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Chapter 914

Chapter 914: Confrontation

Qiong Qi looked at Lin Feng and saw that his eyes were twinkling. He was seizing each opportunity to bully Lin Feng.

Of course, the conditions at birth were important, but the cultivation conditions were also important. Those people’s souls were strong and powerful and they had powerful skills and powers. Even though Lin Feng’s soul wasn’t as strong as theirs, he had learnt extremely powerful skills and techniques and in a real fight, he would definitely be able to surprise them.

Of course, for Yan Di who had been an emperor, those people weren’t geniuses. Many people dreamt of being close to emperors and he had seen many sorts of such geniuses. Poor him, he was now Lin Feng’s pet. He had to become stronger and someday he’d become an emperor again. For that, he needed Lin Feng’s help though.

“If they only rely on their soul and don’t know any other tricks, then they’re not geniuses to me.” said Lin Feng almost as if he had guessed what Qiong Qi was thinking. He smiled at Qiong Qi and added, “For example, if we were of the same cultivation level and if I could easily kill them, wouldn’t I be a genius then?”

Qiong Qi sighed because Lin Feng was less and less irritable.

The aggressive young man’s golden lights were more and more dazzling. When the members saw their fellow disciples die, they became furious.

“You really want to die! How dare you kill the members of our sect?!” shouted someone furiously. Their silhouettes flickered and they released a terrifying Qi.

“A bunch of trash. You’re as bright as fireflies and yet, you think you can compete with the sun?” said the aggressive young man.

“Slash, slash, slas.h.!.+” the golden lights were extremely sharp and nothing could stop them. More people were suddenly cut by those lights.

There were some more slas.h.i.+ng sounds as more corpses kept falling down from the sky. When people tried to attack, they automatically failed. They couldn’t stop those golden lights and instantly died.

People behind pulled a long face and they looked dispirited. They wanted to leave but it was already too late. How could the aggressive young man let them off? In the blink of an eye, he killed all the members of the Xiao Yao Sect, leaving no one alive. However, from the beginning to the end, the aggressive young man didn’t move, his soul was doing all the work.

“Tian Lin, was it fun to send people to die for you? Come on and fight me now.” said the aggressive young man.

“I’m not interested in fighting against someone who is so obviously insane. Many people came here so there’s no need for me to fight you. If you really want to fight, why don’t you fight against her or the one with the fire and ice soul?” said Tian Lin pointing at a young man and a young woman who were siblings. Their family name was Hua and they were extremely strong and powerful.

“They’ll have to wait their turn, first you and then them.” said the aggressive young man.

“Nonsense. When the time is right, I’ll fight you.” said Tian Lin. He then moved towards Lin Feng.

“Coward.” said the aggressive young man mockingly when he saw that Tian Lin was leaving. His soul disappeared and the golden light vanished, leaving only the moonlight.

The aggressive young man then left as well.

Tian Lin slowly walked towards Lin Feng and Qiong Qi. He still looked proud and arrogant.

“I’m surprised you survived last time.” said Tian Lin indifferently yet still sounding conceited.

“Since you’re so self-centered, you’ll

often be surprised in life.” said Lin Feng smiling. Tian Lin seemed surprised.

“You’re lucky that you survived before, but now you will die.” The young woman seemed even more furious. Lin Feng had humiliated her and she wanted her revenge.

“You don’t fight those of the same level as you so you go and bully those who are weaker. Prince Tian Lin is really majestic.” said the young man who hadn’t talked the whole time.

“Brother, you understand that it’s not that I was afraid to fight, it’s rather that I didn’t feel like it.” said Tian Lin indifferently. He didn’t sound angry.

“That’s what you say, but now you’re bullying an ordinary cultivator of the first Tian Qi layer. Do you think that your actions support your claim?” said the Hua s.h.i.+ girl. The fact that a girl said that provoked Tian Lin even more.

“Two people are against me, alright, if he can withstand a single attack, I won’t kill him.” said Tian Lin releasing his spirit. His terrifying hurricane spirit appeared again. Lin Feng could sense it and it felt like his body was going to break under the pressure.

Tian Lin did as he wished because he didn’t respect people. Lin Feng was nothing in his eyes. If the siblings hadn’t said anything, Lin Feng would be dead already, but since they had said he was too weak, he agreed to attack him only once.

“Do you think it’s fair to use your soul to attack a cultivator of the first Tian Qi layer?” said the young woman coldly. Tian Lin was two layers higher than Lin Feng and had a powerful spirit. Lin Feng was an ordinary cultivator. He would probably die, how was that fair?

“I don’t give a d.a.m.n about what’s fair or not. If he can withstand a single attack, that’s good, if he can’t, he should die.” said Tian Lin. To him, there was no such thing as fairness. The cultivation world wasn’t fair.

“You won’t kill me if I can withstand your attack?” said Lin Feng smiling before adding in an indifferent way, “I want to see how you will kill me then. Come and attack.”

“You’re a brave boy.” said Tian Lin. His spirit appeared from his back. A hurricane moved towards Lin Feng, who could sense the power of his soul. It was quite powerful.

“Die!” shouted Tian Lin furiously. His soul moved towards Lin Feng at full speed and shook the entire s.p.a.ce. He only released a tiny part of his soul but it sufficed to kill a cultivator of the first Tian Qi layer. Even a cultivator of the second Tian Qi layer without any particular power would die against this attack.

Lin Feng looked at that wind, motionless. He punched the atmosphere in the direction of the hurricane. There were pale lights in his attack and his punch contained demon sealing strength.

“Slash, slash.” Suddenly, subtle sounds spread in the air. Then, buzzing sounds spread in the air and the hurricane immediately stopped and disappeared.

“Eh?” Tian Lin was incredulous. What a terrifying sealing power! It seemed like he had underestimated Lin Feng. 

The siblings were just as surprised.

“Wait.” said Lin Feng. He raised his head and looked at Tian Lin in a despising way.

Tian Lin was surprised and smiled coldly, “Alright, let’s try again then.”

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