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Chapter 176 – Her Captive (1)

If it wasn’t for the fact that she had strong willpower and immense patience, she would have leapt up the moment the wolf circled around her&h.e.l.lip;

But she had prepared herself to leap up and do battle with it had the wolf bitten her on a fatal area.

Fortunately, the boy didn’t seem to be after her life so the wolf didn’t bite her anywhere that would cause a fatal wound. She had secretly gritted her teeth as she tried to endure the pain, and endure it she did.

It was only when the child personally came to her side that she chose to make use of the best moment to strike, so that she could succeed in a single move!

It seemed like the ginseng child was only a bit stronger in terms of techniques and arts; his escaping speed was a bit quick, but his body didn’t have much strength to speak of.

Ning Xuemo had suffered so much at the child’s hands, so naturally she wouldn’t be courteous when she made her move. The moment she tackled him, she immediately pierced him with countless needles coated in anesthesia. She wanted to knock him out first before doing anything else!

She had originally wanted to simply end him, after all, ginseng spirits were great tonics&h.e.l.lip;

If she killed him, then maybe he wouldn’t be in the form of a child but a ginseng. That way, when she ate it she wouldn’t feel too barbaric.

But the child’s last words caused her to hesitate. Looking at his exquisite features, she felt rather unable to continue.

She actually wasn’t stopped by his threat. Based on Ning Xuemo’s temper, she hadn’t been scared!

At this moment, her gaze landed on the back of the child’s head. It was currently leaking out fresh scarlet blood&h.e.l.lip;

She subconsciously dabbed a bit of it on her finger before lifting it to her nose to take a sniff.

‘Your mom, how could it be so much like real blood?’

It was surprising that ginseng spirits could bleed too. Furthermore, this blood smelled exactly the same as human blood&h.e.l.lip;

Once again, she looked at the flower-like cinnabar mole at the center of his forehead as doubt surfaced in her mind. Was this little fellow really a ginseng spirit? Maybe that cinnabar mole just so happened to grow into the shape of a ginseng flower?

‘But even if he wasn’t a ginseng spirit, he shouldn’t be human right?’

‘Whose family’s child could manage to wind up here?’

And this child even knew a great technique for scattering beans to make soldiers[1]&h.e.l.lip;

He only had to fold things into the shape of animals to make them into real animals, which was rather similar to Taoist arts.

This little fellow’s technique was so great that it was obvious he was someone amongst experts. She had heard that when one cultivated to a certain level, they could cultivate a nascent soul[2] and that nascent soul could leave the body. ‘Could it be that this little child was the nascent soul of some powerful immortal?!’

Ning Xuemo got completely stunned by her own conjecture. In this world she had read quite a few books on cultivation, yet she had never discovered anything pertaining to nascent soul.

Nascent soul was a concept only mentioned in her previous world.

And the records there mentioned that while Taoist masters could cultivate a nascent soul that took the form of a one or two-year-old child, its features would still be similar to the original person’s, just a few times shrunken down.

And this child looked exactly like one. Bright and intelligent, tender and full of life, simply making people want to hug and kiss him.

So, anyone who wanted to chop him up into mincemeat really required a certain level of courage&h.e.l.lip;

She once again lowered her eyes to look at him. ‘Tsk! Tsk! He unexpectedly changed his clothes in such a short time.’

He was no longer wearing that ap.r.o.n but a small white chinese-style long gown which looked exquisite, highlighting his beautiful small face.

For no reason, this little child reminded her of Huba from Monster Hunt[3]. Huba didn’t look like a human, but it was so cute that it made people feel happy and made people take pity on it, not bearing to harm it.

Not to mention its cuteness, this little child before her eyes looked human: similar to a charming pretty doll, even though she fully knew he was a monster&h.e.l.lip;

The moment the little child woke up, he found himself tied up like a dumpling to a large stone.

[1] Making things to fight for you out of usually worthless things like seeds or beans or like that one Greek myth where they used dragon’s teeth (admittedly this is rather precious so probably not a good example)

[2] The raws used 元婴 (yuanying) which literally means first or primordial infant, but we’re reusing Deathblade’s term from I Shall Seal the Heaven, Nascent Soul, since it’s the same character and meaning. Click here for more info.

[3] Huba is the baby demon king from the movie Monster Hunt. I mentioned about the movie for last week recommendation. You can look at this video to see how it looks like or google the picture. ?

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