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Chapter 24: Inadequate This is a metaphorical picture, Su Jin is the flower and the hands are her family and Lu Xi: a representation of protection and safety.

"Lu Xi!" a low snappish voice was heard. However, it was not from Su Chenghai but rather from Su Yue.

"Big brother Su, please calm down." Lu Xi tilted his head, giving a somewhat fl.u.s.tered Su Yue a nod.

Calm down? Whatever Su Yue was about to say was suppressed by the person beside him squeezing his hand.

He was stunned for a moment as he looked towards his father sitting beside him.

Su Chenghai shook his head at him, before frowning at Lu Xi who was sitting diagonally across from him. He had a perplexed expression on his face.

This young fellow was not one to be so magnanimous towards others.
Su Jin skewed her head to look at the person beside her while her head was still mulling over who the mastermind was. Her beautiful phoenix eyes blinked.

"You're letting us father and daughter off this time?" Han Xuelan was momentarily dumbfounded. She found it so incredulous that she had to repeat those words again. Inwardly, she was secretly delighted.

Could it, could it be that he might have some feelings towards her? After all, it could be said, she and Su Jin were of similar kinds of beauty.

"Yup." Lu Xi lips lifted, but his peach blossom eyes bore a sliver of cold indifference. "There won't be any loss of limbs, you won't be sent to prison or a psychiatric inst.i.tute either. However, I'll be sending you to America and you are to never return here, how's that?"

No loss of limbs, prison, psychiatric inst.i.tute. With every word that Lu Xi had said, Han Xuelan face turned whiter. Her initial misguided illusion of his charming gentleness was suddenly nipped in the bud. The courage that she had borne to take up the responsibility when she had seen her dejected father, had subsequently vanished without a trace.

Hurriedly, she nodded her head. The option to never return was nothing compared to the daunting future here.

"You… What would you like to ask about?" She cautiously asked with solemnity.

"I'd like to know the person who helped you make those connections with the organisation." Lu Xi's smile vanished and his voice turned cold.

"The person making the connections with the organisation?" Han Xuelan was obviously having some misgivings.

"Don't you know?" Slightly surprised, Lu Xi raised his brows.

Han Xuelan shook her head, her eyes clearly revealing her bafflement.

"The woman named Fox that you engaged to kidnapped Jin'er was from some foreign mercenary group. The site that you used to give instruction for the kidnapping was through the organisation's negotiation website." Seeing her expression of bafflement, Lu Xi elaborated, "This is not something that you could have easily known and encountered. Rather, I'm even more curious as to the person than you right now, who as a mastermind, used you as his knife to commit the crime?"

"International mercenaries?" Han Xuelan's head was starting to get dizzy from the constant bombardment of information and was getting bewildered by all of it, "I, I thought they were your run-of-the-mill local ruffians…."

"Who was it that connected you to them?" Seeing Han Xuelan's frazzled self, Lu Xi frowned and spoke in a surprisingly gentle and soothing tone.

Han Xuelan's emotion settled down a little as she frowned. After some thought, she said, "it was an online friend. Some time back, I was in a foul mood and got myself drunk. I then used QQ to search online for someone who was online near me. Much later, when I complained about my displeasure over someone, he gave me this website address and the invitation pa.s.sword. But…" Han Xuelan spoke hastily, "I really thought they were just some random thugs for hire, I only… I only meant to give Su Jin a scare…."

Mercenaries? When Han Xuelan realised the true ident.i.ty of those people, fear began to set in.

"Do you still have your chat history?" Lu Xi ignored her pale pallor and asked her directly.

"Ah…" Han Xuelan was stunned for a moment before replying, "yes."

"That'll be all, you can all leave now." Realising that he was not able to obtain the intel that he needed, Lu Xi's countenance was once again cold and remote. "Leave by tonight. I'll arrange for someone to send you the purchased air tickets. Don't ever return here again."

This was issued in haste in the hope that no one in the room would speak up in their defense and ask for them to stay behind.

Fortunately, no one spoke up.

Even when the door had closed to the private room, a strange silence still prevailed in the room.

Han Xu raised his hand and touched his nose. Rising, he bade his farewell, saying, "Brother-in-law, I've got matters to attend to at the office, so I'll take Mingxuan and take our leave now. Mr Lu, I'll be leaving now."

When he had finished speaking, he took Mingxuan and left the private room.

Outside the private room, Han Xu took a look at his son who was dressed in sports attire, walking with earphones dangling around his neckline. He could not help thinking about the mature and steady Su Yue, not to mention the devious Lu Family's youngest master. He could help his ire from surfacing as he gave his son swat on the head.

With the sudden attack, Han Mingxuan raised his head to see his own father fuming. With a rather put-out expression, he retorted, "Dad! Why did you hit me?"

"Why'd I hit you! That swat was so light!" Han Xu was somewhat resentful and disappointed with his useless son as he sighed. Prodding his son's forehead, "Look at you, besides racing cars and chasing skirts all day, what else can you do? I'm not even begging you to be like the Lu Family's youngest master; just for you to learn to be like Su Yue will do. Think about it, he is merely a year older than you, but he already has a handle of more than half of Su clan's business….”

"Dad!" Seeing that his dad was heading into his nattering tendencies, Han Mingxuan could not help rolling his eyes and hurriedly changed the topic, "You know, regarding Xuelan, don't you feel like it was handled rather lightly? Uncle Su and Su Yue didn't have any objections about this matter?"

Su Yue was a year older than him, but both families had been distant for a long time, so he had never called him big brother.

"That's why I said that Lu Xi was rather skillful. This matter today, no matter what ulterior motives he had; the fact that both men from the Su family have entrusted this matter to him goes a long way to show how much they trust him. Although this matter has been dealt with lightly, as a member of the Han family, I will remember the fact that he has allowed us to retain our pride. However, I'm not sure how he will give an account for it to them now." After he said this, he gently shook his head, too lazy to delve further into the matter. Together with his son, they went downstairs.

Anyway, this matter was dealt with in a satisfactory manner and the Han family was able to preserve their reputation. Furthermore, from the onset, he had only been given a few pieces of paper. The Su family would not heap the fault on his head. Whatever storm and carnage that was happening in the private room- anyway what did it have to do with him?

Inside the private room, the four people were sitting around the table and the scene was unlike the storm and carnage that Han Xu had imagined.

"Lu Xi, let us hear your thoughts on this," Su Chenghai requested, seeing that the outsiders had all left.

By this point, Su Yue had calmed down. But he had not for a moment believed that the man, who had said that he would ferret out all the ones that were part of this matter and annihilate them, would have let Han Xuelan off so easily.

As for Su Jin, she had used her hand to prop her chin as she looked towards Lu Xi with curiosity, without a trace of suspicion nor objection.

From the looks of things, not only did his future brother-in-law and father-in-law trust him, even this chit of a girl had given him her trust.

Sensing all these, Lu Xi slightly upturned his lips. It's just that, the following words might go down well with Su Yue and father-in-law, but this chit of a girl….

Should the truth be concealed? He frowned while mulling over it, then abandoned the thought. Forget it, other than the other matter, he had no wish to ever conceal or hide things from her. Furthermore, as someone who was in his heart for so long, he believed she would never be able to disappoint her right?

"Lu Xi?" Seeing that he was distracted, Su Jin shouted at him.

Lu Xi recovered himself and looked towards the three people before him. With a subdued expression, he said, "Uncle Su, forgive me for speaking frankly but if you were to handle this matter with Han Xuelan, to what extent would you have been able to mete out a punishment?"

To what extent? The three people were stunned.

Su Chenghai looked at the man before him who could still be considered a child, a wisp of a thought fluttering past his eyes.

"Arms? Limbs? Prison? Psychiatric inst.i.tute?" Lu Xi did not wait for Su Chenghai to reply, instead, he proceeded just as he had reiterated to Han Xuelan.

Su Chenghai was speechless.

"In front of the Han family, even if a harsher outcome was attained, and even if she was to be incarcerated into a psychiatric inst.i.tute for the rest of her life, her life would still be spared. Otherwise, there would be no closure or no possibility of reaching a compromise with the Han family. And should Aunt be made of aware of this, we can't be sure what the outcome would be." Lu Xi was somewhat subdued, but everything that he had spoken had hit at the heart of the matter.

"Yes," Su Chenghai sighed deeply and nodded.

"However, this won't be enough." Lu Xi spoke with a serene expression.

The siblings, Su Yue and Su Jin's eyes were agape in surprise.

Lu Xi, this… Was he out for Han Xuelan's life?

Only Su Changhai bore no change to his demeanor and his pupils merely darkened slightly.

"Then… What about Han Lei?" Su Yue asked softly.

"Han Lei?" Lu Xi gently shook his head, "I might admire him, but I can not let him off."

"Han Xuelan had looked at Jin'er with eyes that were filled with hatred, this has already become her mantra." Once again, without giving Su Yue an opening, Lu Xi continued, "she would have never relinquished her thoughts of harming Jin'er. As long as she lives, Jin'er will always be in danger, therefore, she has to die. As for Han Lei," with a blink of his eyes, his voice turned chillingly calm, "if a man who would kneel on his daughter's behalf, heard of her death, it goes without saying that this father would do something, yes? Earlier, when Uncle had wanted to get justice for your daughter, in his eyes, there wasn't just despair but a harbouring of a deep resentment. Therefore, he too must die."

Su Yue and Su Jin were both still in shock, but Su Chenghai had already deduced as much. However, after hearing all the rationale, he still could not help be a little taken aback.

After a while, he gave a sigh.

Lu Xi tilted his head to look at the flabbergasted young lady beside him. His cold eyes began to thaw like an early spring peach blossom, with blossoming layers of gentleness and indulgence.

He lifted his head to gaze upon Su Chenghai's indecipherable demeanor, and spoke softly, "each wish of ill intentions from someone else could become the starting point to the very last thing that would make you wish that you were better off dead. As such, unless we want to leave additional loose ends in our way, there are some things that should be nipped in the bud, right?"

"I absolutely will not permit anyone, within my immediate range, have any ill inclinations towards Jin'er." His expression had calmed but his tone was serious as he added, "even if it's so much as an inclination."

Silence once again descended within the private room.

"Everything…" Su Chenghai curled his lips as he spoke, "has been arranged?"

The quiet atmosphere was suddenly lifted.

Lu Xi's eyes lifted up with a smile.

"In a place like the US where guns are legal, and a couple of people without any proper identification and status- who can say what might possibly happen there?"

Translated by Minodayz

Edited by Ely

TLC-ed by Irisu

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