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Chapter 991

Chapter 991: Chanting and Talking Dragon

The other strong cultivators started breaking the palace. They wanted to leave by any means they could, the heart was too dangerous.

"Let's go!" said Lin Feng while starting to run. He wanted to leave too, but Qiong Qi suddenly shouted, "Stop!"

Lin Feng stopped and looked at Qiong Qi, perplex.

"We're not leaving. You can use your demon seal stones to oppress the room!" said Qiong Qi annoyed. Wasn't the palace going to be flooded and the cultivators going to drown?

"Eh?" Lin Feng was surprised. Loud sounds kept blasting in the palace. The statues and the skeletons were shaking and breaking apart, and they were already almost submerged. The room was going to collapse.

What did Qiong Qi intend to do?

"Are we not leaving?" asked Lin Feng. "We're not leaving. Hurry up and seal the room. If we leave, we won't obtain the heart. Those idiots don't understand how the dragon heart functions." said Qiong Qi. Lin Feng was speechless. Qiong Qi despised those people too much.

"Interesting." said Lin Feng, but he didn't hesitate anymore. He took out a demon seal stone and used it on the walls of the room.

The water stopped and then continued following. Lin Feng looked at Qiong Qi and asked, "What's going on?"

"The dragon left his heart there on purpose to draw those idiots' attention." said Qiong Qi walking towards the heart. Qiong Qi looked at the claws of the dragon.

"If the dragon had anything really important, it's in his claws under his belly on which he's lying." said Qiong Qi. His eyes were twinkling.

"You mean that there's something in his claws?" Lin Feng was staring at Qiong Qi.

"Let's see if we can move the carca.s.s." said Qiong Qi.

Lin Feng released sword Qi.

"Break!" he shouted furiously. Lin Feng's hand turned into a sword which he used to cut into the skeleton. Metallic sounds clanked as the arm of the dragon was cut, but the claws were still firmly stuck in the ground.

"His body decomposed from the desolate Qi, even though he used to be more resistant. It is only because it was weakened from the Qi that you can cut into him, otherwise you wouldn't have had such an easy time." said Qiong Qi. Lin Feng was trying to move the claw but it was firmly stuck. It really looked like it was protecting something.

"It's not that solid, break it." said Qiong Qi. Lin Feng nodded. His hand turned into a sword again. He was now trying to saw the claw off, which he was succeeding, bit by bit.

There was nothing in the ground, only the dragon's footprint. Lin Feng frowned and looked at Qiong Qi.

Qiong Qi walked over and inspected the footprint intensely. Then, he started carving things in the ground. He was drawing a dragon.

Lin Feng was wondering what Qiong Qi was doing. Mysterious marks appeared, dragon marks.

"As expected, there's a dragon language technique hidden in the ground." said Qiong Qi. His eyes were twinkling. Fortunately, Qiong Qi understood those things. Lin Feng would have never been able to find them on his own.

What was hidden under the dragon was probably more precious than his heart. The heart was there just to distract people.

"Can we break it?" asked Lin Feng.

"If you break it, you'll ruin everything the dragon did." said Qiong Qi in a despising way. He then added, "Those marks connect the whole palace, I need time. I hope those idiots won't find out what I'm doing, otherwise, the whole plan will be ruined."

At the same time, Qiong Qi was opening the marks.

Lin Feng was very nervous. He was scared that the others would find out what they're doing.

The others were only interested in the heart at the moment, so Lin Feng and Qiong Qi still had time.

Qiong Qi was using his full strength to draw things into ground with his fastest speed. More and more marks were appearing. It seemed like something was sealed underneath them.

"What's hidden underneath… The dragon made such great efforts to hide that treasure." Lin Feng's eyes were twinkling. Waves of energies kept coming out of the heart and making the whole room shake. Water was still flowing into the room. The dragon had used various methods to prevent most people from finding his treasures, what was he hiding precisely?

"Boom boom boom!" the palace shook even more violently as a magnificent and dazzling light illuminated the atmosphere which contained b.e.s.t.i.a.l strength.

The dragon had used various special and deadly methods to distract people. He had fooled everyone but Qiong Qi.

The palace was shaking even more violently. As Qiong Qi discovered the carvings, the lights were becoming more intense.

"Boom!" the whole room started collapsing. The demon seal stone couldn't keep the room together any longer.

"Roar…" the dragon roared, Lin Feng collapsed from the intensity of the sound. The voice had actually came from the skeleton.

"Kacha, kaboom!" The skeleton started breaking apart and falling into ashes.

"The skeleton is breaking apart." The last sound the dragon had emitted sounded like he wasn't happy at all, as if he hadn't thought that Qiong Qi would find out about his secret.

"We don't have much more time, hurry up." said Lin Feng. The dragon palace was falling apart and people outside wanted to come back and see.

"Alright." said Qiong Qi. The ground was breaking apart following two marks in two directions.

"There's another cave underneath it…" Lin Feng realized. With the room collapsing, they would soon be buried in that room if they stayed any longer.


Lin Feng started shaking violently.

"Dragon chants in the middle of the night."

Lin Feng's blood was boiling even more intensely than before.

That was a real dragon chant.

A dazzling red light appeared. This time, the chant of the dragon didn't stop.

Lin Feng's blood was boiling. He couldn't calm down. What a scary sensation.

At the same time, he kept looking at the underground room which was appearing in front him.

"Little boy, let's get down quickly." shouted Qiong Qi. He grabbed Lin Feng and jumped into the underground room. The dragon voice was stopping the other cultivators in their tracks.

Chapter 992

Chapter 992: I Am Yan Di!

Lin Feng and Qiong Qi jumped into the underground room. They were wrapped up in b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi and Lin Feng's blood was still boiling.

A small room appeared. There was also blood-red light which was now in front of him. It looked alive as it illuminated the entire room red. It contained a terrifying b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi and seemed to have been there for a very long time.

"Alright, seal the blood and don't let a drop spill over. Let's see what it contains." said Qiong Qi. That was pure dragon blood after all.

"Little boy, hurry up, swallow that blood!" said Qiong Qi to Lin Feng. Lin Feng was astonished. Swallow?

That blood was even thicker than the one he had seen in the mysterious world. Could he swallow that?

"Hurry up, it would be a waste not to swallow it! Hurry up!" shouted Qiong Qi furiously. He then tapped Lin Feng's back and Lin Feng tripped and fell into the blood.

Lin Feng's blood seemed like it was going to explode. He could even hear the sound of his own blood boiling.

He raised his head and sensed the strength of that blood. He could still see Qiong Qi, but it felt surreal.

"Hurry up little boy! You want to die? Do you want to be bullied and humiliated your entire life? That's an incredible opportunity you have now. Don't make me feel like I wasted my time with you!" shouted Qiong Qi. Lin Feng was still hesitating. How annoying. Some others wouldn't have hesitated.

"You're p.i.s.sing me off really bad!" shouted Qiong Qi furiously.

At that moment, Lin Feng's eyes twinkled. Did he want to be bullied and humiliated his entire life? Did he like being despised by other people?

Of course not. No matter who, Prince Tian Lin, Chou Jun Luo, they all have a powerful blood strength, they are strong and despised Lin Feng with their inherited strengths. Even Xuan Yuan was like that, he inherited an emperor's blood strength.

However, the Zun cultivator in Lin Feng's family had existed thousands of years before him. Their family's blood strength had faded with time.

"I'll take the risk!" Lin Feng opened his mouth and started swallowing the blood. He could sense it's power in his throat.

Lin Feng felt overwhelmed, like he was going to explode. His vein were getting bigger, his visceral organs were burning.

"Use your blood strength to absorb it. Make your blood strength fuse together with it. You have a little bit of dragon blood, absorb as much as you can with it and try to waste as little as possible. You can also make the rest that you can't fuse with your blood energy, fuse with your flesh." shouted Qiong Qi.

Qiong Qi looked at the blood and raised his hands, he started absorbing too. Lin Feng couldn't absorb all the blood by himself anyway. They couldn't afford to waste any of it.

"Roar…" the dragon was still changing as more marks appeared. Qiong Qi looked at Lin Feng. Lin Feng's eyes were closed. A crystal appeared, a dragon blood crystal which contained life and b.e.s.t.i.a.l strength.

"It's a… heart!"

Qiong Qi shouted furiously, "Stop!"

However, Lin Feng didn't stop. He was still swallowing everything as if the world around him didn't exist anymore. Because he didn't stop, he swallowed the heart. Qiong Qi's eyes were wide open in shock.

"You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Animal! You're useless!" shouted Qiong Qi He was fuming with anger. Lin Feng had swallowed the whole heart!

The dragon heart contained incredible energies. Qiong Qi wanted to use a part of it too, but Lin Feng took it all for himself.

Qiong Qi was really annoyed.

"Roar!" the dragon chant was making the whole room shake now. Lin Feng was shaking so violently that blood splashed out of his mouth. He opened his eyes and felt confused.

Qiong Qi was astonished, a dragon shadow appeared in front of them and it had murder in his eyes.

"You ate my child!" said the dragon while staring at Lin Feng.

"Roar…" the dragon roared furiously. Lin Feng was still bleeding. His child?

Qiong Qi was astonished too. He suddenly understood everything though.

"The dragon spirit had used its last remaining strength to protect his child!"

Everything was clear now. No wonder the dragon didn't want other people to discover his secret. However, Lin Feng had carelessly swallowed his child whole.

"d.a.m.n human being! Die!" shouted the dragon.

"If you kill him, you'll kill your child too!" said Qiong Qi. The dragon was already in front of Lin Feng, he was about to crush Lin Feng to death with his claws, but stopped and turned around. He coldly stared at Qiong Qi.

"There are many strong cultivators outside right now. If you kill him, even if your child comes out, the strong cultivators will come in and kill your child all the same. All your efforts will have been in vain." said Qiong Qi in a solemn and respectful way. Qiong Qi's words affected the dragon. Indeed, that would be a pointless.

"You'll both die though! No matter what." said the dragon.

"You're a dragon. He swallowed your blood. He'll have your blood in his body from now on. Even though he ate your child, he didn't kill him. Now, with his blood strength, he can raise your child. He can protect him. That's better than being stuck in here for eternity." said Qiong Qi. The dragon looked perplexed, but still looked furious. He looked at Qiong Qi and said, "I don't believe you, you'll kill my child!"

"I guarantee you we'll do our best to make your child come back to life."

"You're a stupid animal, how can you guarantee anything!" said the dragon.

"Bulls.h.i.+t, look at me carefully, do I look like a Tian level beast?! Could a Tian level beast understand dragon language and carve dragon marks?!" said Qiong Qi. His hair was fluttering with energies. He looked majestic and powerful as stared back at the dragon, fearlessly and proudly.

Qiong Qi looked aggressive, powerful, dignified and majestic at that moment. Lin Feng was astonished. Qiong Qi even looked extremely handsome.

But at the same time, Lin Feng still couldn't realize he had eaten a baby dragon.

"Who are you?" asked the dragon. He could sense that Qiong Qi was extraordinary. That kind of Qi couldn't be feigned. It was a power that resonated from deep in someone's bones.

"I am the Flame Emperor Yan Di. I lost my cultivation level because of an incredible war a long time ago, so now I have the body of a Tian level beast. But I guarantee you, you can trust us. Don't worry!" said Qiong Qi whose hair was still fluttering. The dragon looked at Qiong Qi calmly and respectfully, even an incredible dragon respected Yan Di!

Chapter 993

Chapter 993: More and More People Around the Dragon!

"Yan Di!" Yan Di was a great emperor back in the day.

Qiong Qi looked domineering and majestic. His Qi looked extraordinary. Even the dragon felt like he could trust Yan Di. Even though Qiong Qi had lost his cultivation level and his powers, maybe he could recover them in the future. If such a day came, Qiong Qi would easily be able to kill and destroy some of the strongest living beings in the cultivation world.

"You guarantee that you won't kill my child and will protect him?" said the dragon.

"I, Yan Di, promise you. Whenever we have the opportunity, we'll even make your child come back to life." said Yan Di again in a solemn and respectful way.

The dragon remained silent as his shadow became less and less distinct, as if he was going to disappear.

"Roar…" the dragon raised his head and roared. He had no choice. He had to seize that opportunity. Yan Di was a great emperor, even though the dragon couldn't be a hundred percent sure Yan Di would protect his child, he had no choice but believe him. What could he do anyways? As Yan Di had said, even if he took his child out of Lin Feng, what could he do? Keep him imprisoned in a cave? With Yan Di, the dragon child would have many opportunities.

He had no choice!

"I believe you, please take care of my child." said the dragon while lowering his head. He was submitting to Yan Di, for his child.

"Let me ask you one last thing. Without the seal, your blood could disperse and then you'd disappear. Can you put all your blood in his and make your blood and his fuse together, as well as all your strength? That way you'll also be in his blood and you'll even be able to protect your child forever." Yan Di said in a solemn and respectful way. Lin Feng was on the sideline here, but was receiving all the benefits. At least the dragon didn't want to kill him anymore. Lin Feng admired Yan Di. He was audacious, brave and strong. Yan Di really looked like an emperor at that moment.

"He's a great emperor after all, I must remember to be nice to him in the future." thought Lin Feng. If Yan Di had heard Lin Feng's thoughts, he would have slapped him.

"That's also a way of showing your grat.i.tude, Lin Feng will remember that forever and take good care of your child." continued Yan Di.

The dragon nodded and bowed in front of Yan Di. "Take care of my child. Thank you."

Then, he looked at Lin Feng, roared and in a flash, all his blood started flowing into Lin Feng's body.


His roar sounded a bit sad. The illusion slowly disappeared as it penetrated into his body. Lin Feng started shaking violently again.

"Cherish my child!" said a voice in Lin Feng's head. The sensation was completely different this time. His blood felt like it was changing.

The dragon blood and strength penetrated into Lin Feng's body. He was helping Lin Feng a.s.similate his blood. His blood was becoming Lin Feng's blood.

"Boom boom!" The palace was already destroyed. That small room seemed like it was going to collapse as well.

"They're here!"

Qiong Qi and Lin Feng glanced at each other. The dragon had roared so loudly that it drew people's attention to them. They hadn't come earlier because they were trying to take the heart. Lin Feng and Qiong Qi didn't know if they had managed to take it or not by now.

Qi opened his mouth and spat out fire. Lin Feng was suddenly surrounded by flames. Qiong Qi was masking the dragon Qi around him.

"Hurry up and get to the surface. Wait for me there, I'll clean the room in the meantime." said Qiong Qi. Lin Feng nodded and rose up in the air. Qiong Qi continued spitting out fire everywhere to clean the room, removing any evidence of dragon energies. Even if someone found the room, they wouldn't be able to tell what there was before.

"Boom boom boom!" Lin Feng took back his demon seal stone. His blood was still boiling, but it was properly covered up with the fire.

Then, Qiong Qi came out too. They mingled in with the crowd again. There were many Tian level cultivators in the room now. They had come in afterwards. They looked at Lin Feng and Qiong Qi unhappily.

The heart was still shaking violently. No wonder n.o.body had paid attention to what was happening underground.

The water and the dragon shadow had also disappeared. It was no wonder that it had attracted so many people. n.o.body could take the heart though, only Zun cultivators could try taking it.

"What did you steal, show it!" said one of them coldly.

"If you want to steal our treasures, come and fight us. We're at the bottom of the Tian Qi layer. But, we only fell into that room when the room collapsed. What could we get with our cultivation level?" said Qiong Qi pointing at the ruins around. However, those people smiled coldly. If those two couldn't get treasures, why would they have come out then?"

"We all heard the dragon chant and you're telling us you didn't get anything? Who would believe you?" said those people with cold smiles.

"That came from the dragon scales. If you don't believe us, go and see for yourself. Authentic dragon chants and scales can kill people, we would never get near." said Qiong Qi pointing to some dragon scales.

"I'll go and see." at that moment, someone's silhouette flickered. That person moved to the dragon scales, put some stones away and grabbed it.


A terrifying dragon roar spread in the air. In a flash, that person was dead. Everybody was speechless as they looked back at Qiong Qi.

"I told you that those dragon scales could kill people instantly. I didn't try to fool you, if you're too greedy, go and take a risk." said Qiong Qi.

Lin Feng was calmly standing there. He had to pretend to be calm even though his blood was boiling. If he showed that he wasn't feeling normal, people would guess he obtained something.

They all stared at Qiong Qi. He did warn them that touching those scales could kill people.

"We believe you for now." said someone. He moved towards the scale. That was annoying, there were treasures, but they couldn't take them.

Then, they all left but a middle-aged man. He looked at Lin Feng and Qiong Qi coldly.

"What's wrong?" asked Qiong Qi.

"If I kill you both, I'll know for sure if you got treasures or not." said the cultivator with a cold smile. Without saying anything, he threw himself at Lin Feng.

"You want to die!" shouted Qiong Qi furiously. His red hair fluttered in the wind as he released fire energy. The cultivator's facial expression changed drastically. He suddenly turned around, but it was too late, he was already surrounded by fire.

"Ah…" he gave a horrible shriek and suddenly looked terrified. That fire was burning him alive. In a flash, he turned into ashes.

Qiong Qi stopped next to Lin Feng and said, "Hurry up, you obtained such great treasures, and I still need to protect you."

Lin Feng remained speechless. What was happening to him right now wasn't his fault after all.

Chapter 994

Chapter 994: Mu Chen

"You're really strong. That guy had broken through to the fifth Tian Qi layer and you killed him in less than a second." said Lin Feng smiling.

"Of course I did. I'm an emperor." said Qiong Qi proudly.

"Alright, you'll fight from now on." said Lin Feng. Qiong Qi rarely fought after all.

"Dream on. Back when, I was an ordinary cultivator. Only after I fought a lot and became an imperial cultivator did I become a great emperor, a Zun Emperor. You and I are different. You've only broken through to the second Tian Qi layer. You can't afford to act lazily. You need to fight and suffer to become a Zun cultivator." Qiong Qi explained. Qiong Qi then thought, "I still need to improve my fire, I can't waste energy."

"You're not nice." said Lin Feng. Qiong Qi used to be a great emperor, then he had lost his power and had taken Qiong Qi's body. He was even aggressive and impatient. Later, Lin Feng had helped him obtain the void fire and now Lin Feng couldn't even see how strong he was anymore. If he helped him  anymore, Qiong Qi would become too strong.

"Roar…" Lin Feng and Qiong Qi raised their heads. The dragon heart was dazzling. Many dragon shadows appeared and started roaring, they suddenly surrounded all those Zun cultivators.

"No wonder that dragons are the emperors of the animal world. They're so strong." sighed Lin Feng. Two cultivators were trying to steal the heart, but the dragon shadows swallowed them and killed them.

"That heart contains authentic dragon strength. The dragon heart you swallowed belonged to a newborn baby, luckily. It didn't contain much dragon strength, otherwise, you'd have died on the spot." said Qiong Qi to Lin Feng using telepathy.

"Do I really have to raise the dragon baby now?" whispered Lin Feng.

"I personally promised that to the dragon. In the future, you'll have a dragon pet for yourself, that's not bad!" said Qiong Qi smiling. Lin Feng understood.

With the dragon, both would become much stronger. Yan Di would might even become an animal emperor with the help of a dragon. Lin Feng sometimes didn't understand some of the logic behind some events.

What would it feel like to raise a dragon though? Was it the same feeling as being pregnant?

"I swallowed your blood and you made your blood fuse together with mine, dragon… I must remain faithful." thought Lin Feng. That was a fact.

"The dragon heart is going to become weaker and weaker, they'll manage to take it sooner or later, but it is already not so useful anymore. What a bunch of idiots." thought Qiong Qi watching the crowd.

At that moment, there were even more people surrounding the heart.

They wanted to steal the dragon heart. Xuan Yuan, Yang Zhan and the one in black clothes. The one in black clothes seemed particularly interested in the dragon heart. He was ready to risk his life for it even. He was a beast after all, that dragon heart could be extremely useful to him.

"I know what kind of beast he is." said Qiong Qi while staring at the man in black clothes. At that moment, he had gigantic black wings emitting thunderous sounds which contained a terrifying strength.

"What kind?" asked Lin Feng. He had the wings of a gigantic roc and thunderous energies. Lin Feng had never seen such an animal.

"Mixed breed, lightning vulture and great roc. He's a lightning roc. He's extremely strong and fast. It's a rare race to encounter." whispered Qiong Qi. Lin Feng calmly listened. He had never heard of such animals. There were many breeds in the animal world and Lin Feng wasn't familiar with zoology in the slightest.

Lin Feng came from Xue Yue, but there weren't even that many Tian level beasts there.

"If we give that dragon heart to our teachers, they'll probably be very happy." said someone indifferently. He hadn't arrived yet, but the people who were there could hear him.

The crowd glanced around to see who that person was. Was he insane? Giving the heart to his teachers. They had been there for such a long time, trying to get the dragon heart.

"That would be a great gift for our teachers. You precisely wanted to offer a gift to our teachers?" said someone else. The ones who had been trying to get the heart for a long time were getting angry.

"Come out and talk!" shouted Xuan Yuan furiously, making the atmosphere shake.

Three silhouettes appeared from above.

When the crowd saw those people, they immediately calmed down. Those people looked extraordinary.

Xuan Yuan frowned when he saw them.

The leader of the group was wearing a simple yet very clean white robe. He wasn't releasing any Qi either but he seemed special.

The second person was wearing a simple silver robe and had a sword in his back. He was handsome and looked indifferent.

The last one had a black robe and he looked both powerful and majestic.

Lin Feng actually recognized him!

"Xuan Yuan s.h.i.+'s little boy, you're very proud!" said the leader in white clothes with a smile.

"Shut up, who are you!" said Xuan Yuan coldly. Those people were calling him little boy, how disrespectful! Even if they were strong, they still had to show respect.

"Mu Chen, like wood and dust." (translator's note: mu means wood and chen means dust here) said the one in white clothes with a smile.

Everybody was scared, Mu Chen!

Many people had heard that name. In the past, few people had ever heard that name or seen him, but recently, more people were hearing about him because of the Emperor s.h.i.+ and Emperor Yu's first recruitment session.

Many people were researching about Emperor s.h.i.+ and Emperor Yu's very own disciples.

The most famous one was Qing Lin, he was Emperor s.h.i.+ and Emperor Yu's second disciple. He could use reincarnation spells which were incredible to behold, so many people remembered him.

According to rumors, Mu Chen was Emperor s.h.i.+ and Emperor's Yu first disciple!

"Mu Chen!" the crowd was s.h.i.+vering. So his teachers were Emperor s.h.i.+ and Emperor Yu.

Silver clothes, handsome, that's Hou Qing Lin!" the crowd looked at the second one and suddenly remembered that name. He was indubitably Emperor s.h.i.+ and Emperor Yu's second disciple, Hou Qing Lin!

"Oh, I see. Fellow disciples, h.e.l.lo!" said Xuan Yuan a bit baffled. Then, he smiled nicely and politely.

"Little boy, we're not your fellow disciples!" said Mu Chen with a smile. Xuan Yuan already considered himself as an imperial cultivation disciple.

But Mu Chen wasn't of the same opinion. Xuan Yuan was getting a little ticked off.

Chapter 995

Chapter 995: Xuan Yuan Feels Humiliated

For many people, it was a sure thing that Xuan Yuan was going to become Emperor s.h.i.+ and Emperor Yu's imperial cultivation disciple, but actually, he was applying in hopes of becoming the first imperial cultivation disciple of the Tian Qi layer. Xuan Yuan, by considering himself as an imperial cultivation disciple, was acting very confidently. Calling Mu Chen a fellow disciple was disrespectful.

Mu Chen didn't appreciate it and contradicted him immediately.

Xuan Yuan smiled coldly inside. Mu Chen looked at Hou Qing Lin and said, "Brother, since they can't take the heart, you can take it. It would, indeed, be a great gift for the teachers, especially after all the efforts they're making to organize the recruitment process. Even if they don't like it, they'll be happy because it comes from you."

"Alright." said Hou Qing Lin nodding. He jumped to the heart.

That heart contained an incredible strength. Mu Chen followed Hou Qing Lin. They weren't ordinary cultivators, they were Emperor Yu and Emperor's s.h.i.+ own disciples. They had a very high social status and were very gifted. Even the leaders of the biggest sects and clans respected them.

Even without talking about their social status, they were very strong indeed. If they wanted to take the heart, n.o.body could compete with them here.

They released Qi which slowly moved towards the heart. Hou Qing Lin looked calm as if the heart's energies didn't affect him.

"We found that heart first, do you think you can simply take it?" said Xuan Yuan to Hou Qing Lin. The others had the same thought, but weren't actually going say anything. n.o.body talked, but Xuan Yuan.

Hou Qing Lin glanced at Xuan Yuan indifferently and said, "I never said you couldn't take it. Come and take it from me if you have b.a.l.l.s to back up that mouth of yours."

Hou Qing Lin sounded very calm. Xuan Yuan pulled a long face. Usually, people never talked to him that way, he was the one who talked to others like that.

Did he have the b.a.l.l.s?

Hou Qing Lin sounded calm, detached and indifferent. If Xuan Yuan dared attack, what would Hou Qing Lin do? n.o.body wanted to imagine the scene.

In terms of strength, Xuan Yuan was infinitely weaker than Hou Qing Lin. In terms of social status, Hou Qing Lin was a real and genuine imperial disciple, Xuan Yuan just had imperial blood.

Everybody remained quiet, the atmosphere became very calm. Xuan Yuan always relied on his social status and strength to humiliate others, but now he couldn't do much.

"Awesome!" thought Lin Feng, standing on the ruins. He had a huge smile. Hou Qing Lin was truly amazing. He had helped him in the past and now he was humiliating someone he didn't like, how perfect was that?

In the dragon palace, Xuan Yuan had humiliated Lin Feng. Now, his karma was playing him, Hou Qing Lin had arrived.

"What is awesome? It would be awesome if you were Hou Qing Lin. Xuan Yuan despises you and even humiliated you. I hope someday you can act like Qing Lin." said Qing Lin indifferently making Lin Feng come back to his senses.

His heart was filled with ardor and hope. Qiong Qi was right though, Lin Feng had to become stronger and someday he'd be able to shame arrogant people the same way Hou Qing Lin just did.

"I told you last time, that guy is a real genius. Xuan Yuan has imperial blood, but nothing more." said Qiong Qi. He looked over at Lin Feng and continued, "Little boy, when will you become strong and act like them? Too bad that you're not that strong yet. Telling you these things is useless it seems."

"Eh…" Lin Feng smiled wryly. Indeed, what a pity!

Lin Feng raised his head, his blood was filled with ardor, hope, determination.

"Someday, you will see. I will be stronger than them. I will despise people who have despised me, who have humiliated me. I will become incredibly strong." whispered Lin Feng. His blood was flowing with incredible strength now, especially since he had swallowed the dragon blood. n.o.body knew what had just happened to him and n.o.body could know how he felt.

The dragon blood had become his own power.

Qiong Qi smiled and said, "I hope I won't have to wait too long to witness that change."

At that moment, Hou Qing Lin jumped to the heart and grabbed it. A strength appeared and enveloped the heart.

"Boom!" the heart shone brightly, dragon roars invaded the atmosphere.

In a flash, lights with reincarnation energy appeared and enveloped the heart.

"Reincarnation strength." the crowd was amazed. Hou Qing Lin didn't need to use his sword, he could easily use reincarnation energies to take the heart.

"Bzzz!" The atmosphere was filled with reincarnation energies right now.

He jumped up and opened his hand, there were reincarnation energies radiating from his palm and the heart was sitting there. It looked like an ordinary crystal. It was difficult to imagine that just before, so many strong cultivators had tried to take the heart and died trying. There was a huge difference between them and Hou Qing Lin.

"How strong!" thought Lin Feng gasping with amazement. It was the second time that he saw Hou Qing Lin, and just like the first time, it was amazing.

"I told you he's a genius. To him, a dragon heart is nothing exceptional. He will definitely become an emperor, maybe even a great emperor. After you become an imperial cultivation disciple, you'll be Mu Chen and Hou Qing Lin's fellow disciple. Be friends with them and learn from them." said Qiong Qi.

Lin Feng nodded. Mu Chen and Hou Qing Lin seemed very strong, but also reasonable. Lin Feng would probably become their fellow disciple soon.

At that moment, Hou Qing Lin lowered his head and looked at Xuan Yuan, "You're weak, you might be talented, but n.o.body really cares about you."

Chapter 996

Chapter 996: Chased, So What?

Xuan Yuan was furious and looked very upset.

Xuan Yuan was humiliated twice in the same day. Hou Qing Lin was openly making fun of him.

Xuan Yuan had imperial blood and he was proud of it. There were many people who admired him.

Hou Qing Lin turned around and looked at Mu Chen, "Brother, let's go!"

"Alright." said Mu Chen with a smile. Then, the three left as quickly as they came. The crowd sighed.

"I am afraid of Xuan Yuan, but they aren't. They're domineering, majestic, imposing, strong, proud… If someday I become Emperor s.h.i.+ and Emperor Yu's disciple, I'll despise people like Xuan Yuan just like them." thought several people from the crowd. They were impatient to become imperial cultivation disciples and receive Emperor s.h.i.+ and Emperor Yu's teachings.

At that moment, everybody was even more determined to become an imperial cultivation disciple.

Xuan Yuan looked at Mu Chen and the others leaving. He thought, "Someday, I will trample you. I will become the emperors' most dangerous weapon."

But until then, he had to rank first amongst Tian level candidates, then he had to break through to the Zun Qi layer. Then, he could trample them.

He turned around and glanced at the crowd. The dragon had chanted, the crows had cawed, a dragon palace had appeared and in the end, Xuan Yuan had obtained nothing. His All-Embracing Power weapon was even broken.

"Who plotted against me?" said Xuan Yuan furiously. Surprisingly, someone had used a skill against him in the dragon palace, causing his All-Embracing Power weapon to break. Then, he had lost control of the dragon heart.

What a tragedy. He had lost a precious weapon and he lost the dragon heart!

Now he was furious, other people had even taken the heart as he sat there and watched. n.o.body replied to Xuan Yuan though.

The cultivator in black clothes stepped on the ruins and looked at Lin Feng and Qiong Qi. Then, he ran to the dragon scales, he hadn't obtained the heart, but at least he could get some dragon scales.

"Does he know it was me?" thought Lin Feng when the guy looked at him. He had observed him in the dragon palace as well. Maybe that cultivator in the black clothes had used his Empty s.p.a.ce b.e.s.t.i.a.l Illusion Technique to watch Lin Feng after sensing another b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi.

"Bzzz… bzzz…" some people left, some people came back to the ruins.

Xuan Yuan turned around and looked at the ruins. He glanced at Lin Feng too, but for less than a second, Lin Feng was just an ant afterall.

"Little boy, are you good to leave now?" said Qiong Qi using telepathy. They had been there for a long time now.

"Almost." whispered Lin Feng. The blood was still fusing with his. If the dragon hadn't helped him, he wouldn't have been able to swallow everything, let alone with this speed.

"We should go now. There are b.e.s.t.i.a.l marks in the ruins and people could find something in the small room that we opened." said Qiong Qi. Lin Feng nodded. He knew those things, of course.

"I'm not worried anyways, you're here to protect me after all." whispered Lin Feng.

"Are you sure?" said Qiong Qi.

"…………" Lin Feng said nothing. He just stared back at Qiong Qi.

"I'm so weak, how could I protect you? Haha. If I don't tell you such things, will you actually take risks?!" said Qiong Qi laughing. Lin Feng remained speechless. Qiong Qi had to be joking, right?

"Alright. I'm good." said Lin Feng. He took a deep breath and said to Qiong Qi, "Let's go!"

Avoiding the others, they left.

Two cultivators at the bottom of the Tian Qi layer, strong cultivators would want to attack them and steal their treasures if they could.

Above the water surrounding the ruins of the towers, someone was observing Lin Feng. He and a few others had followed Lin Feng.

Above the water, there were still many strong cultivators and they were all leaving one after the other. There was nothing interesting left in the ruins. Many people had died and so on. Was Hou Qing Lin the only one who obtained great treasures?

"Boom!" At that moment, an explosion sounded. Xuan Yuan was standing in the air, his hair was fluttering, and his facial expression looked ice-cold. He just made the ground explode and found a small room under the rubble. An underground room, precisely where the claws of the dragons were guarding.

Apart from that room, there were marks written all over the ground.

The crowd looked at him, Xuan Yuan had just discovered a secret room with marks all around it. Was there anything in that room?

Those who had entered the palace at the very beginning with Xuan Yuan all looked furious. While they were taking huge risks to take the heart, someone had secretly been stealing precious treasures.

When they thought about the consecutive dragon chants, they only now understood that they were coming from inside that room.

n.o.body knew about what was inside, even the Qi had been hidden.

"It's him."

"The two cultivators of the bottom of the Tian Qi layer!" thought the crowd suddenly. Only two people had stayed in the back the whole time. Those two were despicable insects, so n.o.body paid any attention to them.

Xuan Yuan looked at Lin Feng who was already very, very far away in the horizon and rose up in the air. He then turned into a beam of light and chased Lin Feng. He had to catch up with him.

Lin Feng was moving with incredible speed towards a mountain at that moment.

Lin Feng knew that he was being chased at that point. When he found out that people were chasing him, he smiled coldly.

The people who were chasing him stopped. The leader was a young man whose Qi was extraordinary. He looked about as angry as could be.

"You cause troubles everywhere you go, even in Ba Huang Province." said the young man.

Lin Feng smiled and said, "Prince Tian Lin, it's so good to see you!"

Chapter 997

Chapter 997: Killing Tian Lin

"Surprisingly, you're laughing." said Prince Tian Lin who was laughing as well. He laughed in a very strange way though. What could Lin Feng do to him in Ba Huang Province?

"Fourth Tian Qi layer." Lin Feng inspected Prince Tian Lin's cultivation level. Last time he had seen him, he had the strength of the third Tian Qi layer. The other cultivators who were with him had broken through to the fourth Tian Qi layer as well.

"Without your deployment spells and without Hou Qing Lin, what can you do?" said Prince Tian Lin coldly.

Now that Prince Tian Lin had broken through to the fourth Tian Qi layer and they were in Ba Huang Province, Lin Feng didn't stand a chance.

"You forgot that back when Hou Qing Lin and Yu Xiao hadn't arrived yet, you attacked me, but in the end, you were the one left hurt. You lost to me and used Yu Xiao to save you. It seems like you have forgotten how we ended things." said Lin Feng with a mocking tone. Prince Tian Lin looked at his friends ashamed. Lin Feng had injured him.

"You have a glib tongue. This time, I will slaughter you." said Prince Tian Lin while throwing himself at Lin Feng.

"Roar, roar." without hesitating, Prince Tian Lin threw himself at Lin Feng and released his wind spirit. His spirit was even more powerful than the last time Lin Feng had seen him.

"Die!" shouted Prince Tian Lin furiously.

A terrifying strength surrounded Lin Feng.

"People like you can only rely on the blood strength from their ancestors. You seemingly only know how to release your spirit. Without your spirit, you'd be even worse than tras.h.!.+" said Lin Feng in a despising way. He slowly rose up in the air and looked down on Prince Tian Lin.

"Back then, at the great sect meeting, I was wearing a mask. You came to Gan Yu as an imperial cultivation disciple and thought everybody admired you. If you weren't an imperial cultivation disciple and didn't possess a strong spirit, I would have killed you in the blink of an eye." said Lin Feng while releasing terrifying energies.

"I will teach you something today, being an imperial cultivation disciple makes you proud, but it alone is not enough." Lin Feng sensed the new blood flowing in his body. He was so much stronger. It felt like an ocean was flowing through his veins. The others looked at him surprised.

Prince Tian Lin's wind brushed against Lin Feng, but he realized that Lin Feng was surrounded by some kind of strength. The wind wasn't even affecting him.

Prince Tian Lin pulled a long face. Lin Feng now had a powerful blood strength, how come?

"Don't think that I can't kill you." said Prince Tian Lin. At the same time, he released his own blood strength. The atmosphere was a.s.saulted by whistling hurricanes and dust flew around. The wind was as sharp as a blade's edge.

"Die!" shouted Prince Tian Lin.

Black lights appeared and a terrifying sealing strength rolled in the air. Lin Feng condensed some strength in his hand. It was if the force of the Earth and sky.

Lin Feng moved his blood strength towards the palm of his hand. That sensation made him feel even more confident and stronger.

Prince Tian Lin's facial expression looked worse and worse. His wind spirit was strong, but when he sensed Lin Feng's strength, he didn't know what to do.

How had Lin Feng become so strong? He was so much stronger than last time.

"You're pathetic. Poor you." said Lin Feng when he saw that Prince Tian Lin's facial expression had changed drastically. He then added, coldly, "I was hiding my strength last time, if I hadn't, I could have killed you instantly. You're much, much weaker than Chou Jun Luo." said Lin Feng. Finally, he was attacking.

"Boom boom!"

An incredible amount of strength and force streaked across the sky. Those energies surrounded the wind spirit and suppressed them with sealing strength.


A loud sound spread in the air and Prince Tian Lin groaned with pain. His face turned deathly pale. His spirit was propelled away by Lin Feng and a sealing strength had even constricted it.

"Imperial cultivation disciple, ridiculous!" said Lin Feng coldly. He then walked towards Prince Tian Lin. Prince Tian Lin was scared, he couldn't beat Lin Feng

"Kill him!" shouted Prince Tian Lin furiously while running back. His friends immediately released their own spirits.

"Just stop and make things easier for the both of us." said someone to Lin Feng. Lin Feng glanced at him and continued running towards Prince Tian Lin while saying, "You can't kill me so you're asking me to back down? How ridiculous is that!"

"Since that's what you think, die!" said one of the bodyguards. Five cultivators threw themselves at Lin Feng at the same time.


Lin Feng opened his mouth and released a demonic Qi. A demon shadow appeared along with whistling energies.

An explosion sounded as the demon energy crashed into the group of people.

"Kaboom!" the Earth and the sky were shaking as well as those people. They immediately fell down from the sky and crashed onto the ground, dead.

All those people were dead. Prince Tian Lin looked at them, his heart was twitching, he looked scared yet dumbstruck, he couldn't believe his eyes.

Demon, demonic energies…

"That was you on that day!!" said Prince Tian Lin. The one who had stolen the void fire was Lin Feng, disguised as a demon.

"Indeed. If I didn't need to stay incognito, I would have killed you easily, just by slapping you." said Lin Feng while condensing demonic energies in his palm. Prince Tian Lin was horrified as he ran backwards. He wanted to escape.

Lin Feng was playing with him, he was moving his hand around as if he were dancing. Demonic energies had condensed at this point.

" Spell!" said Lin Feng. The demon energies suddenly stabbed Prince Tian Lin. He couldn't even see them coming. His corpse fell down from the sky, dead as well!

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