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Chapter 185 – Being Ambushed Again (2)

Previously, she couldn’t run as fast as that!

“Little lady, when you fell through the barrier earlier, you damaged it a bit, and that thing took advantage of it to slip inside&h.e.l.lip; That’s right! Blindly dodging around is not the solution.” The boy spoke.

‘No kidding!’

Ning Xuemo inwardly rolled her eyes. Of course she knew that.

The problem was that monster’s attacks were very fast and the intervals between them were almost non-existent. Throughout the entire encounter, she had been pressured to the point of being unable to counter attack.

Not to mention, she only had a short blade and a few needles coated with anesthesia or poison in her hand right now. Those needles were the one she used against the tiger earlier, but they were completely useless against this magic beast! This fellow had scales tougher than steel, the moment the needles she shot out hit its scales, it shattered into pieces and was completely unable to pierce through.

The succession of attacks by the weird dragon almost didn’t give Ning Xuemo any room to breathe. Although her qinggong is good, there was quite a disparity between her skills and her physical strength, not to mention she was still carrying someone on her back.

In just a short time, her clothes were drenched with sweat&h.e.l.lip;

“Let me down! It’ll be easier for you to move around then.” The boy suggested to her once more.

“No way! I can still use you as a s.h.i.+eld if worse comes to worst.” Ning Xuemo was already in a bad mood, so her words were vicious.

Despite saying such words, every time she dodged a wave of arrows, she avoided showing her back to make sure the child was not injured.

She was a bit regretful inside her heart. If she had known earlier, she would had agreed to release him from his restraint first.

At least, he had magic power, which she could have used against that weird dragon’s attacks.

At this moment, his limbs were all tightly bound together by her, even his fingers were tied in a bunch, thus making him unable to cast any spells. He did not possess any form of self-defense.

If she were to throw him right now, he would become this lizard’s snack.

“You hate the thought of me becoming the dragon’s food?” The little child was near her ear and breathed out an orchid-like fragrance which made her whole body numb to the point that she almost failed to avoid the compact wave of arrows.

An arrow shot through her pants leg. ‘So close!’ It almost pierced her calf.

“Shut up, little imp! I haven’t given up on eating you, so how could I let it eat you?!” Ning Xuemo evaded the rain of arrows while replying with discontent.

Amidst the storm-like attacks of this weird dragon, her entire concentration was focused on dodging, so how could she afford to divide her attention to speak?

Another rain of arrows directly shot towards her. But there were no boulders to hide her. Very soon, another wave of green arrows rained down on her like shooting stars, and she was unable to evade. Her heart trembled, she’s finished! This time she would officially transform into a hedgehog!

Naturally, she was unwilling to end in that way. She steeled her heart, using the short blade in her hand to hinder any arrows aiming at her vital parts. No matter what, defending from a few arrows was still better than nothing!

Suddenly, a golden light flashed in front of her eyes. At the same time, numerous pale golden crescents appeared and formed a s.h.i.+eld in front of her. The green arrows directly collide with that protective s.h.i.+eld, emitting a chrik! as the arrows shattered upon impact.

Ning Xuemo, “&h.e.l.lip;”

Who was the one that save her this time? Where did her savior come from?

She subconsciously turned her head, smelling the lingering scent of orchid. “Stop getting distracted! Use your footwork to get near the water!” It was the boy’s voice.

In the end, one question flashed through her brain.

He clearly was tied like a bun and stucked on her back. Since when was he able to press so close to her ear?

When she was dealing with that weird dragon, her mind was completely focused and had not discovered the change on that child.

Based on her senses, she knew the boy had already freed half of his body and placed his little hands on top of her head!

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