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Chapter 160: Inner Court Tournament

The old women from the Fuyao Palace didn’t spend too much time performing their "inspection" before they returned to their master, Xuan Si’nyang. "All of the Qing-Yun Sect has been searched. No one suspicious was found, nor did we sense Qi originating from the Boundless Heavens discipline. However, there seems to be two Golden Core Stage grand-elders currently in life-or-death seclusion; to be on the safe side, it’d be best if we were to pay them a visit to verify if the person we’ve been looking for is among them…."

Xuan Si’nyang shook her head. "No need. Since they’re in a life-or-death seclusion, if we were to abruptly approach them, any chance they might have of forming a Budding Soul would be broken. This would be seen as incredibly impolite. Let’s forget about it; after all, the main reason we’re here is to complete the Square Diagram of Jambu. The wis.e.m.e.n from the Divinations Palace prophesied an unusual movement from the nine coffins, and that it might drop some inheritance onto the land of South Jambu. With the Square Diagram in hand, our Fuyao Palace would be able to seize it first no matter where the inheritance of the nine coffins lands. We’re not going to pa.s.s up more important matters for small ones."

"Heh, such a small sect, how could there really be any hope of someone forming a Budding Soul? All they’re doing is waiting for death. But since Master is so kind, so it shall be," Granny Qian laughed. Despite her disapproval, she still obeyed Xuan Si’nyang’s words.

News of the inner court tournament soon spread across the entire sect. The sect master had already revealed that the disciples who ranked in the top ten for this tournament would be rewarded a generous amount of resources. Of particular note was the winner, who would receive a Foundation Pellet from the Fuyao Palace guest.

As soon as the news spread, every Qing-Yun disciple was suddenly filled with excitement. Although they couldn’t even dare to hope for first place and the Foundation Pellet—that was a contest between the two core disciples, Xiao Jianming and Xu Linyun—the other rewards were still very enticing, and they were determined to reach the top ten.

"The location of the tournament will be at the Yunyin Summit’s Thousand Cliff. This cliff was once the place of seclusion for our founder when he prepared for the Tribulation Stage, and the formations already in place make it so the outside cannot interfere with those within it. It can only be opened from the outside with the combined forces of the sect master and all four of us chief elders. In addition, because the Fuyao Palace guest expects the tournament to be realistic, the sect master hasn’t placed any rules or boundaries when it comes to injuring your opponent. Put simply, this tournament is in fact extremely dangerous. Even if you find yourself in a life-threatening circ.u.mstance, it’s possible the four of us chief elders may be unable to prevent it in time. You must all think it through properly before deciding whether you’ll join the tournament or not!"

Within the Duanzhen Valley, Tie Rukuang had been delivering a stern speech to his disciples, and he continued after a brief pause, "During the tournament, you will need to be especially careful when matched up against someone from the Hall of Heaven’s Tribute. Even forfeiting straight away would still be fine!"

All of the disciples looked on with solemn expressions; they all clearly knew how strong the disciples from the Hall of Heaven’s Tribute were.

Fang Xing had also been listening from the side. "What did you say about those Hall of Heaven’s Tribute people, again?" he asked with a voice full of disdain after hearing what Tie Rukuang had said.

Tie Rukuang turned and landed a slap against the boy’s face. "I wasn’t talking to you!"

"But I’m a Duanzhen disciple, too!"

"I could never have taught such a little monster like you. But remember this: Xiao Shanhe has never

liked you, and I also heard about the grudge between you and Xiao Jianming. If you’re matched up against him during the tournament, it’s best you don’t recklessly try to avenge yourself.

"Xiao Jianming has been a Battle Cultivator from the moment he started cultivating, and he is perhaps the purest Battle Cultivator as well—his battle prowess is not lacking in the slightest. Although you’re also not bad, you’re a little too young compared to him. Keep your life in the present and you’ll have the opportunity to surpa.s.s him in the future!" Tie Rukuang tirelessly warned Fang Xing.

Although Tie Rukuang said he hadn’t taught Fang Xing, in truth, he already genuinely viewed this boy as his real head pupil. When he said "I could never have taught such a little monster like you", it was actually driven by his envy; in his heart, he truly wished this "little monster"—with boundless future potential—had been taught by him instead.

Although Fang Xing agreed with a large grin on the surface, his thoughts were another matter. ‘If he does break into the Foundation Stage, I won’t be able to chase up to him even with an extra leg…. I probably have only this one chance to kill that b.a.s.t.a.r.d. Even though I haven’t completely mastered the Hundred and Eight Thousand Swords yet, I can only try my best….’

Meanwhile, Xiao Shanhe was also speaking to Xiao Jianming inside Shanhe Valley. "This is your chance. Xu Linyun has broken into the ninth tier as well and has been diligently studying the new Blue-Flame Grand Smithing; it’s clear Qin’nyao wants her to battle it out with you. Do not be soft on her at all. Even if it means killing her, that Foundation Pellet must be won by you!" he declared with a heavy tone.

Initially surprised, Xiao Jianming soon seemed to harden his heart. "I understand."

Xiao Shanhe nodded. After a short moment, his brows creased slightly and he continued, "That brat seems to have improved his cultivation level…."

Hatred swept across Xiao Jianming’s face as he frigidly answered, "The first time I saw him at Mount Desolation, he’d merely reached the level of Spirit Stage tier four. After the mission, he seemed to have already reached tier six. It’s only been three months, but he is already in tier seven…. Such speed in cultivation is just too unusual. Uncle, I am certain this boy must be holding some secrets!"

After a moment of thought, Xiao Shanhe spoke again, "s.h.i.+shu Bai must have taught him some extraordinary techniques, or else even if he had an endless amount of resources, his cultivation level couldn’t increase this fast. Anyway, because of how fast his cultivation level is increasing, his foundation must not be very stable. The boy had been so strong before precisely because of his solid foundation, but with his sudden speed in cultivation, he shouldn’t be as difficult to deal with anymore. In regard to him, there’s no need for you to worry; I’ll organize some people to help test his ability a bit for you in advance."

Xiao Jianming slowly replied, "If the opportunity presents itself, I do want to fight him one on one. I’ll use that as an opportunity to kill him!"

Xiao Shanhe was a bit annoyed by this. "Before the grand-elder went into seclusion, he used a wedding dress technique to help you purify your Qi and help solidify your foundation. You will walk farther on the path of cultivation than me. You are destined to fly up into the sky. Why must you spend so much time and thought on such a boy? Let it go; once you break into the Foundation Stage, that is when you’ll be considered to have become a true cultivator. When that happens, you’ll be able to fight for your spotlight within the cultivation realm."

Although initially a bit surprised once more, Xiao Jianming soon gave a slow sigh. "Yes, Uncle."

Although his words were of agreement, his heart was filled with regret. Only those who had been cursed at by Fang Xing directly would understand how spiteful the boy was. Xiao Jianming’s uncle had only heard of the events secondhand and did not understand the hatred and murderous intent Xiao Jianming had towards the boy….

Fang Xing… was simply a little b.a.s.t.a.r.d that could frustrate someone to the point of tears!

With the important guest’s backing, the tournament’s preparations went particularly fast, and thirty-six names were soon confirmed. These thirty-six people included the most talented pupils from all four valleys, and they were to be matched up to battle each other until the final winner was determined. Including nine runner-ups, a total of ten people would receive a reward from the sect.

Thousand Cliff of Yunyin Summit, Qing-Yun Sect. The sun was particularly bright.

Three hundred feet out, a tall viewing platform had been built beneath an old pine. In the center sat the Fuyao Palace guest above everyone else, and sitting right beneath her was Granny Qian and the four other elderly women. Sect Master Chen Xuanhua and the four chief elders of the four valleys were on either side of this group, and a few dozen scattered disciples could be seen sitting on the ground elsewhere on the Thousand Cliff.

"Hong Xianzhao versus Xiao Jianming."

"I admit defeat!"

"Xiao Yueming versus Xu Linyun."

"I admit defeat!"

"Ye Tianlong versus Fang Xing."

"I… I admit defeat!"

These three events were the most common.

That this would happen towards Xiao Jianming and Xu Linyun was expected, as there were no disciples daring enough to fight against these two. Similarly, Fang Xing had only recently rose to prominence and the level of his strength hadn’t been fully determined yet, so most of the people who were matched up against him also chose to yield. This was especially true because of the news he’d kicked Yu Jie—a Heaven’s Tribute disciple—so hard the latter had been crippled, had pushed the Regulations Hall into chaos, and had chased after one of its elders in an attempt to kill him.

Whether or not these disciples believed these stories, they did not dare to gamble with their lives. Fang Xing was infamous for being vicious, after all, and if they were to fight against him and be wounded, they would no longer be able to continue in the tournament anyway. Furthermore, to make the tournament more fair, every disciple was allowed to preemptively yield three times while still fighting others for the remaining positions. If they were to lose even once, however, they would have no other choice but to leave the tournament.

Because of this, these three people didn’t need to step up onto the stage during the entire morning of the tournament, as all of their opponents preemptively admitted defeat. It could also be said from this that Xiao Jianming, Xu Linyun, and Fang Xing were considered the three strongest disciples of the Qing-Yun Sect.

Of course, there were those that did not agree with this a.s.sessment, such as the four Heaven’s Tribute disciples. Not counting Xiao Jianming, there were five disciples from the Hall of Heaven’s Tribute, all of whom had been the most talented pupils from their respective valleys selected to focus their studies on improving their battle prowess. The ranking system in the Hall of Heaven’s Tribute was based on battle prowess, and Yu Jie was ranked fourth, demonstrating there were at least three people within the hall with a higher battle prowess than him. Within these three people, one of them had originally come from Shanhe Valley, and so held even more hostility towards Fang Xing.

"Hua Yuanye versus Xiao Jianming."

"I admit defeat!"

"Hua Yuanye versus Xu Linyun."

"... I… I admit defeat!"

"Hua Yuanye versus Fang Xing."

"... I wish for battle!"

By the time afternoon rolled around, another name was called out three consecutive times. Unlike before, however, when it came to Fang Xing’s turn, this disciple decided to fight against Fang Xing, causing all of the onlooking Qing-Yun disciples and four chief elders to blink.

This Hua Yuanye was the second best disciple within the Hall of Heaven’s Tribute, ranked just behind Xiao Jianming. He had been known as the sect’s third most talented disciple before Fang Xing made himself known.

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