest.”

The place that Huang Fu Long pointed was in the middle of the four palaces. Many had already found out about the palaces, so there was no time to waste. They all went in that direction, finding nothing on their way. The center of the region was a vast and desolate area, devoid of Qi and corpses.

That place seemed so uninteresting that n.o.body would have wanted to stop there.

“Could the great emperor of legends be underground?” thought Lin Feng. There is nothing there but if the great emperor is here, it has to be underground.

“Huang Fu Long, we are following your instincts.” said Lin Feng. Huang Fu Long nodded, his silhouette flickered and he pressed himself against the ground. He could sense the dragon Qi the best if he got closer to the ground. 

Lin Feng and his friends continued to move around but saw no one. The strong cultivators who came to the mysterious world were looking for treasure, nothing else.

“The dragon Qi is incredibly dense” said Huang Fu Long, smiling. His senses wouldn’t betray when it came to sensing dragon energy. If the grave really was at the place where the dragon Qi was the densest, then they were very close. 

What would happen if they found his grave? Maybe, finding the great emperor’s grave would lead to their deaths. Maybe the great emperor wanted them to receive his teachings, or maybe he didn’t want to be found at all.

Regardless, the great emperor’s grave definitely contained some amazing treasures. He buried his people with him so it was easy to believe that he buried his treasures as well.

“What a powerful Dragon Qi” said Huang Fu Long walking slower and slower. He was walking around slowly, step by step.

Huang Fu Long stopped, raised his head and looked around, there was nothing. There were some white clouds in the sky and only dust on the ground. However, Huang Fu Long was convinced there would be something there.

“You also found the place.” someone said. Lin Feng and his friends looked at the person coming towards them, tt was Yu Tian Ji. He had also found the place but he was frowning because nothing happened there.

“Nothing happened. I have the strange impression that the great emperor’s grave might be here but I’ve been turning around for a while and haven’t seen anything. It’s a boundless and desolate place.” said Yu Tian Ji before continuing, “Of course, I could be mistaken.”

“I have the same impression as you so we can’t be mistaken.” said Huang Fu Long. His blood was flowing quickly as if it were boiling. How could I be mistaken? “There’s a very powerful dragon Qi here just like you said, if the great emperor’s grave really exists, it must be here.”

“I’m going underground to see.” said Huang Fu Long while taking down his dragon axe. He stomped onto the ground, making it shake and crack. Then he dove in.

“No use, I already tried that.” Yu Tian Ji shook his head. As expected, Huang Fu Long came back out after a while and looked annoyed. He explored the depths of the area but found nothing.

“The dragon Qi is so thick and dense, what could be the cause? Could it be that my ancestor lied to me?” cursed Huang Fu Long in a low voice. He felt very uncomfortable, his Qi was revolving intensely.

“Huang Fu Long.” Lin Feng looked astonished, he was staring at Huang Fu Long. Everybody else was looking at him as well.

“What’s wrong?” asked Huang Fu Long surprised to see everyone look at him. He scratched his head in a confused way. Why were they looking at him?

“On your body…” They all stared at Huang Fu Long’s body, there was a drawing on it. There was a magnificent pattern on his body, the pattern of a gigantic palace.

The hologram of a palace was on Huang Fu Long’s body! 

“What is going on?” Lin Feng and his friends’ pupils shrank. They inspected it closer but didn't see anything. However, the hologram on his body looked real. 

“Release the strength of your blood spirit and the dragon Qi.” said Lin Feng as if he had thought of something.

“Ok.” said Huang Fu Long, nodding. Even though he didn’t understand what Lin Feng meant, he still obeyed and released the strength of his blood spirit and Qi. His Qi was incredible powerful, it seemed like dragons were furiously roaring inside.

The hologram became more and more distinct. That palace was vast, majestic, it seemed endless.

“Is that a palace or a grave?” asked Lin Feng to the others. The hologram was becoming more clear!  

PMG Chapter 802

Edited: OddManOut
Chapter 802: The Atmosphere is Collapsing

“Why would the hologram have the shape of a palace?” Lin Feng and the others’ heart was pounding.

“Eh?” At that moment, Lin Feng’s pupils shrank. He was gazing in the distance and noticed a gigantic palace forming, the illusion was in suspension and slowly appearing. It looked majestic, imposing, like an emperor’s palace, containing some Qi of righteousness.

“Is it an illusion?” No one could figure it out. No wonder n.o.body found the emperor’s grave before, they had to have real dragon energy to find it. The palace seemed to be a place sealed away from the mysterious world.

“The great emperor’s grave!” Finally, they found the emperor’s grave, it had to be his palace. They flew all over the mysterious world and now they finally found the great emperor’s grave, probably for the first time in a thousand years.

Lin Feng and his friends weren’t the only ones to notice, there were many others who were observing in the distance. The reflection of the palace was twinkling in their eyes. They felt excited and nervous at the same time, was that the great emperor’s grave?

“Dong!” In a flash, the whole crowd saw a gigantic cloud of foaming Qi condensing into a palace. The atmosphere began shaking, the wind became abrasive and chaotic rays of light shot towards the palace.

At that moment, everybody stopped moving and looked at the same thing. There were even some in the sky who were blown away by the furious wind. No matter where one was, if they neared the palace, they would suddenly be far away again.

“Boom!” Sand splashed all around in the storm. The Earth and the sky were trembling. Lin Feng and his friends were in the middle of that storm. They could sense an immense pressure, so strong they felt suffocated.

“That palace is burying everything…!” whispered Lin Feng. The palace was enveloping everybody, it seemed like they were going to be buried.

“Let”s go.” said Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s silhouette flickered and ran towards the palace. The others immediately followed him!

Lin Feng wasn’t the only one, it was everyone's dream to find the palace. They all flew towards the palace.

Had the great emperor’s grave finally appeared?

Did that vast palace contain the most amazing treasures?

Because Lin Feng and his friends were already so close to the palace, they were the first ones to arrive. They felt oppressed in front of such a huge and impressive palace. The great and respectful emperor had buried himself in this palace-like coffin. Even dead, he remained dignified.

“Let’s go and see if there is an entrance somewhere.” They all began looking around the palace for an entrance.

“Here.” Huang Fu Long pointed at a golden dragon. That golden dragon looked full of vitality, its mouth was large enough for several people to enter.

“Lin Feng, are we going in or not?” asked Huang Fu Long. He seemed hesitant, after all, n.o.body knew if the palace was dangerous or not.

“Let’s see if there aren’t any other entrances.” said Lin Feng, decided not to enter immediately. Very quickly, he narrowed his eyes and found nine dragon statues, all of them had their mouths open.

Lin Feng and the others were perplexed, they couldn't determine which doors were dangerous, if any.

“What do you think?” Lin Feng asked Yu Tian Ji. Yu Tian Ji could use the power of the stars, so Lin Feng a.s.sumed he could a.n.a.lyze thing better than others.

“Let's wait! Perhaps others will be able to determine it.” replied Yu Tian Ji. Lin Feng didn’t want to to take the risk carelessly.

More and more were appearing in the area. They obviously realized that the dragon mouths were entrances but they also hesitated, should they enter or not?

“I’ll take the risk, if n.o.body else enters, I will. If I manage to choose correctly I'll get the treasures!” someone said next to Lin Feng, and entered a dragon’s mouth.

“Ahhh…..” A horrible shriek spread in the air.

Everybody were suddenly relieved that they hadn’t chosen to enter.

“Boom boom boom, katcha!” The atmosphere seemed to be collapsing, the ground was shaking, waves of sands and dust were rolling in the as a gloomy cloud enveloped everything. It seemed like the world was turning upside down.

“Kaaaaa eeeee!” A strident sound spread in the air, piercing through people’s eardrums. A huge crack appeared in the ground.

“How scary. What is going on?” thought everyone with their hearts pounding. After the emperor’s palace appeared, the atmosphere began trembling and everything turned into chaos. A terrifying death Qi had invaded the atmosphere.

“Are we all going to be buried in the mysterious world?” thought Yu Tian Ji, gazing into the distance. Deadly Qi was rising and enveloping the atmosphere.

“Look, what’s that?” someone shouted. Many glittering, translucent, little spears appeared on the horizon. They were dazzling and contained a terrifying Qi.

“Intent and abstruse crystals?” Lin Feng and the others narrowed their eyes. In a flash, Lin Feng jumped into the sky. He shook his hands and dazzling crystals appeared. Intent immediately emerged from the crystals. Lin Feng looked solemn, as expected, they were intent crystals.

“So many intent crystals.” everyone was excited. The wind storm brought intent crystals towards them.

“Boom boom boom!” Terrifying rays of energy invaded the atmosphere. Everybody began flying around to grab the crystals. Even cultivators of the Tian Qi layer would benefit from them.

But what everyone wanted the most were abstruse crystals. If they could grab such crystals and offer them to the respected cultivators of their sects, clans etc. then they would earn instant respect and power.

PMG Chapter 803

Edited: OddManOut
Chapter 803: Jade Heaven Imperial Clan

“Go and grab a few to help you during your practice.” Lin Feng said to the others.

His friends nodded, they obviously understood their importance.

“Kacha!” The sounds in the atmosphere were becoming more intense. The ground and sky were collapsing. Lin Feng frowned, that emperor really wanted to bury everyone with him. If they didn’t enter the emperor’s palace, they would all be exterminated with the mysterious world.

Many intent and abstruse crystals were not caught by people, they blew away towards the emperor’s palace and disappeared inside. They continued strength to the emperor’s grave.

Lin Feng’s silhouette flickered here and there, he continued grabbing intent crystals. Then he said to the others, “Everybody, come back, we have to find a solution to get in the palace.”

They gathered together again, everybody had obtained some intent crystals it seemed. The sky was dark and apocalyptic.

“It’s a grave, as expected, it’s a grave. The emperor doesn’t want to be disturbed in his grave. He just wants to annihilate us and rest in peace with him.” whispered Yu Tian Ji.

“Not necessarily.” Lin Feng added, “With his strength, if the emperor didn’t want us to find his grave, we would have never found it. He left us some clues, the imperial and dragon Qi.. In other words, he wanted a select few to find him. It’s like Huang Fu Long’s ancestor who left clues for Huang Fu Long.”

Yu Tian Ji nodded , that sounded very plausible. Even though the emperor was trying to destroy the mysterious world and bury everyone else with him, he wanted a few to find him.

“What you mean to say is that the emperor was waiting for someone to pa.s.s on his knowledge and treasures. That person must have some dragon blood and/or some imperial blood.” said Yu Tian Ji, who turned to Huang Fu Long, “Can you understand how to enter the palace?”

Huang Fu Long shook his head.

“Have you forgotten? The emperor was chased by the demoniac emperor, so the demoniac emperor may have chased him inside and destroyed the palace.” Yun Fei Yang offered a different view.

“The demoniac emperor?” Yun Tian Ji looked perplex. Indeed, the demonic emperor had chased the great emperor.

“Let’s pretend it happened like that, with means of extraordinary skills and abilities, the demonic emperor was able to enter the palace. But, it doesn’t mean that we are able to enter using the same method.” Said Yu Tian Ji, shaking his head. “We can only rely on ourselves.”

“What do you mean?” asked Lin Feng.

“There are nine dragons so maybe one of them really is an entrance, we have to think about there is an option. Maybe the emperor had offspring and that descendant is amongst us. If we find his offspring we follow them inside.” explained Yu Tian Ji slowly. Of course, the great emperor wouldn’t miss the opportunity to transmit his knowledge and treasures to his offspring. He would bury everybody in the mysterious world with him but he would protect those who shared his blood..

“We have to hurry.” said Lin Feng, watching the storm. “Let’s group into twos, You You and I, Mo Xi and Yu Tian Ji, Fei Yang and Huang Fu Long. If anyone finds the entrance, call out.”

“Okay.” said Yu Tian Ji. They really needed to hurry!

Tang You You and Lin Feng headed towards the second dragon, there were already many who gathered there. They were all staring at the mouth, wondering if they could enter or not.

Lin Feng glanced at the crowd and saw one person in particular. They wore a purple-golden robe with a dragon pattern on it.

Lin Feng threw himself at him with incredible speed. They were astonished, Lin Feng was so impulsive.

Five fingers turned into golden claws as the chant of the dragons sounded.

Lin Feng released some sword Qi and condensed level six sword intent it into one finger. A metallic sound clanked in the air as the member of the East Sea Dragon Palace emitted a horrible shriek. His arm was hanging loose and he was in agony.

Lin Feng lunged forward to grab his opponent, he wanted to escape? Unfortunately, he wasn’t as fast as Lin Feng. Lin Feng held him by the neck and choked him. It seemed like his veins were going to explode, he looked terrified.

“How brutal.” The crowd was speechless watching Lin Feng. He wanted to kill a member of the East Sea Dragon Palace!

They watched as Lin Feng jumped towards the mouth of the dragon and put the cultivator inside. At the same time, he released a terrifying sword Qi to block the entry.

“If you don’t enter, I’ll kill you.” A terrifying sword Qi moved towards that person, an infinite sword light invaded the atmosphere and that person’s face paled. If that sword energy reached him, he would definitely die.

“Ah b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” shouted that person and threw himself into the mouth of the dragon.

“Ahhhh…….” a terrifying strength came out and that person gave a horrible shriek. How brutal, Lin Feng used him to see if it was safe to enter.

“Let’s go!” said Lin Feng to Tang You You, leaving with incredible. Others also started to follow Lin Feng and his friends.

Yun Fei Yang and Huang Fu Long arrived at the fifth entrance, there were others there as well. A great battle was taking place. With the storm already so oppressive, how could they still have time to fight?

“Eh?” Yun Fei Yang felt less safe as he approached. There was a group of people killing everybody else that arrived.

Someone looked at them with disdain, it was Huang Feng and Duan Wu Dao. They were the ones who were killing mercilessly.

Very quickly, the battle continued and more cultivators died. Those who remained alive seemed to be those who joined hands.

“Leave.” Huang Feng said coldly to Yun Fei Yang. Immediately after that, his imperial robe fluttered in the wind as he threw himself into the mouth of the dragon. No deadly Qi emerged and no horrible shriek either.

The Jade Heaven Imperial Clan, Yu Tian Ji had guessed it.

PMG Chapter 804

Edited: OddManOut
Chapter 804: The Grave

Those people were from the Jade Heaven Imperial Clan and were moving fast. It wasn't long before they all went into the dragon's mouth.

Huang Fu Long and Yun Fei Yang looked at each other. Huang Fu Long said: “Go tell the others, I’ll stay here to guard the entrance.”

“Ok.” Yun Fei Yang’s silhouette flickered and left to go and tell his friends where the entrance was. The storm was getting closer but he still had a little bit of time.

“Boom boom boom!” A loud sound resonated. Huang Fu Long was startled at the entrance. After the Jade Heaven Imperial Clan entered, he only saw a magnificent and dazzling light come out of the dragon’s mouth. Immediately after, the dragon statue became dazzling and golden, its gigantic mouth slowly started closing itself. The only entrance would be closed.

“Oh no…” thought Huang Fu Long nervous. That was the only entrance they had found, everyone from the Jade Heaven Imperial Clan had already entered. What if the other entrances were death traps?.. They would all die outside, crushed by the storm.

“Roaar!” Huang Fu Long roared loudly and threw himself into the mouth, he put his hands up as to hold the dragon’s mouth up and prevent it from closing. Even though Huang Fu Long was strong, he wasn’t able to prevent the gigantic dragon mouth from closing.

“Stop!” shouted Huang Fu Long. It seemed like a dragon appeared around his body. He was holding the top of the mouth with both hands using his monstrous strength to prevent the mouth from closing anymore than it had already.

“Roar!” He released an incredible amount of blood Qi, he became so flushed that it looked like he was going to explode. Mustering all his strength, he finally managed to slow it down but the rumbling sounds were spreading in the air.

“Can’t you hurry!!!” shouted Huang Fu Long furiously, his veins popped out from the struggle.

When they saw Huang Fu Long holding open the mouth and all the corpses on the ground, they seemed to understand something.

“It’s an entrance.” they immediately jumped into the entrance. Even though the mouth of the dragon became smaller, it could still accommodate a few people.

“We’re in!” said someone inside. It wasn't long before others came by and took advantage of Huang Fu Long's situation.

“Who can help me here? People from your sects and clans can come in as well!” shouted Huang Fu Long loudly. The door was still closing itself, at that point one already had to their head to fit in.

“Eh?” They looked at Huang Fu Long and grinned hideously. All of a sudden, someone attacked Huang Fu Long.

The attack reached Huang Fu Long and made him groan with pain, but he still held the entrance open. He just yelled, “b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Argh!”

A terrifying Qi was rolled in the atmosphere, it seemed like a dragon was chanting. However, the opponent already entered the grave without paying attention to Huang Fu Long. As long as they could enter the grave, they were happy. They didn’t care about the others who would die outside. That way, everything in the grave would be theirs.

People continued to enter the grave. Before entering the grave, they were all courteous and friendly because they hoped he wouldn’t just close the door in front of them. And each time, after entering the grave, they punched Huang Fu Long or attacked him with a sinister smile on their face.

After a while, Huang Fu Long was struggling. Blood spilled out of his mouth and he was kneeling on the ground.

“Roaaarrr!” His blood was boiling, his dragon was still visible around his body. His knees were being crushed on the ground, but as before, his two hands held open the dragon’s mouth. His eyes were filled with determination, if he gave up, his friends would die in the storm.

At that moment, one could only crouch to get into the dragon’s mouth. Some other people appeared, this time from Tian Chi and more precisely from the Tian Xuan snowy peak.

“Help me…!” said Huang Fu Long, looking at Tian Chi Xue and the others. Blood was still spilling out of his mouth as he asked for the help.

Tian Chi Xue’s eyes were twinkling, she looked hesitant.

“Help him.” said Han Qiu Yu who was next to Tian Chi Xue. A heaven book spirit appeared from behind him as he rushed over to Huang Fu Long and protected him. He didn't possess physical strength but he could still protect Huang Fu Long from attacks.

“Let's guard him from attacks.” shouted Han Qiu Yu to the other members of Tian Chi. They all nodded and walked into the dragon mouth, but n.o.body helped Huang Fu Long hold it open.

“Go into the grave everyone, obtaining the emperor's treasures matters most for Tian Chi!” said Bai Li Xi. After that, he glanced at Huang Fu Long and entered the grave.

Tian Chi didn’t help because they were more worried about time, they had to hurry in the grave. Not many stayed back to help Huang Fu Long. After thinking for a few seconds, Tian Chi Xue entered the grave as well. Bai Li Xi was right, they had to become stronger for Tian Chi. Besides, Tian Chi Xue envied Lin Feng, Huang Fu Long and the others. She was the pure and holy woman of Tian Chi, but now that status wasn’t as resplendent as before. She was selfish and egoistic.

A few people from Tian Chi decided to stay and help him. They were touched by Huang Fu Long so they guarded silently. Even though they weren’t immediately entering the grave, they would keep their honor and wait until Huang Fu Long couldn't hold on anymore. Then they would enter.

“Huang Fu Long.” Jun Mo Xi and Yu Tian Ji came back. They were panicked to see his condition, they hurried inside and helped Huang Fu Long hold the mouth open.

“Nine dragons and it was the fifth one, b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” cursed Yu Tian Ji. His heart was filled with hatred. The storm outside was getting worse.

“We can't hold out for much longer, where are they?!” asked Jun Mo Xi looking nervous. Others came by but it wasn’t Lin Feng, Ao Jiao, Duan Wu Ya etc.

They silently looked at the grave and bowed respectfully before entering the grave.

“Be careful.” said Yu Tian Ji. He didn't trust anyone, he feared they would attack as soon as they entered.

As expected, after they entered the grave, they laughed coldly, piercing to the bones. It wasn't long before Yun Fei Yang, Lin Feng and Tang You You arrived. Because of the storm, Yun Fei Yang hadn’t found them easily.

“Hurry up and get inside!” shouted Yun Fei Yang. He moved to the mouth and lifted it up a little bit. A gloomy and deadly Qi reflected on the stars as waves of Qi rolled towards them. Yu Tian Ji released an indestructible star to block the attack.

“Aaahhhhh!” Someone gave a horrible shriek as they were destroyed by the gloomy and deadly Qi, but then it was blocked as it crashed on his star. Surprisingly, they weren't stopped by Yu Tian Ji.

Lin Feng understood what Yu Tian Ji planned, the three of them turned into stars and entered the mouth of the dragon. They pulled Huang Fu Long and Jun Mo Xi back as they flew in.

“Boom boom boom!” A loud sound resonated as the dragon’s mouth closed itself to everyone outside.

Once inside they crossed a long corridor filled with dragon Qi. Very quickly, they arrived on a dragon path, and then finally the great emperor’s grave.

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