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PMG Chapter 961

Chapter 961: Windstorm on the Huang Sea

Very quickly, the boat sailed away while creating huge waves.

The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect released abstruse Qi and used the Xiao Yao agility technique to chase the boat. However, the boat was still faster. After a short while, the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect stopped and watched the boat get farther and farther away. He was furious. Lin Feng had escaped again!

"Die!" shouted the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect furiously releasing an incredible amount of Qi.

The people in the distance were surprised. How strong. Who had offended a cultivator who could walk on the Huang Sea alone.

Luckily, the boat was well protected and much faster.

The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect rolled up his sleeves and went back to the sh.o.r.e. Even if he was strong, he couldn't rely on his strength to cross the sea. It was too dangerous. Many people had died trying.

Lin Feng was relieved to see that the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect couldn't follow the boat.

"Thank you." said Lin Feng to Miss Yang. If she hadn't asked the captain to leave, he would have waited. That would have been dangerous.

"It's nothing, really." said the girl indifferently. She then said to Lin Feng, "He said you changed your face, why can't I see it?"

Lin Feng and his friends took off their masks and they looked even younger. What amazing masks. They were extraordinary.

"What incredible masks." whispered the girl. Surprisingly, she couldn't even see those were masks.

"Indeed." said Lin Feng smiling. Those masks were indeed incredible. Even strong Zun cultivators couldn't see through it. Lin Feng didn't know how Mister Xiao had fabricated them. Those masks were probably priceless.

The girl didn't say anything. She walked towards the main hall of the boat. Inside the boat, there was a main hall and cultivation rooms. Even on the boat, cultivation couldn't be neglected. For twenty crystals, there had to be some commodities.

Lin Feng and his friends were at the front looking at the abstruse Qi which enveloped the boat. It was dark and there was a strong wind. It made their hearts beat faster.

There was a windstorm on the Huang Sea. A layer of abstruse energy had broke from that wind.

Lin Feng wasn't the only one. Many people who took the boat for the first time went to the front to look at the dark clouds.

"How strong are those who can cross the sea on their own and feel nothing." thought many of the pa.s.sengers. If someday, they could cross the sea on their own, how wonderful would that be?

"There's nothing to see, go and rest." said someone. It was the captain of the boat. He was always at the front, after all, he was driving it.

Red copper, purple golden or purple jade wars.h.i.+ps and Ming Yue boats were all extremely solid. They had been created by extremely strong cultivators. The boats were powerful, the captains were also very strong cultivators, there's no need to mention that the protection layers made of abstruse Qi were also very solid.

The captain looked like ordinary cultivator, but in reality, he was monstrously strong. Lin Feng had lots of admiration for the captain.

Some people went to the main hall to rest, others went to cultivation rooms.

But Lin Feng didn't move, he kept staring at the clouds. How powerful. It made him daydream about intent and cultivation. He remembered that in Xue Yue, cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer were already considered strong. In Gan Yu or even at the Huang Sea, the Xuan Qi layer was considered as a very, very low level. Lin Feng wanted to become stronger. He was never satisfied with his current level.

"What are you thinking about?" asked the captain to Lin Feng when he saw that his friends and him weren't leaving. He was curious about Lin Feng. Cultivators of the first and second Tian Qi layer, chased by a very strong Zun cultivator… Besides, Lin Feng didn't look at the captain with fear like most people. He just looked normal.

But for cultivators of the first and second Tian Qi layers to be so calm and indifferent, were they from aristocratic families? They were probably used to seeing Zun cultivators.

He didn't know that Lin Feng had gone through so much. He also didn't understand how Lin Feng felt. Lin Feng had fought against Zun cultivators, he had also received teachings from Zun cultivators, and he had met incredible Zun cultivators. So of course, Lin Feng remained calm when facing Zun cultivators nowadays.

"I am just wondering what it would be like if there wasn't that layer of protection." whispered Lin Feng.

"Shut your crow's beak and don't make inauspicious remarks!" said that person furiously. He looked terribly scared. "Surprisingly, cultivators of the first and second Tian Qi layers dare say such things. Do you know that even the strongest of Zun cultivators can die in that sea!"

"Please don't be angry, I didn't think before talking." said Lin Feng smiling. A Zun cultivator criticizing him because he was just a Tian level cultivator was normal. Lin Feng was already used to that.

"Hmph!" that person groaned coldly and didn't say anything anymore.

Time seemed to pa.s.s slowly on the boat. The crowd couldn't see the sky or anything, they were just surrounded by dark clouds. It seemed like a thunderstorm could start up at anytime.

The sky was becoming darker and darker, almost apocalyptic. The wind was emitting whistling sounds. But, the protection layers were still protecting the boat through it all.

The captain of the boat wasn't happy to see that storm.

d.a.m.n storm!

He glanced at Lin Feng coldly and said, "I hope you didn't bring bad luck to us, otherwise…!"

Then, he glanced at the crowd and said, "Everybody go to the main hall and don't come out. No matter what, don't come out."

"You go too!" said the captain to Lin Feng and his friends.

Many people looked terrified when they heard the captain.

It was a storm…

Many people started talking while walking back to the main hall. They were terrified. It was a well known fact that storms on the Huang Sea were very dangerous. It was also Ming Yue Sailors' biggest fear. Storms on the Huang Sea were the most frequent cause of accidents.

People could only pray that everything would be alright.

PMG Chapter 962

Chapter 962: Island of the Nine Dragons

Lin Feng and his friends realized what was going on because everybody on the boat was whispering. They were all scared because of the captain's reaction.

"Argh." at that moment, someone shouted furiously. The black clouds were attacking the boat and making it shake violently.

"How scary. The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect's attacks aren't that scary." thought Lin Feng. They were crossing a windstorm and loud sounds were piercing their ears.

"It's a… dead spirit!" Lin Feng saw a pair of terrifying eyes.

According to the legends, the Huang Sea was a battlefield in the past and many people had died there.

"Go in!" shouted the captain of the boat to Lin Feng and the others. The boat was rocking now.

"Look." said Lin Feng, shaking his head. He then added, "Go to the main hall. I'm coming in five minutes."

"I want to look too." said Huang Fu Long whose eyes were twinkling. He was getting excited because of the storm.

"Eh?" a strong cultivator next to them frowned. Those people wanted to watch the storm?

"As you wish." said that person releasing abstruse Qi.


A terrifying abstruse energy crashed onto the protection layer. That person groaned and his Qi moved back to him.

"What a disaster." said that person. The storm was terrifying.

The sky was getting darker and darker. The boat couldn't go back now that they were in the middle of the storm. It seemed like many dead souls were wailing all around them.

"Wooo…" the sky turned pitch-black. Lin Feng only saw a huge mouth attempting to swallow the boat.

"Boom boom boom!" the boat shook violently. Rumbling sounds spread in the air as the abstruse energy had started to crack. Lin Feng and his friends were almost knocked off their feet.

Many people were terrified. Was the boat going to sink?

"Are we going to die?" thought Lin Feng. He wouldn't have thought that sailing on the Huang Sea could be so scary. If the storm broke the boat, they would probably die. The atmosphere was pitch black and they couldn't see anything anymore.

"Lin Feng." said someone. It was Tang You You.

"Yes?" replied Lin Feng. More rumbling sounds spread in the air as Lin Feng was propelled elsewhere.

"Are we going to die?" asked Tang You You. Lin Feng remained silent. Were they? He didn't know either.

"Don't worry. The abstruse energy is solid enough." said Jun Mo Xi.

"Right. We're going to Ba Huang so we can't die here." Lin Feng shouted, "Fei Yang, Huang Fu Long, talk to us."

"I'm good." said Yun Fei Yang.

"d.a.m.n weather, we can't see anything." said Huang Fu Long. That guy was funny.

The storm continued. If the protection layer broke, they'd die.

After what seemed like a long time, the storm calmed down. And everyone felt relieved.

Finally, they saw a light.

Lin Feng looked back at the storm. It felt like a dream. Finally, though, it was calming down again.

Lin Feng raised his head. The abstruse protection layer looked brighter. There were some cracks in it. If there was another storm, it would definitely break.

Lin Feng turned around and saw Tang You You and the others. They smiled back at him.

Lin Feng smiled too. They hadn't thought that they would go through a storm like that.

The captain frowned, turned around and walked towards the crowd. He went to the beautiful girl and said, "Miss Yang, you must have been scared."

The girl shook her head and said, "It's alright. I know your boats are solid. Just be careful."

"Alright. I understand." said the captain nodding. The boat couldn't go through another storm like that.

The crowd was surprised, the first thing he did after the storm was apologize to the girl. Who was she?

The boat continued moving. At some point, something appeared, it looked like a wide territory.

The Qi of the Huang Sea was das.h.i.+ng to the skies in the distance. What was going on? Another storm?

The captain looked tense.

Black dots appeared in the horizon and they were very fast. Very quickly, they saw what those black dots were.

They were s.h.i.+ps on the sea.

Five-six boats were moving together and towards them. The captain of the boat was surprised.

In a flash, they surrounded the boat.

Dear friends, we are from the Island of the Nine Dragons, we mind our own business and you mind your own." said the captain.

The Huang Sea was vast. There were some people who practiced cultivation on some islands. They had become extremely strong with time. They practiced cultivation in the middle of the Huang Sea and stole treasures mainly.

People from the Island of the Nine Dragons were pirates and they were extremely strong.

"You can leave, we just want your boat." said someone rudely. What was going on? After the storm, pirates?

"If you want my s.h.i.+p, you can go to Ming Yue Sailors and get one." said the captain. He was annoyed too. How unlucky was it to encounter pirates? Those pirates were strong and didn't fear Ming Yue Sailors.

"Bulls.h.i.+t. f.u.c.k off!" said that person. Some silhouettes rose up in the air and released abstruse Qi. They were all Zun cultivators.

"You didn't come for the boat, right." said the captain. So many strong cultivators were there, it was obviously not for the boat.

PMG Chapter 963

Chapter 963: Survival

"Attack!" said a pirate when he saw that the captain wasn't reacting. His Qi was terrifying.

The captain made the boat turn around. Huge waves rolled as he tried to escape.

"You want to escape?" said a pirate with an ice-cold smile. There were other boats which had surrounded them.

Besides, those boats were gigantic. Some more people rose up in the air and they were also Zun cultivators.

The captain looked hopeless. More Zun cultivators… The pirates had so many Zun cultivators.

Miss Yang was surrounded by her bodyguards. They were staring at the Zun cultivators coldly.

"Today, we're very unclucky." said the captain. He understood what was going on. After the storm, their boat was riddled with gaping wounds, their abstruse energy was weakened. Now, many strong cultivators appeared, so he couldn't protect the people on board.

The pirates all released Qi at at the same time and attacked the protection layers of the boat. Dazzling lights appeared and the protection layers emitted crackling sounds.

"We're doomed." thought the crowd. The protection layers were breaking apart.

There were fissures everywhere.

"Kacha!" another sound spread in the air. The abstruse energy continued breaking.

Some deadly Qi from the sea started penetrating into the boat.

"We'll give you one chance. If you're strong enough, come onto our boat and you'll live." said the pirates to the crowd. They were giving the crowd a chance to live. Relying on their own strength, they had to get onto their boat, but only if they could.

If they wanted to live, they had to get onto the pirates' boat. That was their only chance, otherwise they would die suffocating from the Qi of the sea.

"Boom!" a silhouette turned into a beam of light and moved towards the boat. They wanted to go to Ba Huang, how could they die there.

"Bzzz!" a terrifying Qi surrounded that person, his skin was suddenly peeled off by the Qi from the sea.

The crowd suddenly looked desperate..  That Qi could destroy almost anything.

That person died in the air and fell down from the sky into the sea.

The crowd was horrified, their hearts were pounding. That person hadn't even survived a single second outside. The distance between the two boats was ridiculously small, so close yet so far!


Someone else stepped out and turned into a sword.

"Boom!" The Qi of the sea surrounded that person and his skin was peeled off.

"No!" shouted that person. Something was piercing through his body.

Then, he died. The crowd was hopeless. They were doomed.

The captain rose up in the air, wrapped himself up in abstruse energy and left.

The strong cultivators from the Island of the Nine Dragons didn't prevent him from leaving. They didn't look at him. He wasn't their target.

"He left." the crowd was speechless. The Zun cultivator of Ming Yue Sailors left. He had left them alone, facing the pirates.

"Miss Yang, we won't do anything against you, of course. Please come onto our boat." said one of the pirates.

People were astonished. The pirates wanted Miss Yang… Because of her, they had to go through such hards.h.i.+ps!

"Lin Feng." Tang You You and the others were panicking. They had survived the storm and now?

It seemed really difficult to cross that sea.

"I'm taking you to the Island of the Nine Dragons. Hold on and don't panic. We'll see each other in Ba Huang." said Lin Feng. His friends were astonished. What? What about him?

"What about you? What are you going to do?" said Tang You You. What was Lin Feng's plan?

"Don't worry. I won't die. We already agreed to meet in Ba Huang. I will become an imperial cultivation disciple under Emperor s.h.i.+ or Emperor Yu's supervision so remember to come and see me." said Lin Feng, using telepathy this time. They understood that he was trying to transmit them a message. He meant that they definitely had to become imperial cultivation disciples to find him.

"No. You have no way to survive. I'm staying with you." said Tang You You. She didn't believe Lin Feng. Lin Feng wouldn't bring them to the Island of the Nine Dragons if he really had a way to survive. He would stay with them.

Unless Lin Feng wanted to go on an adventure.

"No." said Lin Feng shaking his head.

Tang You You and his friends didn't understand.

"Lin Feng, you can't go on an adventure alone." said Jun Mo Xi.

"I have no choice. Listen to me. Believe me." said Lin Feng firmly. Jun Mo Xi and his friends shook their heads. Lin Feng stretched his hand and touched Tang You You's cheeks smiling and said, "Don't worry. I won't die."

"Boom!" a terrifying energy appeared. A group of people rose up in the air. Lin Feng raised his head and saw Miss Yang escaping with a lifeboat.

"A lifeboat!" the crowd was astonished. How could she escape with a lifeboat?

"Miss Yang, you can't escape." said a pirate releasing sealing energies.

"No, I don't want to die." a horrible shriek spread in the air. The crowd looked at the Qi of the sea getting into the boat now. Some people had died and turned into ashes.

The crowd was hopeless. Were they going to die?

Ice appeared and it started snowing.

Lin Feng released Ling Long's Qi. In a flash, he looked like an animal with very pure energy.

"Empty s.p.a.ce b.e.s.t.i.a.l Illusion Technique!" said Lin Feng. Layers of snow appeared around him, and a snowy landscape appeared.

"I'm taking you to the boat using that snowy road, trust me, you won't die." Lin Feng told the crowd as a snowy empty s.p.a.ce appeared.

"Eh?" The crowd was astonished as they looked at Lin Feng. That guy could help people get onto the pirates' boat?

"Just trust me, you will be safe." said Lin Feng indifferently.

PMG Chapter 964

Chapter 964: Stuck

The snowy path looked like an illusion. Could they really get to the pirates' boat using that path?

They were skeptical and hesitated.

"If you don't go, I'll cancel the spell and you'll die." said Lin Feng coldly when he saw that the crowd was hesitating.

If they didn't get on that boat, they would die.

"Let me try." said someone stepping on the snowy path. That person felt extremely cold but still he looked fine and happy. He realized that the Qi of the Huang Sea wasn't affecting him. After all, it was it's own world.

That person arrived on the boat and left the illusion.

"Boom, boom!" People suddenly starting running frantically towards the pirates' boat. They could safely get to the boat thanks to Lin Feng's snowy path.

"Hurry up!" said Lin Feng to Tang You You and his friends when he saw people weren't hesitating anymore.

"Hurry up!" shouted Lin Feng furiously. Some people grinded their teeth and said, "See you in Ba Huang!"

A few more people walked onto the snowy path, followed by many others.

"Eh?" "The pirates looked at Lin Feng and frowned. A trivial cultivator of the second Tian Qi layer knew illusion spells? That guy was interesting!

"Interesting, little boy, get on the boat as well." one of the pirates told Lin Feng.

The pirates were interested in Lin Feng, maybe he had great treasures.

Suddenly, though, the snowy path suddenly changed and was now leading inside the Huang Sea.

"Little boy, what are you doing?" asked a pirate coldly to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng didn't say anything and ran into the snowy tunnel which ran into the Huang Sea.

"What are you doing?" the Zun cultivator's face changed drastically. He raised both hands and released magnetic energies to try and make Lin Feng come to him. But Lin Feng was now in the Huang Sea. Huge waves appeared as Lin Feng disappeared into the depths of the sea.

"Lin Feng!" shouted Tang You You whose face turned deathly pale. Her heart hurt. Lin Feng had jumped into the sea and hadn't followed them.

"Don't worry. Lin Feng told us we would meet him in Ba Huang, but he certainly has a long way to get there on his own." said Jun Mo Xi looking at the inauspicious waves of the Huang Sea as if trying to cheer himself up.

That terrifying sea could destroy abstruse energies and Lin Feng was inside. What was going to happen?

They still felt sad. Could a cultivator of the second Tian Qi layer survive in that sea?

"What a strange little boy, he doesn't even care about his own life!" said the Zun cultivator looking at the sea. He hadn't expected Lin Feng to kill himself.

Lin Feng was in the sea now and could clearly see what was going on around him. The Qi of the Huang Sea was emitting extremely loud and ferocious sounds. Many dead spirits were probably coming to kill him.

The snowy tunnel was slowly getting corroded by the Qi of the Huang Sea.

But a bright light flashed and Qiong Qi appeared.

"Yan Di, we're in the depths of the Huang Sea, do you know how we can survive?" asked Lin Feng.

Qiong Qi pulled a long face and spat out Qi from frustration.

"You idiot, that sea used to be a battlefield in the the past. Even emperors can't necessarily survive in here." said Qiong Qi. Lin Feng was surprised. It wasn't guaranteed that emperors could survive in here either?

"It's useless to shout at me now. You need to hurry and find a solution because I can't hold on much longer." said Lin Feng. Lin Feng had actually dived into that sea for two reasons, the first one was his Jade Emperor's palace. If he had no choice, he would go into the palace and practice cultivation there. He would then be able to come out after a few years. That wasn't the most desirable solution though.

The second reason was Qiong Qi. He knew many skills and techniques and might know how to save him.

"You want to exhaust me to death, don't you!" said Qiong Qi to Lin Feng. Then, he said, "Tell me what's going on up on the surface."

"We met some pirates, they attacked our abstruse energy protection layers and the dangerous Qi of the Huang Sea penetrated into the boat. They wanted to capture a girl…" said Lin Feng to Qiong Qi hastily.

"Give me some more of your abstruse crystals. The rest is in the hands of fate." said Qiong Qi. Lin Feng gave all his abstruse crystals Qiong Qi. He had none left now.

Qiong Qi started drawing marks around them, very clear and distinct marks. He was using the strength of the abstruse crystals, but he was still too weak. He couldn't draw those marks relying on his own strength yet.

Very quickly, a light appeared and turned into a tunnel.

However, Qiong Qi didn't stop. He continued using all the crystals. Inside the snowy tunnel, a new way appeared.

"Come." shouted Qiong Qi to Lin Feng. Lin Feng followed him into the light tunnel. He was wondering what Qiong Qi had done.

"You can walk back and forth in that tunnel, all we can hope for now is to encounter a boat. That tunnel can neither take you out of the sea nor to Ba Huang. Everything depends on luck." said Qiong Qi. Lin Feng was stupid sometimes, he jumped into the sea, did he want to die?

"OK, hope we'll be lucky." said Lin Feng. Qiong Qi was so annoyed. Lin Feng remained calm and indifferent.

Lin Feng had Qiong Qi go back into the animal tower and then stopped using his snowy illusion spell. He started walking back and forth in the tunnel made of abstruse energies.

Lin Feng couldn't breathe properly because of the thickness of the abstruse energies. He walked back and forth for a long time until rumbling sounds spread in the air. He then made the tunnel go higher up to the surface. That way, he would have more chances to be noticed.

The Qi of the sea kept corroding the tunnel but couldn't reach Lin Feng yet. Lin Feng looked around, he felt so small.

"I hope I will be lucky…" whispered Lin Feng. There were three more months before the beginning of Emperor s.h.i.+ and Emperor Yu's recruitment process. Lin Feng hoped his friends could manage to leave the Island of the Nine Dragons and that he could safely get out.

The sea was extremely vast and Lin Feng was all alone there. Luckily, there was no storm, otherwise, the tunnel wouldn't be able to protect him for much longer.

PMG Chapter 965

Chapter 965: Desolate Qi

The Huang Sea was extremely vast and the only way to get to Ba Huang Province was to cross that sea.

Even though there were many sailors, the sea was so vast that it was still rare to encounter boats.

Therefore, Lin Feng kept running back and forth, looking for a boat.

The Qi of the Huang Sea was slowly corroding his light tunnel made of abstruse energies.

Lin Feng gazed into the distance. He felt hopeless. Was he going to be lucky this time?

"Slash." a subtle sound spread in the air. Lin Feng saw a black dot in the horizon. Lin Feng's silhouette flickered as he moved toward direction. However, the black dot almost disappeared instantly, that person was a lot faster the him.

"How fast. It must be an incredible cultivator." thought Lin Feng. That was what power looked like. That person didn't need to rely on external factors, that kind of cultivator was fearless. Their own strength was enough to cross the sea.

Lin Feng tried to chase that person anyway. Besides, that strong cultivator crossed the sea on his own so he probably knew the surroundings quite well.

But Lin Feng wasn't fast enough. That person disappeared in the horizon and he was alone again.

"Eh?" At that moment, Lin Feng was surprised.

Lin Feng saw a place!

It was an island, more precisely.

"I hope I can survive on that island." Lin Feng threw himself in the direction of the island. It appeared that there was n.o.body on that island. The air wasn't fresh at all, but it was incredible vast. There was no gra.s.s and no trees. It looked like an island of death.

The lights around him disappeared as he looked at the horrible Qi surrounding him.

If Lin Feng stayed on that island for too long, that Qi would make him grow old at an accelerated rate, or maybe even kill him.

Lin Feng walked farther away from the beach to a more central place. The Qi of the Huang Sea was weaker there.

But at that moment, a  Qi from the sea appeared again.

"What's going on?" Lin Feng was surprised. How could there be Qi from the Huang Sea in the middle of the island?

He looked around curiously.

Lin Feng walked in a direction where the Qi was more intense. That Huang Sea Qi was becoming even purer.

In the middle of the sea, the Qi wasn't that pure, as if polluted. It could peel people's skin off and make them grow old instantly.

However, the Qi there wasn't the same, it didn't seem polluted. It was extremely old and pure, and quite powerful.

"What is that Qi? Why is it so pure?" thought Lin Feng. He didn't want to get close too fast, so he decided to walk slowly. That Qi was making him grow older and Lin Feng could feel it. On top of that, the feeling was becoming more intense.

Finally, Lin Feng found the source of the Qi far away from the sh.o.r.e.

At that moment, Lin Feng's heart started pounding violently. What!

"That's him!" Lin Feng saw someone sitting cross-legged and calmly practicing cultivation! That was probably the person Lin Feng had seen just before, the strong cultivator. Some people practiced cultivation in the middle of the Huang Sea?!

"That person was practicing cultivation there and using the Qi of the Huang Sea to make it become his own, how powerful!" thought Lin Feng. He was surprised to see that, he didn't know it was possible.

That was the difference between strong and weak cultivators. Weak cultivators feared the sea. However, some people came there to practice cultivation.

Lin Feng also noticed that there were trees around the cultivator and that they were pretty much alive! They were slowly growing with his Qi.

"What kind of tree are those?" thought Lin Feng. Even though they were growing and becoming older, they were getting a lot stronger too.

It seemed that the strong cultivator was doing that on purpose. Those trees were probably had a purpose.

Lin Feng thought about the demoniac Buddha, the three-lives demon emperor had turned into both a Buddha and a demon in the death valley and had practiced cultivation for centuries. Was that strong cultivator doing something similar?

Lin Feng was wondering how strong that cultivator was. He was motionless and his Qi was rising. It was as if he were all alone, Lin Feng standing right night next him didn't even exist.

That kind of cultivator didn't care about worldly affairs, as long as worldly matters didn't affect him, he didn't care.

The Qi was getting too intense. Lin Feng could even feel that he, himself, was growing old. He couldn't help but move backwards and get farther away.

Lin Feng couldn't stand the Qi produced by the strong cultivator. If that cultivator had used it on Lin Feng directly, Lin Feng wouldn't have been any better off swimming in the sea.

Lin Feng went very far away so that the Qi couldn't affect him.

Lin Feng could only wait for a boat to pa.s.s. How annoying. Could he do anything else in the meantime?

"That person can understand the Qi of the sea, why couldn't I? If I did too, couldn't I cross the sea without being affected by its Qi?" thought Lin Feng. How great would that be to cross the sea on his own?

However, with his cultivation level, it would take many, many years.

Lin Feng took out his animal tower and had Qiong Qi come out.

Qiong Qi whispered, "You're quite lucky to have found an island."

"Lucky?" Lin Feng was so annoyed. "I'm stuck on that island. How long will we be stuck here? That's not luck."

"Besides, I can sense the Qi of the sea here too, it's slowly killing me."

Qiong Qi said, "At least, your death won't be as painful as in the sea itself."

"Is there no solution?" asked Lin Feng.

"Wait for a boat? Maybe ten years, maybe a hundred years. Even if you meet someone, they won't necessarily be willing to take you."

"If I understand the Qi of the sea, could I cross myself?" asked Lin Feng. Qiong Qi was surprised.

Understand the Qi of the sea? With the strength of the second Tian Qi layer?

Qiong Qi had seen lots of things in his life, including miracles… He remained silent and asked himself if Lin Feng could possibly understand the Qi of the sea?

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