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Yun Yang was a small town quite far from the Yun Hai Sect. It only had about a few thousand inhabitants.


It was said that in that small town, there was a n.o.ble in decline whose family name was Duan. He apparently belonged to the Imperial Clan but had been expelled because of internal conflicts. After having been expelled, he moved to his small town.


Of course, the people that lived in the small town did not believe the rumours. How could a member of the Duan clan end up in such a small town?


That n.o.ble had a large courtyard in front of his house in the small town in front of which there were two huge carriages. It looked like they were getting ready to go on a long journey.


“Sister, let’s go.”


A young boy, who was about fourteen, said to a gorgeous girl who was stood in front of him.


That gorgeous girl looked as if she was going to cry. She was gazing at the horizon. She was staring in the direction of the Yun Hai Sect and her eyes had revealed a great sorrow.


She would have never thought that when she left the Yun Hai Sect, it would get annihilated. Everybody had died… everybody.




When the girl heard the boy, she tried to smile and slightly nodded. She then said: “I’m getting into the carriage now, let’s leave.”


“Sister, don’t worry. Wait until we arrive in the Imperial City. Our brother will introduce you to some handsome and talented boys.”


The girl shook her head and nearly laughed at the idea.


“Everybody is waiting, we should make our way.”


“Ok.” said the young boy while nodding and walked over to the gate.


“Jing Yun, you and the young master should take this carriage.” said a young guard hastily while looking at Jing Yun. He was thinking that Jing Yun was growing more beautiful. He wished she could become his wife, but knew that he could only dream.


“Indeed, Jing Yun, you need to have a rest. Old w.a.n.g and I are outside.” said another young man while smiling.



“Sister, they are right. Let’s sit.” said the young master whose family name was Duan while pus.h.i.+ng Jing Yun inside the carriage. Even though Jing Yun had been a servant in their family since she was a child, the young master was like a sibling to her.


Jing Yun didn’t refuse and went into the s.p.a.cious carriage.


At the same time, Lin Feng and Meng Qing arrived in Yun Yang.


“I hope that we’ll find a horse or a carriage which we can use.” said Lin Feng.


He felt desperate since it would be unlikely for him to find a horse or carriage for sale in such a small town. He couldn’t help but force a wry smile. His goal was to go to the Imperial City which was a great distance from that small town. Travelling there by foot wasn’t a realistic option. Lin Feng had completely neglected that aspect when leaving the Yun Hai Sect. He did not plan ahead and instead started to travel towards the capital on foot.


“Is that a carriage over there?”


Meng Qing was pointing to a place in the horizon and asked Lin Feng with her usual indifferent tone. Lin Feng raised his hand and looked to where she was pointing. He saw a few carriages coming towards them.


“What a coincidence.”


Lin Feng smiled and started walking towards the carriages. When they saw the youth approaching the carriages, the carriages were brought to a stop.


“Who are you? Let us pa.s.s.” shouted a young man furiously at Lin Feng who was blocking the way.


“My friend, you are only using one carriage and you still have others. Could we borrow one of them? I would happily give you a huge sum of money in exchange.”


Lin Feng was smiling at the young man and remained very polite.


Inside the carriage, Jing Yun anxiously opened the curtains when she heard the familiar voice. When she saw Lin Feng, she couldn’t but feel overjoyed.


“I’m sorry, we will need them later, we cannot let you use them.” replied Old w.a.n.g while pulling on the reins.


“Exactly. Get out of our way this instant. We don’t need your money.” shouted a young man wearing black robes which surprised Lin Feng a little. There was no need to get that angry over something like this, after all Lin Feng had remained polite. It wasn’t a problem if they couldn’t give him a positive answer, but they had no need to be rude.


“Lin Feng.”


A voice came from inside the carriage. Jing Yun rushed out of her carriage to speak with Lin Feng. She had a big warm smile on her face. He hadn’t died. The Yun Hai Sect had been annihilated but Lin Feng had surprisingly survived.


“Jing Yun!”


Lin Feng was stupefied when he saw Jing Yun. She looked as resplendent and beautiful as she did before. She looked as fresh as a spring breeze.


“Jing Yun, who is that?”


At that moment, the young man in black robes moved down from his horse and stood in front Lin Feng. He then arrogantly looked at Lin Feng.


“Lin Feng, you’re really alive! What happened to the Yun Hai Sect?” said Jing Yun as if she couldn’t believe her eyes. She quickly moved next to Lin Feng which made the young boy in black robes grow terribly angry. His expression became extremely cold.


Lin Feng was looking at her in a very strange way and then said: “Jing Yun, you really don’t know?”


“I really don’t know. When the second round of the Elite Disciple Exam took place, I had to leave because the young master wanted me to come back and go to the Imperial City. I had to accompany him as it is my duty. I thought that I would go back to the sect a few days later but… but…” Jing Yun was unable to keep speaking. She had been worries to death at the event, it was like a nightmare for her.


“I see.” Lin Feng was happy that Jing Yun hadn’t been there on that day, otherwise……..


“Jing Yun, who is that?”


At that moment, the coach driver, Old w.a.n.g, asked Jing Yun again.


“Uncle w.a.n.g, this is my friend, Lin Feng. He is also a disciple of the Yun Hai Sect.”


Jing Yun pulled Lin Feng and introduced him to Uncle w.a.n.g.


“I see.” replied Uncle w.a.n.g while slightly nodding his head.


“Pfff, the Yun Hai Sect has been destroyed. How can he still be alive?” said the arrogant young man in black when he noticed how enthusiastic Jing Yun and Lin Feng were. Jing Yun was surprised at his response.


“Wan Qing Shan, what’s the problem?”


Jing Yun said with an ice-cold tone. She was actually angry that he was acting this way.


“You should know what I mean.” continued Wan Qing Shan angrily while staring at Lin Feng.


Jing Yun was just an ordinary disciple of the Yun Hai Sect. Since Lin Feng was Jing Yun’s acquaintance, he was probably an ordinary disciple as well. He had probably reached the eighth or ninth Qi layer. Of course, Wan Qing Shan wasn’t going to pay attention to someone as weak as Lin Feng.


Besides, the Yun Hai Sect had been destroyed so Lin Feng was probably drifting and living without purpose like a beggar.


Lin Feng shook his head and decided to ignore Wan Qing Shan.


“Jing Yun, are you going to the Imperial City?”


“Yes.” said Jing Yun while nodding her head.


“Very good. I am heading there as well. Can you lend me a carriage? We can travel together.”


“Really? Let me ask the young master. There should be no problem with you joining us.” When Jing Yun heard that Lin Feng was going to the Imperial City as well, she felt delighted.


“Jing Yun, it doesn’t look too good.”


Uncle w.a.n.g said that to Jing Yun on a cold and detached tone.


“Uncle w.a.n.g, Lin Feng is also a disciple of the Yun Hai Sect. He is quite strong. He can also help the guards.”


“Exactly, I could help the guards.” nodded Lin Feng.


“The Yun Hai Sect has been exterminated and even if he’s strong, we don’t need more guards.” said Wan Qing Shan coldly.


“Jing Yun, you know what our purpose is. It’s not very convenient to have him with us but letting him accompany us on a part of the journey is no problem.” said Uncle w.a.n.g after considering the situation. The other carriages were ready to use anyway. Besides, if there was a problem, Lin Feng could indeed be useful.


He eventually accepted Lin Feng into to escort party.


“Uncle w.a.n.g, it’s alright, let him come with me.”


At that moment, the young master came out of the carriage and said while smiling at Lin Feng: “My name is Duan Feng.”


“Lin Feng.” replied Lin Feng while slightly nodding his head and smiling. His name was similar to Lin Feng’s but it had a different meaning.


“Young master…..” said uncle w.a.n.g while looking at Duan Feng who wanted to say something but Duan Feng interrupted him and said: “Uncle w.a.n.g, I am with Jing Yun in the carriage, there will be no problem. Of course, our new fellow Lin Feng can sit with us so that we can all speak together.”


“Young Master, how can you accept such a thing?” asked Wan Qing Shan surprised to see that Duan Feng allowed Lin Feng to sit with them. At that moment, he didn’t seem very happy. The other guard also pulled a long face.


“Young Master… your status… how can you sit with such people?” said the other young man who also didn’t agree.


“What’s the relation between my status and…? Ah, never mind. Stop talking now. If I say he can, then he can, is that clear?” said Duan Feng strictly and then added: “Lin Feng, big brother, please come into the carriage.


“Wait, wait, I still have a friend.”


Lin Feng turned around and saw that Meng Qing was still standing behind. He then called her loudly: “Meng Qing!”


When she heard him, Meng Qing slowly came to Lin Feng and then stayed behind him.


When these guards saw the extraordinarily beautiful Meng Qing, they were stupefied. They found her absolutely gorgeous. They thought that her beauty was infinite.


“What a beautiful young girl!”


A moment before, n.o.body had paid attention to Meng Qing. The old man w.a.n.g was also astonished.


Jing Yun was also a beautiful girl but next to Meng Qing, she was obviously invisible. Meng Qing could make most men lose their soul to her beauty. She was infinitely beautiful.


At that moment, Jing Yun noticed Meng Qing. When she saw Meng Qing standing behind Lin Feng, she couldn’t help but pull a long face.


“That girl is very beautiful. Lin Feng, big brother, since she is your friend, she can obviously join us.”


Duan Feng was a very warm and enthusiastic person.


“Indeed, Lin Feng, let’s sit down inside the carriage.” said Jing Yun while smiling and nodding.


“Let’s go inside.” said Lin Feng to Meng Qing. Then, they immediately went into the carriage.


Wan Qing Shan was extremely jealous when he saw that beautiful girl.


“That little boy… I have to show him… Pfff, a disciple of the Yun Hai Sect… is that a joke?”


Wan Qing Shan envied Lin Feng who was sitting inside the carriage with two amazingly beautiful girls.

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