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Chapter 393 : The Two were Incredibly Intimate

Because Ji Yunhuang and a few others had very high levels of martial arts, they were barely able to resist the lure of the music and only became slightly intoxicated by it. Now, other than the fact that his face was slightly pale and his clothes were slightly messy, there was nothing else inappropriate.

Once Ji Yunhuang became clear-headed, he immediately looked towards Ning Xuemo, then stared blankly!

Ning Xuemo was in the arms of Master Han Shanyue!

Han Shanyue's two arms encircled her. His hands were even on the pipa in her arms.

The position of these two were incredibly intimate.

"Xuemo!" Ji Yunhuang could not help but shout her name.

"Master!" the little qilin, who had been sleeping in a drunk stupor all this time, finally woke up. It stared incredulously at its owner.

Did Master not hate this Han Shanyue the most?

Why did she permit him to hug her?

The little qilin's cry was very sharp and piercing. It directed the attention of all the people who were currently trying to organize themselves. When they saw the scene of the two people, their jaws dropped and their eyes widened.

Especially those girls. Their eyes were as big as windows!

Was Master Han Shanyue not the type of person who would never get close to any girls?!

How could this be possible? How could he hold that bearer of ill luck so intimately?!

Moreover, this "bearer of ill luck" t.i.tle was something that he had named her!

At this moment, Ning Xuemo also returned to her senses. She gloomily gritted her teeth, "Let go of me!" Her acupuncture point had even been pressed!

Han Shanyue's eyes darkened slightly. He directly let go of her.

Ning Xuemo staggered before suddenly falling to the floor!

It turned out that because she was forced to dance for so long, all of her energy was gone. When Han Shanyue was carrying her, she could not feel it. However, once he let go of her, she then realized that her entire body was like cotton and so she fell down.

She stayed there for a second, unable to resist glaring at Han Shanyue.

Han Shanyue only glanced coldly at her. He turned and, like light smoke, suddenly disappeared out the window…

"Xuemo!" Ji Yunhuang seemed to want to go over to lend her a hand.

However, he himself also stumbled a little. Just then, in the middle of that musical fight, he had used all his energy to keep himself conscious.

"Huang'er," Emperor Le Xuan quietly said from the side. He also cut a sorry figure. If it weren't for the fact that he had to look the part of Emperor, then he would have already been hiding underneath the table.

Now, he was sitting on the ground and had not gotten up yet.

Ji Yunhuang looked embarra.s.sed. Quickly, he went over to his dad and helped him onto his chair.

Then, when he turned his head around to see Ning Xuemo, she had already gotten up and was running towards the window with clenched teeth.

She wanted to see what scoundrel  it was that dared to play such a cruel song…

"Haha, little Xuemo, your dance was very beautiful. I will come find you again…" A faint voice with a touch of teasing laughter in it floated into her ears. That voice was very charming with a slight roughness to it and was very pleasing to the ears.

Ning Xuemo's feet stopped and her expression changed!

This voice was so familiar-sounding!

It… It was the voice of that red-clothed evildoer!

How could this be?

Did she not already kick him into the lake to feed the wild beasts?!

Ning Xuemo clenched her teeth and looked outside.

The building they were currently in was built on top of the water. As it was originally made for vacationing during the summer, there were many windows to let in air.

Standing there, Ning Xuemo could see the entire view.

Under the moonlight, the lake around the building was like a mirror. There was no suspicious person anywhere around. Even Han Shanyue, who had just left through the window, could not be seen.

The other people also had similar ideas. Once they could get up, they each ran to the window closest to them to look out, yet no one could see anything.

Did that guqin player leave?

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