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PMG Chapter 929

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Chapter 929: Qiong Qiong Qi Levels Up!

"Is he gone?"

The crowd was astonished by how fast the demonic young man disappeared.

"Boom boom boom!" The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect punched the mountain once again and it broke apart, but there was n.o.body there. He was astonished, where was the young man?

The void fire disappeared and now the young man had disappeared. They thought that with their strength, they would have easily chased him. While they were hesitating, the young man had seized that opportunity to escape.

"Chase him!" shouted the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect as if he had regained consciousness. However, it was too late. They had no idea where he was now.

Prince Tian Lin and the others pulled a long face. The young man had fought alone against the four imperial cultivation disciples, he was weaker than them and won. If the demonic young man was a real genius, what were they?

Very quickly, the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect came back. Prince Tian Lin, the patriarch and the others were insanely furious. "Alright, alright…"

The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect pulled a long face. What a humiliation! The young man had said a few words and had left.

"Who are you?" shouted the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect furiously gazing into the distance. Who was that guy?

n.o.body replied. The atmosphere turned silent again.

"Does anyone have a suggestion?" said Prince Tian Lin turning to the crowd. He seemed angry at the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect.

"They're probably people from Tian Chi. There are powerful cultivators Tian Chi." said the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect.

"Indeed. It can only be Tian Chi." said Mie Qing. He hated Tian Chi so much, he would say anything to hurt them.

"Tian Chi." said Prince Tian Lin coldly glancing at them. He then asked, "Is Tian Chi a strong group in Gan Yu?"

"Extremely strong, otherwise, we wouldn't have organized the great sect meeting. Shen Gong was extremely strong in Gan Yu, but Tian Chi annihilated them completely." said the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect.

"Alright, I will ask my fellow disciples to come to Gan Yu so that we can destroy Tian Chi." said Prince Tian Lin. He wanted to gain back his reputation. He also wanted to see if it was possible to find the void fire.

The crowd was shaking. He was going to ask his fellow disciples to come back in seven days?

Prince Tian Lin was an imperial cultivation disciple, so his fellow disciples had to be imperial cultivation disciples too.

"In seven days from now in this same place, the great sect meeting is going to happen again." said Prince Tian Lin rolling up his sleeves. Then, he disappeared.

The other imperial cultivation disciples' eyes were twinkling. They were all thinking the same thing. Then, they all left too.

"Everybody should stay in Asoka Mountain. In seven days, we'll gather again. The great sect meeting will happen again and this time with all the imperial cultivation disciples. We will definitely destroy Tian Chi." said the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect. He was smiling inside. Perfect. The imperial cultivation disciples were probably members of the G.o.dly Xiao Yao Sect. If he partic.i.p.ated, the Xiao Yao Sect would gain back its reputation.

The Zun cultivators pulled a long face, those Tian Chi b.a.s.t.a.r.ds. With the help of the imperial cultivation disciples, they would definitely annihilate Tian Chi.

"Did you get the void fire?" asked the snow Zun cultivator to Lin Feng using telepathy. Lin Feng had turned into a demon, although surprising, it made the old man smile. He didn't know his disciple was so strong. He had just hidden his powers from Tian Lin not to cause a bigger upset.

The crowd didn't know that after the young man left, the sick-looking young man with a yellow face had come back. If the great sect meeting had continued, he would have loved to continue killing challengers, but now he knew that the great sect meeting wouldn't start again for seven more days. He would have to make his way back to Asoka Mountain.

The mountain range of the small world had already turned into a real mountain range. Many fire cultivators had taken advantage of it to practice cultivation inside. Lin Feng found a cave for himself and sealed it with Qi. At the same time, Qiong Qi was motionless on the ground. Fire was s.h.i.+ning all around him and Lin Feng was sweating.

"A mere Xuan level beast and he was able to swallow a Zun cultivator's void fire. Maybe I could benefit from it." thought Lin Feng. He had helped Qiong Qi big time.

Lin Feng sat cross-legged and practiced cultivation too. The crowd couldn't imagine that the one who stole the void fire was inside the mountain range, practicing cultivation.

Qiong Qi's fire was becoming weaker, as if he was swallowing it. His Qi, however, was becoming stronger and stronger.

He didn't practice cultivation like Lin Feng. He possessed an animal body, but his soul was the soul of an emperor. Therefore, in terms of cultivation level, he could also break through to different cultivation layers.

Three days later, in that cave, a scorching hot fire woke Lin Feng up. It was almost as strong as the Qi of a Tian level beast.

"Is he going to become a Tian level beast?" thought Lin Feng. What speed was that! Lin Feng was happy and annoyed at the same time. He had to practice cultivation very diligently to become that strong. Each layer seemed like another world. For Qiong Qi, it was all a blur. He just had to swallow void fire and could break through several cultivation layers.

But Qiong Qi used to be an emperor so Lin Feng also thought that it was normal that Qiong Qi could use it. Void fire was useful for Zun cultivators so if Qiong Qi used it to become stronger, then only getting to the Tian Qi layer was less surprising.

"He's going to break through to the Tian Qi layer." Lin Feng realized while watching. Lin Feng moved back to give s.p.a.ce to Qiong Qi.

Qiong Qi's body seemed more distinct than usual. b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi and fire Qi were rolling in waves inside that cave. His body was growing, which was normal for wild beasts when they became stronger.

"Boom!" Lin Feng could barely breath. Luckily, he had closed the cave so strong cultivators wouldn't sense that Qi.

Lin Feng made pure Qi flow around his body to protect himself. He could breathe a little bit better after that.

"Boom!" More flames appeared.

"Boom boom boom…" Qi invaded the cave as nine flames appeared around Qiong Qi.

PMG Chapter 930

Edited: OddManOut
Chapter 930: G.o.dly Awareness Palace

The fire was creating some cracks inside the cave.

Lin Feng was speechless as he looked at the fire.

"Roar!" Qiong Qi roared and his nine flames turned into one. An illusion appeared. Its Qi was very weak but it looked majestic.

"That's… Yan Di?" Lin Feng was astonished. He watched the illusion in the flames as it slowly merged with Qiong Qi's body. Rumbling sounds were heard in that cave as magnificent red lights then appeared. They all moved into Qiong Qi's body.

Qiong Qi opened his gigantic eyes. He was all red now and his Qi had become much stronger.

"Practice your fire skills, there's still some void fire left." Qiong Qi instructed Lin Feng. His voice had become deeper now.

Lin Feng immediately sat down cross-legged and started practicing his cosmos-burning sun technique. A terrifying fire appeared all around him.

Qiong Qi opened his mouth and spat out some fire. That fire was dark red and looked fake. As the fire landed on Lin Feng, he suddenly felt like he was burning alive.

"You're practicing a sun skill so I can help you control the fire energy so that you can slowly absorb it. Start channeling some pure Qi." advised Qiong Qi. He was weakening the void fire a bit so Lin Feng wouldn't die from it.

Lin Feng channeled some fire pure Qi around him. He slowly swallowed the void fire and turned it into his own pure Qi.

Slowly, the dark red fire fused together with Lin Feng's pure Qi and his Qi became even stronger.

Qiong Qi continued to manipulate the fire to protect Lin Feng, all the while, observing him as he became stronger.

Finally, after a long time, a strong fire dashed to the skies. Lin Feng's pure fire Qi had hit a new level. It now contained void fire Qi and appeared dark red.

"Boom!" Fire Qi dashed to the skies, it even pierced through the seal obstructing the cave. Lin Feng opened his eyes.

"I broke through to the next Tian Qi layer." Lin Feng was astonished. His cosmos-burning sun technique had become much more powerful as well.

"You broke through to the second Tian Qi layer because your strength was sufficient enough for you to control that fire. Otherwise, things wouldn't have progressed that smooth." said Qiong Qi and Lin Feng nodded. If he hadn't been strong enough, he wouldn't have been able to break through to the next Tian Qi layer.

He absorbed the fire and looked back at Qiong Qi, smiling, "I wouldn't have thought that the void fire would help you break through to the Tian Qi layer. Can you turn into a human being now?"

"Of course." said Qiong Qi indifferently. In a flash, a young man with red hair appeared in front of Lin Feng. It wasn't the man from the illusion though, it was Qiong Qi's body.

"Incredible. It's no wonder you're an ancient beast." said Lin Feng with a resplendent smile. The young man had dark hair and a beautiful red robe. His Qi was terrifying. He not only looked aggressive, he also looked extremely handsome, and even wild.

"Bulls.h.i.+t, I was much more handsome as an emperor." said the young man. He sounded old now and Lin Feng wasn't used to it.

Even though Qiong Qi could turn into a handsome human being, the man of the illusion was infinitely more handsome and majestic. So it was normal that Yan Di wasn't used to it.

"Yan Di, what do you think about what we discussed before?" asked Lin Feng smiling fatuously.

"About what?" said Qiong Qi sounding skeptically. Each time Lin Feng called him Yan Di it meant that he wanted something from him.

"I helped you steal the fire and it was very dangerous, I almost died, so…" Lin Feng was smiling fatuously. Qiong Qi's gigantic eyes became wider, "I also helped you break through to the second Tian Qi layer and you didn't lose anything."

"You broke through so many cultivation layers at once and even broke through to the Tian Qi layer. I almost died for one cultivation layer. You're lucky you're an emperor, otherwise, I wouldn't have been so generous." said Lin Feng.

"Just tell me what you want." said Qiong Qi annoyed.

"Alright." nodded Lin Feng. "I want you to teach me something to control people."

"Body Capture?" asked Qiong Qi.

"Nah, it wouldn't work. I want to control other people, not get a body for myself." replied Lin Feng. He didn't need the body capture technique. He didn't want to be in someone else's body.

"If you don't use body capture, you will only be able to control someone but not their strength." said Qiong Qi indifferently. Only the body capture technique allowed a cultivator to control someone entirely.

"What you mean is that if I don't use the body capture technique, I can only destroy people's G.o.dly awareness and then control their corporeal body." asked Lin Feng.


Lin Feng was disappointed because the evil spirit had told him the same thing. Evil spirits could control people's bodies.

"Actually, there's maybe something that could help you do what you want." said Qiong Qi with some thought.

"But you can only use it if your soul is stronger than your opponent's. But for you, I think it's useless. Even I wouldn't learn it, if I were you." said Qiong Qi proudly.

"Eh…" Lin Feng understood.

Lin Feng smiled and said, "No need to talk in a enigmatic way, if you don't know it, then forget about it."

"Bulls.h.i.+t. Soul skills are dishonest methods, only cowards use such skills, so I have never used it." shouted Qiong Qi furiously and proudly.

"Soul skills…" Lin Feng looked at Qiong Qi and said, "You don't need such skills, but I do. Please teach me."

Qiong Qi looked at Lin Feng. That b.a.s.t.a.r.d, he was being absolutely despising.

Soul skills weren't that difficult to learn as an emperor, but Qiong Qi never needed any of them.

"I know millions of skills and techniques, that's why I never needed a soul skill." said Qiong Qi proudly and arrogantly.

"Alright, I believe you. Then, teach me something powerful to attack people's G.o.dly awareness." said Lin Feng indifferently.

"Alright, I will teach you a skill to attack people's G.o.dly awareness. You will love it." said Qiong Qi furiously. "Get ready."

"Alright." said Lin Feng nodding. He closed his eyes and a light appeared between Qiong Qi's eyes. It moved straight into Lin Feng's head.

Lin Feng suddenly saw some memories.

"You've never used a powerful G.o.dly awareness skill. Get ready to learn one that will knock your socks off." said Qiong Qi in a majestic way.

Lin Feng smiled. Qiong Qi was funny sometimes. He had learnt only one skill from the three-lives demon emperor, which was already amazing, but Yan Di thought it was too weak still.

"G.o.dly Awareness Palace!" whispered Lin Feng. That was the name of the skill.

PMG Chapter 931

Edited: OddManOut
Chapter 931: Ba Huang , Jiu You

All of the imperial cultivation disciples were at the great sect meeting. The demonic young man had stolen their void fire and then left. It seemed Gan Yu would be going through difficult times again. Stronger cultivators were now headed to Asoka.

This time, Tian Chi was definitely going to be annihilated.

Rumor had it that Tian Chi's people were hidden in the crowd to help someone steal the void fire. The imperial cultivation disciples would never let them off for this.

There were many strong cultivators in Asoka Mountain now. Many people were practicing cultivation, especially fire cultivators. They had heard that a strong fire appeared there just a few days ago. Even though the void fire disappeared, a strong fire remained.

Only one day was left before the second session of the great sect meeting. One person appeared from the mountain, his face was yellow and he looked sick. However, the beast walking beside him was extremely strong and its fire was scorching.

"It's him. He's still here." said some people who recognized Lin Feng. The sick looking young man had stood out at the first session of the great sect meeting. His teacher and him wanted to be the leaders.

"That beast is actually an ancient beast. Do you know that young man?" The newcomers didn't know who Lin Feng was so they were curious.

"Of course I do. He was at the last great sect meeting, so everybody knows him now. Don't underestimate him because of his appearance. Even though he's only broken through to the first Tian Qi layer, he can defeat cultivators of the third Tian Qi layer. He humiliated the imperial cultivation disciples. His teacher, a Zun cultivator, is terrifyingly strong as well.." explained someone.

"That strong? Anyways, I just checked his cultivation level and he seems to be of the second Tian Qi layer. But, you said first?"

"What?" The person who had just talked looked at Lin Feng and frowned, "He really broke through to the second Tian Qi layer. In just six days, he managed to become stronger. Now, it will be even easier for him to defeat the imperial cultivation disciples. His teacher and him will probably become the leaders of the meeting. I wonder if his teacher will come this time."

"Impossible. Prince Tian Lin invited so many extremely powerful cultivators to help this time."


Many people had tried to guess what was going to happen after seeing Lin Feng during the previous meeting.

Lin Feng remained calm. He was coming from the fire mountain and didn't mind if other people saw him. He had stolen the fire disguised as the demonic young man so n.o.body could recognize him. Apart from Lin Feng's teacher and Qiong Qi, n.o.body knew about him. Lin Feng was really happy to have such a great teacher. He defended him against Tian Shu Zi back when and had made him a young leader in Tian Xuan. He even gave him a precious treasure from Tian Xuan, the Tian Xuan stone. Lin Feng was extremely grateful.

"Brother Lin." someone said at that moment. Lin Feng turned around and saw the Hua s.h.i.+ siblings. He smiled slightly.

"Brother Hua."

"Brother Lin, you surprisingly stayed here." "said the Hua s.h.i.+ young man. He was surprised because Lin Feng had offended Prince Tian Lin and a few other imperial cultivation disciples. Tian Lin had called many extremely strong cultivators so the Hua s.h.i.+ brother thought that Lin Feng would leave while he still could.

"Brother Lin, your Qiong Qi has become so much stronger now." said the Hua s.h.i.+ brother smiling. Last time he had seen Qiong Qi, it was a weak Xuan level beast, but now it was a Tian level beast.

"If you want to see him like last time, I can hide his cultivation level again." said Lin Feng with an indifferent smile on his face. The Hua s.h.i.+ brother was surprised but smiled, "I see. You're actually an expert at concealing skills. I see, last time you also hid your real cultivation level." said the Hua s.h.i.+ brother.

Although he was skeptical, he still believed Lin Feng. After all, it was almost impossible for a low Xuan level beast to turn into a Tian level beast in a few days. At the same time, Lin Feng was so strong that him breaking through to the second Tian Qi layer was actually normal.

The demonic young man had impressed everyone, Lin Feng had as well. If they were both there, they would have easily defeated the imperial cultivation disciples.

Lin Feng smiled and didn't deny anything. He wasn't close to the Hua s.h.i.+ brother. But he wasn't interested in the imperial cultivation disciples, so the Hua s.h.i.+ brother could think what he wanted.

"So you're going to come to the great sect meeting tomorrow?" asked the Hua s.h.i.+ brother curiously.

"If someone offends me, I won't have a choice but to get aggressive again." said Lin Feng.

"So your teacher hasn't left either? I personally think you shouldn't come. Prince Tian Lin is coming with many strong cultivators this time, even stronger than the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect."

"We'll see." said Lin Feng. If he hadn't cared about Tian Chi, he wouldn't go in the first place. But the great sect meeting's purpose was to gather people to destroy Tian Chi. How could he let them do that? Lin Feng also knew that those people were after him.

If Prince Tian Lin really brought people stronger than the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect, it would be a bit difficult though.

"Brother Lin, you should relax anyways. Let's not worry about those things. You are like us, you are a genius. Come with me and I will introduce you to some other geniuses. It will be easier for you to walk around if you know them." the Hua s.h.i.+ brother said smiling. He wanted to be friends with Lin Feng because he considered Lin Feng a strong cultivator.

He didn't care about Tian Lin and Lin Feng's tensions. After all, he wasn't friends with Prince Tian Lin either.

"Alright." nodded Lin Feng. At least, he was going to see how strong the other geniuses were.

Lin Feng and the Hua s.h.i.+ brother walked together, alongside Qiong Qi. He talked to Lin Feng using telepathy, "Little boy, let's leave Gan Yu and go to another region. Whether it be Ba Huang or Jiu You, they're all much better than Gan Yu. If you come with me to where I used to reign, n.o.body will bully you again."

"When I'm ready to go there, I'll tell you." replied Lin Feng. Qiong Qi had obtained the void fire and wanted to become even stronger. Qiong Qi was becoming stronger so Lin Feng had to be careful that Qiong Qi wouldn't use the spirit sealing technique on him. Lin Feng wouldn't feel safe leaving for other regions until he could control Qiong Qi.

PMG Chapter 932

Edited: OddManOut
Chapter 932: Qiong Qi, the Ancient Ferocious Animal

Most of the bars and restaurants in Asoka Mountain were full.

However, one of them was relatively empty. There weren't so many tables inside, only eight. And even though it was so small, it wasn't even full.

There was a group sitting together and chatting like a family at one of the tables.

The sound of people's footsteps caused them to raise their heads and look at the front door. There was the Hua s.h.i.+ siblings, however, he had brought someone. It was a young man with a yellow face and an ancient beast, a Qiong Qi.

"An ancient beast?" some people whispered. They all turned their heads with curiosity. It really was an ancient beast, a Qiong Qi. And it was at the Tian level beast.

The young man next to the animal looked so weak though. Many people glanced at him in a despising way.

"Brother, where did you find that animal?" asked someone to the Hua s.h.i.+ brother.

He lowered and shook his head while smiling, "It's not mine. It's my friend's, brother Lin."

"His?" Suddenly, everybody was looking up at Lin Feng, not because of his abilities but because of his animal.

"You again." said someone coldly.

Lin Feng turned his head and saw Prince Tian Lin.

"I wanted to say the same to you. It seems we're unlucky." said Lin Feng smiling. Prince Tian Lin stared at Lin Feng aggressively. He wanted to attack him right there.

Everybody looked amused. Tian Lin and Lin Feng seemed to already be enemies and Lin Feng seemed to be brother Hua s.h.i.+'s friend. Interesting.

In a trivial place like Gan Yu, surprisingly, a cultivator of the second Tian Qi layer dared offend Prince Tian Lin.

"Brother, what is the meaning of all this?" asked Prince Tian Lin. The Hua s.h.i.+ young man was protecting Lin Feng and actually walked beside them.

"Prince Tian Lin, Brother Lin is my friend. I brought him here to introduce him other geniuses. Why don't you learn to like him as well?" said the Hua s.h.i.+ brother smiling. Lin Feng and the Hua s.h.i.+ brother walked towards a table with seven seats. The Hua s.h.i.+ siblings and Lin Feng sat down. Qiong Qi sat down, too but took four seats.

"Brother Lin, let me introduce you my friends. That's Brother Xue, and that's Brother Han." said the Hua s.h.i.+ brother. The others nodded at Lin Feng indifferently, just so they didn't humiliate the Hua s.h.i.+ brother. Then, they looked at Qiong Qi. They seemed more interested in Qiong Qi than in Lin Feng.

"Brother Lin, you're lucky to have a Qiong Qi as a friend." said Brother Xue with an indifferent smile yet mockingly.

Lin Feng just smiled. Those people had an imposing appearance, they looked rich and strong. They had all broken through to at least the third Tian Qi layer. Those people were not ordinary so Lin Feng didn't really know how to act in front of them.

"Indeed, I'm quite lucky but not as lucky as you, Brother Xue." said Lin Feng with a gentle smile. A sharp expression appeared in Brother Xue's eyes.

"Hehe." Hua Zhang Feng smiled wryly when he saw Brother Xue's reaction. He then said to Lin Feng, "Brother Lin, all the others are geniuses too. Let me introduce them."

"Brother Hua, why is he here with us?" said someone mockingly. That person was sitting at the same table as Prince Tian Lin.

"Indeed, Hua Zhang Feng should understand that dragons stay with dragons and snakes with snakes. Why did you bring a snake to us dragons?" said someone else mockingly. "You're more interested in the beast than the cultivator as well, right Hua Zhang Feng?"

"He's a piece of trash." said Prince Tian Lin mockingly.

"Dragons stay with dragons and snakes with snakes. That's right, Prince Tian Lin already forgot the humiliation from a few days ago… I admire those who are still still with him, hehe…" said Lin Feng with a resplendent smile.

"Watch yourself." said that person coldly. Prince Tian Lin pulled a long face, Lin Feng was humiliating him again.

"A bunch of c.r.a.ppy cultivators who just know how to bark. Are Ba Huang and Jiu You completely unpopular now?" said Qiong Qi.

"What a good pet, he wants to protect his master." that person mocked Qiong Qi.

Qiong Qi's eyes twinkled as he glared at that person. That alone was almost enough to scare them.

"Hua Zhang Feng, I have much esteem for you so let's see if the guy you brought deserves your attention." said that person coldly. They raised their hand and shot some ice-cold energies at Lin Feng.

"Bzzz!" Scorching hot flames appeared. The Ice-cold energies and scorching hot energies mixed in the restaurant.

Lin Feng stood up and smiled at that person, "If you want to fight, let's go outside. It's too small in here. Prince Tian Lin is a piece of trash so you're probably not much better." said Lin Feng as he then left the restaurant.

"Kill him." said Tian Lin. That person nodded. He wanted to kill Lin Feng and steal his ancient animal. An animal had surprisingly humiliated them as well.

They all went outside. The others were amused. The sick-looking man Hua Zhang Feng had brought was funny. He seemed arrogant, but was he strong?

Many people recognized Lin Feng outside and came closer to watch the fight. He was the one who had offended Prince Tian Lin six days before. Now, it seemed like he had offended Prince Tian Lin's friends. Prince Tian Lin's friends were all incredibly strong, they were even considered geniuses.

"Let me fight." said Qiong Qi to Lin Feng. Surprisingly, that person had humiliated him, an emperor. He wanted to die.

"What?" Lin Feng was surprised but nodded, "Alright."

Qiong Qi was a Tian level beast and was a lot stronger now. Lin Feng was curious to see how he would do in a battle against a cultivator of the third Tian Qi layer.

"Stupid animal. I will capture you first and then I will kill your master. Afterwards, I will be your new master." said the young man smiling coldly. Suddenly, Qiong Qi flapped his wings and spat out fire while releasing some fire Qi.

He flapped his wings even more and rose up in the air.

"How fast." the crowd was surprised. Qiong Qi turned into a meteor, people couldn't even see him clearly as he was moving across the sky.

"I'll get you!" shouted the opponent loudly as he released a wide arrange of punch attacks in the air.


Qiong Qi roared loudly. His roar seemed to make people's soul shake. The opponent was even startled. Rumbling sounds spread in the air and his punch shadows were destroyed. Qiong Qi then moved towards his opponent to attack him directly.

"Roar!" Qiong Qi spat out some fire. It was becoming difficult to breathe normally because of that fire. Then, Qiong Qi's opponent and Qiong Qi disappeared in the smoke.

"Stupid animal, die!" shouted a voice furiously. However, a few seconds later, the atmosphere became calm again.

"What?" The crowd didn't know what happened. Then, the terrifying fire disappeared. Qiong Qi was standing on his opponent. He had blood around his mouth and looked ferocious.

The young man's face, however, had turned pale and rigid. He was lying in his own blood.

"What a cruel animal." the crowd was shocked. As expected, it was a brutal and ferocious animal.

PMG Chapter 933

Edited: OddManOut
Chapter 933: Defeating Prince Tian Lin

He was dead.

The crowd was astonished. n.o.body saw what happened in the fire but it must have been incredible.

Lin Feng was astonished too. Qiong Qi had bitten his opponent to death?

"What a piece of tras.h.!.+ He dared act arrogantly in front of me, an emperor. I killed him with only one bite." said Qiong Qi. He looked majestic and ferocious.

"Dragons bite, snakes die. As expected, Qiong Qi is a dragon, not a snake." said Lin Feng mockingly. A moment before, those people were incredibly arrogant, but now their colleague was dead.

Prince Tian Lin pulled a long face. Qiong Qi had eaten his friend alive!

"How audacious!" said Prince Tian Lin coldly.

Lin Feng turned around and looked at him saying, "What? You were trying to impress us with your strength. You even said you wanted to kill me and steal my animal, but you're not strong enough. So now what? You want to threaten me using your imperial cultivation disciple status?"

Prince Tian Lin looked even worse now. Indeed, he wanted to kill Lin Feng but his fellow disciple had failed. The one he was calling a piece of trash and his animal were surprisingly stronger than his group.

"I truly believe that there are incredibly strong and powerful imperial cultivation disciples, but you guys must be the c.r.a.ppy bunch." said Lin Feng slowly walking towards Prince Tian Lin and pointing his finger at him. "Last time, our battle was interrupted. Today, let's have an educational battle again to see how strong the imperial cultivation disciple who calls me trash really is."

Lin Feng was pointing his finger at Tian Lin and humiliating him. That piece of trash wanted to fight against him again.

"Today is your last day." said Prince Tian Lin coldly.

He shook his hand a strong wind began blowing.

"Die!" shouted Prince Tian Lin furiously. He immediately released his spirit and attacked Lin Feng.

Lin Feng shook his hand as beams of light appeared. They immediately blocked Prince Tian Lin's wind.

"Do you think you can do anything against me? I told you, you're going to die today." said Prince Tian Lin. His spirit spun again and moved towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng sensed the strength of a hurricane. He raised his head but couldn't see the sky anymore.

"His wind spirit is very strong. Even with the strength of the second Tian Qi layer, it is still difficult for me to fight against him." thought Lin Feng. He had to be careful, he couldn't use his full strength, otherwise people would recognize him.

Lin Feng took out a stone and firmly held it. Then, he released his book spirit. With that, everything around him became clear and distinct. He could even see the movements of the wind spirit clearly.

Energies and strength came out of the stone and flowed into his body. He was absorbing the strength and force of the Earth and sky at an incredible speed.

Lin Feng sensed the force of the Earth and sky as bright lights appeared in his hands. They flowed into his body as he condensed strength.

The wind was roaring. It had now fully surrounded Lin Feng. His clothes were suddenly riddled with gaping wounds. If his corporeal body wasn't so strong, he would have died by now.

"Die!" shouted Prince Tian Lin furiously.

However, at the same time, Lin Feng raised his hand and punched the wind spirit in a very ordinary way. His punch looked ordinary but it contained the force of the Earth and sky.

"Boom boom!"

A collision sounded in the air as the wind spirit was propelled upwards. Lin Feng's strength could actually block the wind spirit.

"What?" The crowd was astonished. Lin Feng, using pure physical strength, had pushed away the wind spirit.

Prince Tian Lin was just as surprised.

Lin Feng took this opportunity to throw himself at Prince Tian Lin.

Prince Tian Lin was startled. Lin Feng raised his hand again. It contained an incredible amount of physical strength.

"I don't believe that you can punch twice with so much strength." said Prince Tian Lin. Sure, it was surprising that he pushed Prince Tian Lin away with a single punch, but how many times could he keep it up?



Prince Tian Lin's wind emitted whistling sounds and turned into a furious dragon.

"Boom boom!"

Lin Feng raised his hand. It looked like a normal punch again but the strength it contained made the whole area shake violently. The terrifying dragon-shaped wind was instantly destroyed.

Prince Tian Lin's facial expression changed drastically. He kept punching blindly but Lin Feng's strength was too great. Lin Feng found an opportunity and punched Tian Lin into the air. His organs were damaged and felt painful.

He hadn't been able to block Lin Feng's attacks.

"Kacha!" blood splashed in the air. His wind spirit went back into his body as he then heavily crashed onto the ground. His face was deathly pale.

"Imperial cultivation disciples say I'm a piece of trash? You're so strong, haha. You're even weaker than a piece of trash." said Lin Feng with a cold smile. Prince Tian Lin was furious but his organs were preventing him from doing anything.

The others were astonished. They would have never thought that Prince Tian Lin could lose against Lin Feng, especially with his powerful wind spirit.

PMG Chapter 934

Edited: OddManOut
Chapter 934: Strong and Powerful Disciple

"Dragons flock together and snakes have nothing to do with dragons. I agree, you and I belong to different worlds." said Lin Feng mockingly. They all pulled a long face. They had mocked Lin Feng a moment before and now they were the ones being mocked.

Lin Feng had shown them how strong he was and had defeated an imperial cultivation disciple, Prince Tian Lin. Prince Tian Lin had a very powerful spirit but it still wasn't enough against Lin Feng. On top of that, Lin Feng had only relied on physical strength to win.

Lin Feng's punches looked ordinary, however, they contained an incredible, explosive power of the Earth and sky.

"Prince Tian Lin, should we continue calling you "Prince"? If you hadn't inherited a powerful wind spirit, you'd be even worse than trash. Don't you feel shameless when you insult other people?" said Lin Feng slowly walking towards Prince Tian Lin.

Prince Tian Lin suddenly jumped on his feet and stared at Lin Feng, "Try and kill me if you dare!"

"You wanted to kill me, everyone heard you. I am stronger than you, why wouldn't I dare? Apart from bragging, what other things can you do?" said Lin Feng. Suddenly, he jumped forwards with incredible speed.

"Therefore, if I cripple your cultivation, nothing will have changed." said Lin Feng.

Prince Tian Lin's face turned deathly place. Lin Feng wanted to cripple his cultivation. If his cultivation was crippled, his life would be useless.

Prince Tian Lin used his Xiao Yao agility technique to run away.

"Xiao Yao agility technique?" said Lin Feng smiling. Lin Feng released wind intent and moved in a graceful way. It was a mixture of the Xiao Yao agility technique and his own technique. He looked free and unrestrained.

He was too fast. He quickly caught up with Prince Tian Lin who had started feeling hopeless. Lin Feng was better than him in terms of both speed and strength. Even though he was a member of the G.o.dly Xiao Yao Sect, his Xiao Yao agility technique wasn't any better than Lin Feng's.

The others were astonished. Prince Tian Lin was extremely fast but still slower than that sick-looking young man with a yellow face. Besides, Lin Feng now had the strength of the second Tian Qi layer so it was even easier for him to defeat Tian Lin.

Hua Zhang Feng had millions of thoughts running through his head at that moment. The other day, had Lin Feng really hidden his real strength or had he broken through to the second Tian Qi layer later on, which now allowed him to defeat Tian Lin.

"Die!" shouted Prince Tian Lin furiously. He released his wind spirit once again.

"You really want to die." said Lin Feng furiously. He raised his hand and attacked Prince Tian Lin with his fist. The wind spirit was shaking violently.

"Boom!" a terrifying strength crashed onto his body. Again, he flew away. Lin Feng looked emotionless. He continued running after Tian Lin as he yelled, "The other day, I told you, if you and I were of the same level, I could kill you like an insect. You're a good-for-nothing, a piece of trash. You're not even capable of evaluating your own strength."

Lin Feng was making big steps as he raised his hands and sharp energies appeared. He wanted to cripple Tian Lin's cultivation but not kill him.

Prince Tian Lin's face turned deathly pale. He looked at the other imperial cultivation disciples who were with him, but n.o.body helped him. He had no friends at all. Their relations were only superficial. They didn't care about him having his cultivation crippled. Prince Tian Lin felt desperate, hopeless and furious.

Lin Feng was now in front of Prince Tian Lin whose face was as white as paper. He looked at Lin Feng and said, "If you kill me, my fellow disciples will kill you."

"Let's talk about it after I meet them." said Lin Feng smiling. He didn't care anyways, n.o.body knew who he really was. Qiong Qi could help him too. He was safe as long as Qiong Qi stayed with him. And in any case, he could hide his ident.i.ty in the future as well, n.o.body would recognize him then.

"Goodbye, genius." said Lin Feng raising his hands.

"Stop!" said a voice furiously from very far away. Lin Feng felt oppressed by that voice. Without hesitating, he jumped backwards. A huge crater appeared where he was standing a few seconds before, in front of Tian Lin.

"What a terrifying power." the crowd was amazed. They raised their heads and saw a young man in a golden robe. His facial expression looked ice-cold, he looked domineering and majestic. Looking would make a person s.h.i.+ver. No one could guess his real age though.

"How strong." that was already a high-level cultivator of the Xiao Yao Sect. Yet, he seemed so young.

Of course, Lin Feng also knew that that person wasn't really young. They looked young thanks to their cultivation level. Xuan level cultivators, for example, could live up to two hundred years whereas Tian level cultivators could live up to five hundred years. Concerning Zun cultivators, they could live for a very long time, it just depended on their cultivation level. It was said that some Zun cultivators could live up to a thousand years. Therefore, Xuan level cultivators couldn't compete with Zun cultivators in appearance. At a hundred years old, a Xuan level cultivator had already lived half of their life, so they looked old. However, a hundred year old Zun cultivator looked extremely young.

"Brother, kill him." said Prince Tian Lin. The cultivator was an imperial cultivation disciple, Tian Lin's fellow disciple. They were both members of the same imperial cultivation sect but that cultivator was infinitely stronger than Tian Lin.

The crowd was stunned. Prince Tian Lin's fellow disciple was there. Lin Feng was doomed now.

Many people were looking at Lin Feng with compa.s.sion. Lin Feng was doomed.

Qiong Qi roared, jumped and landed behind Lin Feng. He stared at the cultivator in the sky and said to Lin Feng, "That person is extraordinarily strong. I'm not even sure your teacher can defeat him. He must be one of the strongest imperial cultivation disciples."

Lin Feng nodded. d.a.m.n Prince Tian Lin, what a coward.

"I told you that if you had come abroad with me, things would have been different." said Qiong Qi but Lin Feng replied, "With you on my side, I am safe anyway."

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, do you think I will always protect you?" said Qiong Qi furiously.

"If I die, you won't necessarily meet someone as nice as me." said Lin Feng indifferently. Qiong Qi was speechless. He knew that the Continent of the Nine Clouds was huge. If an extremely strong cultivator captured him, what would he become? Even though Lin Feng could be annoying, he was at least tolerable.

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