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Chapter 14 – The young and cute girl creates a miracle

The Chast.i.ty Testing Beast with its face full of great bitterness and hatred was deeply moved. Like a big cat, it rubbed its body on Ning Xuemo.

Everyone was stupefied and at a loss for words when they looked at this scene.

A miracle! There had never been anyone that could interact so harmoniously with the Chast.i.ty Testing Beast!

This girl Ning was creating a miracle!

For the Chast.i.ty Testing Beast to show such appreciation, it looked like not only she hadn’t lost her innocence yet. She was also as clear as ice and as clean as jade! She was truly accused wrongly!

Ning Xuemo resisted the urge to break into a yawn. This international friend who transmigrated into the Chast.i.ty Testing Beast sure was a chatterbox!

He practically told her all about his previous incarnation’s school life, school year, even about the time when he had a crush on a girl.

Ning Xuemo admired him. He was nursing a grievance in here for nearly a hundred years, but was still able to remember his mother tongue so well and spoke it very fluently.

The Chast.i.ty Testing Beast revealed a lot of what it endured during these hundred years. He was always afraid that he would forgot he was once a human, so he kept talking to himself.

Once again, he couldn’t refrain from asking Ning Xuemo who she was before she transmigrated. Ning Xuemo was unable to hide the truth and told him about her ident.i.ty as a top secret service agent .

Immediately, the Chast.i.ty Testing Beast’s eyes sparkled like stars in the sky. In his previous life, the thing that he admired the most was secret agent.

He saw many secret service agent’s movies, like Agent 007, the Bourne series, Mission Impossible&h.e.l.lip; He practically knew them by heart.

Ning Xuemo saw its eyes filled with small traces of admiration. She wasn’t that kind and honest. In fact, in the past, she went to his country to steal cla.s.sified informations. This child was idealizing the secret service a bit too much&h.e.l.lip;

She swept a look at its majestic body and she sighed inwardly. ‘Who would have thought that such a lofty, bold, powerful and ferocious beast has its mind possessed by a little boy.’

Although he has transmigrated to this world for a very long time, his wisdom was still that of a child because of lack of interactions with the people in this world.

He was unlike her whose body was that of a young and cute girl, but, inside the body, dwelled the soul of an experienced secret service agent.

Ning Xuemo and the Chast.i.ty Testing Beast chatted excessively for at least an hour. The surroundings people were looking at them during all that time like mud and clay statues.

Everyone was drenched in sweat from being exposed to the great heat. However no one was willing to leave.

In the eyes of the boy who came with the Emperor, there was a look of disbelief.

A hundred years ago, that beast had suffered a serious illness and was hovering between life and death. Afterwards, its temperament underwent a great change. It started to ramble all kind of syllables and tried to communicate with people. Unfortunately, no one could understand anything.

However, unexpectedly, right before everyone’s eyes, that good-for-nothing little girl used the same syllables as it and communicated with it. ‘This little girl is not simple!’

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