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Chapter 63 – Pretending to be a Pig to Devour the Tiger (1)

Tu Yidao comforted her, but he coldly sneered inside his heart.

In the end, she was a little girl and still so naïve! It was so easy to trick and coax her&h.e.l.lip;

The higher-ups had made it clear to him that he must use any means necessary to make her sign the confession tonight. After she signed the confession, he must immediately eliminate her. They will conveniently say that she killed herself out of guilt.

Everything had already been arranged beforehand. This little girl was truly naïve if she thought she could use her medical skills to bargain for her life.

Nevertheless, this little girl proves to be a talent, but what a pity&h.e.l.lip;

He had already calculated. Ning Xuemo would need six hours to treat him, which leaves him two hours to make her obediently sign the confession. Since he would already receive the treatment, he would be able to treat himself in the future without her help. This was really killing two birds with one stone!

He feared that Ning Xuemo would not put her full effort into healing him, hence when he talked to her, he was rather amiable and agreed to all her requests.

For example, he allowed them to unlock all the shackles on her body, to gather all sorts of medical equipment, and to make the other jailers wait outside.

Since Ning Xuemo stated that she needed a quiet environment during that six hours of treatment, no one was allowed inside or to enter during that time period. They all have to wait outside.

Tu Yidao’s psychokinesis cultivation was not low. Even if he could not walk due to his legs, he could still withstand the attacks of 20-30 ordinary brawny men. Naturally, he would not fear this thin and weak little girl with almost a nonexistent innate talent. Even if they were alone in the same room, he was not a bit afraid of her causing mischief&h.e.l.lip;

If she dared to play any tricks, it won’t even take a split of second for him to break all her bones!

All the jailers also felt that Ning Xuemo would not have any tricks up her sleeve. Hence, they merely gathered all the items she required and deposited them in the room before retreating outside.

Tu Yidao secretly observed Ning Xuemo’s small face. Her expression displayed the joy of someone who had been released from a great burden, as if believing his words that someone would come rescue her tomorrow&h.e.l.lip;

If she was like this, then it was less likely that she would cause any trouble, which rea.s.sured Tu Yidao even more.

After Ning Xuemo had finished arranging her needles, she started to insert the needles onto his body&h.e.l.lip;

Every needle was inserted under his careful watch. None of them were inserted into his vital  acupoints&h.e.l.lip;

At first, Tu Yidao was rather wary and paid careful attention to where the needles were being inserted, but after a while he relaxed. Seeing her busily inserting the needles with a rosy face  due to exerting strength, his heart began to have evil intentions.

Although this girl was rather weak, she was very pretty. When she smiled, it looked especially sweet and heartwarming. If she was directly executed, it would be a bit of a waste. Perhaps, he ought to take her and let her have the taste of a man before&h.e.l.lip;

Thinking of this, a dark and evil smile surfaced on his face.

One had to say, her acupuncture technique was weird but effective. After inserting 30 or so needles, a tingling heat spread and circulated throughout his body. It gave him an indescribable comfortable feeling.

“En&h.e.l.lip;” He hummed a bit and was about to open his mouth to speak a few words to her. However, upon opening his mouth, he found that he could not utter a word. It was like he lost control of his throat. Even if he urged himself, he was unable to say anything.

‘What is going on?!’

By reflex Tu Yidao tried to stand up, but upon attempting to, he found that his limbs would not answer to his brain’s commands.

It felt like he had entered a nightmare. He could understand, hear, and see but could neither shout nor move!

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