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Chapter 15 – Swindling an adorable beast to bring back home

Note : The 50 kg of gold is now changes to 1 000 taels of gold. (1 tael = 50 grams) I’m going to use tael since this is the currency.

When Ning Xuemo unhurriedly came out from the iron cage, the crowd exploded in thunderous cheers.

On the Immortal Boy’s always stiff face, there was a trace of a smile appearing on the corner of his mouth.

Ning Xuemo smiled happily and cupped her hands towards the boy. “Xuemo would like to request Immortal Child to uphold justice.”

The boy slightly nodded and looked at Ji Yun Hao. “Sixth Prince, what do you say?”

Ji Yunhao’s complexion was somewhat pale. He gazed at Ning Xuemo with an indistinct complicate look before he answered quite craftily, “It seems like Miss Ning has indeed suffered a grievance. I will pay Miss Ning the compensation. Furthermore, I will investigate thoroughly on the main culprit that wants to harm you in the dark!” He somewhat regretted getting rid of his engagement with her! If later he could take this little girl as a cè fēi, perhaps it might not be bad&h.e.l.lip;

What kind of intelligent person was Ning Xuemo? Not to mention about the matter of the marriage, she had long seen through Ji Yunhao’s heart. She bowed towards the boy. “Immortal Child certainly can carry out the Emperor’s two words, ‘Just and fair’. You will definitively be able to make Sixth Prince fulfilled his promises.”

The bet made earlier ended with Ning Xuemo’s victory. Ji Yunhao needed to shout three times in front of the crowd ‘Miss Xuemo refuses to marry me!’ and paid her 1 000 taels of gold.

A 1 000 tael of gold, no problem! But shouting those kind of words, he would lose face and not just his face, but the face of everyone up to his grandmother! After that, how would he act in front of people? Ji Yunhao’s complexion was practically green.

‘Humph!’ If that girl insisted that he fulfilled the bet, he would secretly put that girl to death to resolve the hatred in his heart even if he was to be curse by thousands of people afterwards.

Ning Xuemo knew that right now she didn’t have any power nor influence. Without any real strength, for any matters that she handled, she needed to leave an escape route for her opponent. She couldn’t force this prince too much as a cornered rat might bite.

She lightly exclaimed, “Sixth Prince’s ident.i.ty is honorable. I don’t need Prince to shout those words. Let’s compromise! If Prince fulfilled his promises to break of the marriage, give me 1 000 taels of gold and, in addition, since this Chast.i.ty Testing Beast and I appeared to be kindred spirits, I would like to bring it back to Marquis Jingyuan’s mansion and rear it myself.”

This proposal was indeed the best to Ji Yunhao, but as for the Chast.i.ty Testing Beast&h.e.l.lip;

In the entire Chang Kong Country, there was only three of them. Their value could not be measured in gold.

One in the Imperial Palace, one in his mansion and the last one was in Supreme Court.

A sinister light flash through his eyes. Unexpectedly, he happily agreed, “Good! I promise you. That beast will still belong to me. You only have the privilege of rearing it. As for our engagement, you are still young right now. First, I’ll keep the engagement for another two years. After two years, if you still don’t wish for it, the engagement will automatically be void, alright?”

‘This Prince is regretting and wants to use delaying tactics?!’

‘Tch!’ She definitively wouldn’t let him have his way, she didn’t want future troubles.

Ning Xuemo straightforwardly shook her head. “I like the matter to be clear-cut. Prince, I presume you are also a straightforward person. It’s better for this marriage to be quickly annulled!”

Ji Yunhao was speechless. “&h.e.l.lip;”

In the end, he was unable to keep insisting on and had no other alternatives but to agree with the annulment of the marriage with the acknowledgement of the Immortal Boy.


A door plaque faded in colour, a dilapidated door, a courtyard overflowing with weeds and an empty large hall&h.e.l.lip;

This was the description of the current state of the mansion of Marquis Jingyuan.

As the wind pa.s.sed through the hall and blew around, it caused a fog of dust to appear which made Ning Xuemo sneezed a dozen times as soon as she came in.

“Really poor! Truly in ruins!” Following after her, the Chast.i.ty Testing Beast came in and made some rude comments.

Of course, it still spoke in English.

The corner of Ning Xuemo’s mouth rose.

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