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Chapter 36 – Responding to Provocation

Hu Diechang, overhearing Ning Xuemo’s words, stalked over and looked condescendingly at Ning Xuemo. “Oh, I had wondered who wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h my tea set, so it is this tras.h.!.+ Shopkeeper, you made a mistake. This floor is for important n.o.bles, why did you even let this rubbish in?”

Her tone possessed thick disdain comparable to aged vinegar, as her voice managed to reach every corner of the teahouse. Countless gazes landed on Ning Xuemo.

They looked at her with suspicion and puzzlement about the chaotic situation.

Ning Xuemo had recently made a name for herself after safely exiting the cage of the Chast.i.ty Testing Beast, and many people had personally seen her.

However, the Ning Xuemo at that time was very dishevelled, and her whole face had been swollen far from resembling a human being.

How could her appearance at that time be similar to her current spirited self?

It was not surprising why the majority of people did not recognise her.

Hu Diechang noticed that everyone had casted their gazes over and got increasingly “Everyone, this is the criminal that was arrested from Marquis Ning Jingyuan’s Mansion, Ning Xuemo. This kind of **** trash is unexpectedly drinking tea in the same place as us. You tell me, shouldn’t the shopkeeper chase her out?!”

Everyone looked at one another. Ning Xuemo’s matter a few days ago was well-known so they naturally knew of it. But was it not proven that Ning Xuemo had suffered an injustice?

Although no one thought highly of trashplaced trash in their eyes, Hu Diechang’s action of arrogantly bullying a young lady also caused them to secretly despise her.

The majority of people kept silent, only those few who wanted to kiss a.s.s to the Sixth Prince and Hu Diechang spoke up, “Right, right, chase her out! Chase her out!”

“Those kinds of people aren’t worthy to be on this floor&h.e.l.lip;”

“Get lost. Hurry up and get lost!”

Receiving a few people’s support, Hu Diechang became smug. Her gaze landed on Ning Xuemo, wanting to see her trembling in rage or sporting a scared stupid appearance.

However, she would not have thought that Ning Xuemo would still just sit there unperturbed with her hand playing, rather swirling the cup of tea and looking at Hu Diechang as if she was watching a monkey performing tricks.

This kind of gaze caused her skin to p.r.i.c.kle, and she angrily said, “Why are you looking at me like that, b.i.t.c.h?! Do you have a guilty conscience, huh?”

Ning Xuemo smiled shallowly and spoke, “Who’s the b.i.t.c.h that cursed?”

“I cursed you!” Hu Diechang replied almost unthinkingly.

“Ah! So, the b.i.t.c.h cursed me.” Ning Xuemo’s clear voice was similar to the ringing of silver bells, “Since you’ve already admitted to it, I won’t say anything any more. You better prepare yourself to take back those words from earlier.”


“Hahaha!” In the teahouse some people could not help themselves and started laughing.

This young miss was really ruthless with her comebacks!

Hu Diechang only just reacted. With a blush creeping up her pretty face, she could not resist raising her hand to hit Ning Xuemo. “You s.l.u.t&h.e.l.lip;”

Her movement was quick like the wind. She had used psychokinesis and was planning on knocking out the teeth in Ning Xuemo’s mouth.

However, Ning Xuemo merely raised her hand slightly, causing Hu Diechang’s palm to barely miss her. A sharp cry full of unbearable pain rang out, and Hu Diechang hurriedly withdrew her hand.

‘Painful! Very painful!’

Her palm looked as if it had been stung by a hornet and was so painful that she wanted to hop. “s.l.u.t, you dare plot against me?!”

Ning Xuemo raised her brow. “Hu Diechang, what are you screaming so loudly for? It was clearly you who wanted to hit me, okay?”

“You’re dead! s.l.u.t, you went as far as to use needles to p.r.i.c.k this miss!”

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