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Cheng Liyue stepped out after returning the washcloth. Her heart was full of grievances. Why did they have to come here? If they hadn’t come, then the incident earlier wouldn’t have happened.

The dining hall

The gold-painted hall had a certain grandeur to it that called to mind the interior decor of a seven star hotel, exuding a sense of stateliness and comfort.

The little boy was excited. Daddy’s home was so big and beautiful!

On the golden tablecloth, eight specialty dishes were served. It was an a.s.sortment of flavors that complement one another. The delicious aroma wafted into their nostrils, whetting their appet.i.te.

Gong Yexiao carried his son to the head of the table and sat there. Cheng Liyue sat next to him so that she could watch over her son while he ate.

“Xiao Ze, what would you like to eat? Daddy will take them for you.” Gong Yexiao was holding onto the little boy with one hand, and was preparing to get some food for his son with the other.

“Let him eat by himself. Don’t pamper him.” Cheng Liyue said.

Gong Yexiao was slightly startled. The little boy in his arms immediately lowered himself to the ground obediently. “Daddy, I can help myself.”

Cheng Liyue switched her seating position so that her son could sit right between them. She then put a bowl of rice in front of him. Gong Yexiao wanted to spoil his son, but who would have known that he would not get a chance to do so.

A spoon had been placed on the table beside the little boy but his small chubby fingers were gripping a pair of chopsticks. Cheng Liyue added some of his favorite food to his bowl of rice and the little boy started to dig in.

“Mommy, daddy’s house is so big! Let’s sleep together with daddy tonight, okay!” The little boy raised his little face to look at his mommy beside him, wearing a longing expression on his face.

Cheng Liyue had no appet.i.te. She was having some soup when she heard her son’s words which caused her to choke and splutter. “Cough… cough…”

She covered her mouth as she continued coughing.

“Mommy, what’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell?” The worried little boy immediately patted her on the back.

Cheng Liyue pulled out a tissue and placed it over her mouth. She was unable to speak momentarily.

The handsome man who was seated at the head of the table, frowned.

After a brief spell of coughing, Cheng Liyue said, “Son, quickly eat. Once you’re done eating, we’ll go home.”

“No! We’ll be sleeping with daddy tonight, okay? Little fatty sleeps with both his daddy and mommy.” The little boy immediately refused to comply. He also wanted to experience the feeling of sleeping with both his daddy and mommy.

A faint blush stained Cheng Liyue’s cheeks. She glanced at the man and saw him eating the food on his plate gracefully, more composed than she was at the moment.

The little boy immediately resorted to using his charm. Sticking the palm of his hands together, he said with a pout, “Mommy, please!”

Cheng Liyue was in a quandary. Suddenly, a deep, magnetic voice cut in, “Just agree!”

Cheng Liyue immediately lifted her head to gaze at the man in horror. “No way.”

She could promise her son anything, but sleeping together with this man was something she could not agree to.

Was the little boy someone who could be treated frivolously? The little boy wasn’t ignorant. Daddy and mommy were not as loving towards each other as he had imagined. He wanted to use his best efforts so that they could be more intimate with each other.

“Waaa… ” The little boy stopped eating. Both of his hands clutched together as they rested on his knees as if he was nursing a grievance. Summoning his tears, he began to sob woefully.

Cheng Liyue was taken aback. What was wrong with her son today? Why had he become so disobedient? And he had even started to cry. She couldn’t remember the last time he had cried so miserably.

“I want to sleep together with the both of you. I want to sleep with both daddy and mommy!” The little boy immediately turned on the waterworks.

“Cheng Yuze, if it’s time for a meal, then you’d better eat properly. What are you crying for?” With a delicate face, Cheng Liyue instructed him.

“If mommy doesn’t agree to sleep with daddy, then I won’t eat.” Pursing his lips, the little fellow retorted.

Gong Yexiao narrowed his eyes. He was sharp enough to see right through his son’s façade. He was putting on quite a good show, playing the matchmaker so that his parents could sleep together. His son could be considered to have put in quite the effort.

Chapter 34: Daddy, Mommy, Sleep TL Note: The words ‘narrowed his eyes’ / ‘eyes narrowed’ have now become synonymous with GYX. At this point, I feel like they’re getting overused. If you guys have another way of describing this, I’m open to suggestions!

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