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Chapter 46 – Jealousy (1)

“No need.” Ji Yunhuang did not even glance at the wooden bench and kept advancing with large strides while carrying Ning Xue Mo.

They all watched Ji Yunhuang’s back as he headed inside and were so shocked that their chins nearly dropped to the floor.

The crown prince who had never been close to any woman before was  personally carrying a young girl back to his residence. It was shocking. But what was even more shocking is the fact that he actually took her to his own sleeping quarters&h.e.l.lip;

The crown prince’s bedroom&h.e.l.lip;

Has it not always been a forbidden zone that no woman had ever entered before?

What was this girl’s background?

Countless gazes landed inquisitively on the shadow guard, Moqi, who had accompanied the crown prince out.

Moqi’s handsome face displayed no expression. He was not the type of person to gossip,especially, when it involves the crown prince. He could not just randomly spread gossip around. With a turn of his body, he disappeared.

He was a shadow guard and would not easily show himself. If it had not been for the fact that the crown prince had decided to use the carriage and needed him to drive it, he would not have shown himself at all.


Ning Xuemo did not know that the room she was staying in was actually part of Ji Yunhuang’s sleeping quarters. It felt like she was lying among soft and fragrant clouds. Inadvertently, she swept a glance at the room arrangements and only a few words came to her mind: excellent taste and quite ethereal!

The room, mainly decorate with monochrome colors, contained an ink painting of a landscape drawn on the bed curtains. The walls consisted of black and white marble. Furthermore, a swirling mist which emitted a pleasant fragrant scent that made people’s hearts feel connected with nature, flowed quietly from a cloud stone bonsai embedded into several long white jade pieces.

Ning Xuemo lightly inhaled a breath of air. This fragrance proves to be pretty good; it actually has a.n.a.lgesic properties. As she laid there, she felt the pain from her wounds being slightly alleviated.

Ning Xuemo randomly swept her gaze over the room again and knew that every single item here must be extremely valuable. You could not easily find any of these on the market.

“Xuemo, stay here for the time being. The man I sent to the Sixth Prince’s Mansion ought to be back soon with the antidote.” Ji Yunhuang tucked her in.

Today, this crown prince acted more than simply warm and gentle to her!

Ning Xuemo coughed, “Many thanks to Your Highness.” Once more sweeping a gaze over the room, she sincerely praised, “I wouldn’t have thought that even a guest room would have such fine décor. This place really deserves to be called the crown prince’s mansion, such opulence!”

Ji Yunhuang paused slightly before coughing, “This is my bedroom&h.e.l.lip;”


Ning Xuemo stared with widened eyes.

“The refres.h.i.+ng scent here can help ease your pain.” Ji Yunhuang continued to explain.

‘So it was like that!’ Ning Xuemo looked at the cloud stone bonsai. So it was actually a type of special scent. But could he not have just arranged for he bonsai to be placed with her in the guest room?

Ji Yunhuang had the ability to follow other people’s train of thought and proceeded to explain to her, “This bonsai can’t be moved.”

Ning Xuemo glanced at him before nodding. “Then many thanks.” This crown prince was really considerate and warm-hearted, he actually let her temporarily stay in his sleeping quarters!

Ji Yunhuang suddenly lightly poked her head a few times. “Don’t think so much. You’re still a kid, what intentions can I have towards you? Rest a.s.sured!”

Ning Xuemo became speechless. ‘Bro, I didn’t think anything like that&h.e.l.lip;’

“Your Highness, the Sixth Prince requests an audience.” An imperial guard reported from outside.

Ji Yunhuang slightly furrowed his brows. He had sent people to get the antidote from Ji Yunhao. Why did he come here himself?

“Xuemo, you rest here first. I’ll go see what he wants.” He then walked off with large strides.


In this guest hall, Ji Yunhao was sitting on the guest’s seat while a maid served him tea.

Ji Yunhao tried to ask, “Where is His Highness the Crown Prince?”

“Sixth Prince won’t have to wait long; someone has already gone to report to him.”

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