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TL: sleepymaru

Editor: SlowAsLightning

6. Changgong Lee Debuts <2>

Changgong rushed in from the start and took control of the center of the octagon.

Kisub quickly moved towards the center, too. They both threw out a one-two punch without hesitation.

Thwack, thwack!

Kisub staggered.

He had not been punched.

Kisub staggered backwards simply from the force of their arms brus.h.i.+ng together.

The audience cheered. It seemed as if this match would be a good one.

Without losing his composure, Kisub took a backstep.

'He's strong……!'

Changgong was the stereotypical hard puncher.

Kisub would have to approach him slowly.

After rounding the edges of the octagon, Kisub suddenly threw out a lowkick.


A sharp sound rang out.


And another one.

This time it was Changgong's kick.

After being hit by a lowkick, Changgong had immediately responded with one of his own.

'What is this……!'

Kisub flinched.

Changgong's kick was as heavy as his punches. It felt as if he was being hit by a fighter from a higher weight cla.s.s.


Another one of Changgong's kick followed. Kisub had only been hit twice, yet it felt like his thigh was going to burst.

Changgong didn't give him any time to adjust. He attacked Kisub's guard with a one-two punch, finis.h.i.+ng it off with a high kick. Smack! Kisub's upper body bent backwards, so he hastily ran away to the side.

"Changgong! Take it slow! Don't rus.h.!.+"

Dongsub shouted.

"It's just the beginning! Keep your cool! Use the octagon widely!"

Kisub's coach also shouted.

Changgong listened to Dongsub and didn't hurry. But he didn't give Kisub time to regain his composure either. He walked briskly to cut off Kisub's path and drove him slowly backwards towards the cage.

15 seconds since the start.

The audience murmured noisily.

A green rookie was dominating a MMA veteran with 10 matches under his belt.

It wasn't only that either.

Changgong's aura was different from the other fighters. It wasn't something that could be explained in words. On top of the usual excitement of fights, there was also a nerve-wracking tension that seemed like it could erupt at any moment.


Another one of Changgong's lowkicks connected. Kisub could not withstand the power behind the kick, s.h.i.+fting his balance to his side as his leg lifted.

'This b.a.s.t.a.r.d's playing with me……!'

Instead of retreating, Kisub tackled Changgong's lower body. He intended on taking it to the ground.

But that was the worst decision he could make.


It was a chilling sound.

Changgong had kneed Kisub straight in the face.

Kisub fell to the floor with blood spurting out of his face.

That was the end.

The stadium was silent.

The referee, the audience, and even Changgong were momentarily stunned to silence.


The referee threw his body between Changgong and Kisub.


The bell rang belatedly. The match was over.

Round 1. 29 seconds.


Changgong let out a roar.

It was a shocking turn of events.


The audience gave a standing ovation.

No one was sitting.

The kiddo had done it.

He had created a scene on the minor stage reminiscent of world cla.s.s matches. How could anyone stay sitting?


"Yeah! Dongsub! I won! Yeah!"

Changgong ran to his corner and hung onto Dongsub and Doyoon like a monkey.

"I did it! I did it with a lowkick! Yeah!"

"Yeah kid! Good job! You did real good!"

"G.o.d! My knee, into his face! Wow!"

Exactly how happy was Changgong?

Changgong was frothing with excitement. The audience could feel his pure happiness. The cheering and clapping didn't seem like they would end any time soon.

Dongsub's heart raced, too.

He had been the second in many big matches, but the rush from Changgong's match made it feel as if it was his first time seconding again.

This kid makes everyone's heart race every single time he gets into the octagon. He had the qualities that every trainer looked for.

There were only 800 in the arena today, but this was the moment that Changgong's name was made known.

Official match results: Round 1, 29 seconds.

Changgong's TKO victory with a counter knee kick.

Changgong easily won his second match.

His opponent was another weak, seeded pro fighter, and Changgong had steered him to the cage before beating him to a pulp.

He had gotten a TKO by doctor stoppage in only 37 seconds.

Both his matches combined barely pa.s.sed a minute.

His second match had also received a standing ovation. The audience members patted Changgong on the back as he walked out.

It was a great victory, and Changgong made a strong impression on the martial arts fans.

It wouldn't be exaggerating to say that this was the most successful debut match in Korean martial arts history.

Just like that, the curtain fell upon the Golden Glove Interleague Grand Prix semi-finals 4.

"Strike a pose! Sir on the most right, please come in a little bit closer!"

The 4 fighters who made it to the final grand prix were gathered together to take a picture.

Changgong was standing on the way left and repeatedly glanced to the right.

Standing to his right was the octagon girl in booty shorts and a tank top.

'Wow……fu-, jesus……!'

The octagon girl smiled brightly with her hand on Changgong's shoulder. And every time her eyes met Changgong's she would give a flirty grin.

'Dear G.o.d, how could such a slim body hold such big t.i.ts?'

Changgong's heart raced faster than during his match. She smelled nice. He wanted to bury his face in them (in what exactly?).

This was too much stimulation for a hormonal 18 year old youth. There was no reason for Changgong to meet a woman with such a body when he was just a normal high schooler.

"Okay, here we go! One! Two!"


……Wait, two?


At the Fighting Spirit gym in Songdo.

Everyone, the coaches, the athletes, even the regular members, guffawed at the sight of Changgong in the picture with the other qualifiers.

"Don't laugh! What's so funny!"

A red faced Changgong huffed.

"Your face is a masterpiece! You sure you didn't do this on purpose?"

"This guy right here, he's one of a kind."

In the picture in question, Changgong was squinting down his nose like a monkey, stealing a glance at the octagon girl's b.r.e.a.s.t.s.

"What are you going to do about these eyes, man. Seriously."

Some of the coaches were crying from laughter.

"I'll give you a nickname. What do you think of s.e.x maniac fighter? Shorten to s.e.x man."

Daeseung spoke.

"What do you mean s.e.x man! I just happened to look that way."

"No way. Seeing your monkey face, I'm going to have to say that this is in no way coincidental."

Dongsub joined in Changgong's teasing. Finally, Changgong couldn't take it any longer and s.n.a.t.c.h away the photograph before going into the office.

"They should be congratulating me on advancing to the finals……"

Changgong looked at himself in the picture.

But seriously, he could make no excuse for this.

His expressions was really something. He wouldn't be able to remake this expression even if he was paid to.

'That stupid photographer. Who takes a picture at two, not three?'

It was true that he was sneaking peeks at her b.r.e.a.s.t.s. But he only made that weird expression because his nose itched. Frickin A.


The other side of him laughed.

No matter what he looked like, he was still confidently standing in line with the other qualifiers.

Changgong caressed the photo.

He had reached his first goal.

In the bus on the way home, Changgong looked at his bankbook.

'With million from the fight and win money, and a million from the fight of the night (a bonus for the fighter who fought the most interesting fight) to make 2 million won.'

After taking every necessity off, Changgong was left with 1.35 million won. He should have gotten about 1.32 or 1.33, but it seemed as if Dongsub gave him a little extra and made it a clean 1.35.

Including the money he earned from his part-time jobs, Changgong now had a big 4.5 million won saved up.

Changgong felt proud. He had never saved more than a hundred thousand won before.

More than anything, it felt good because he had actually earned the money himself. He could be a big help for his family if he consistently saved up like this.

'If all goes well, we'll be able to pay off the debt…..and my father won't have to do any more hard labor…… and we can move into an apartment……'

Changgong would be able to eat what he wanted to and do what he wanted to. He wouldn't have to worry about money all the time.

'That would be nice……'

Changgong smiled slightly as he dreamt his simple dream.

"I'm back."

"Welcome back."

"The house is clean?"

"Work ended early so I thought I'd do some cleaning."

His son had just come home after fighting, and yet, Seungjeong was watching TV like always.

Changgong had already told his father about the details on the phone right after the matches ended. Seungjeong actually scolded him for going out of the way to call him about such little matters.

"Did you eat?"

"Yes, the people at the gym bought me this and that for fighting a good match."

"That's good. We don't have any food."

Changgong went into his room and unpacked his things.

Seungjeong quietly followed Changgong into his room and silently watched him unpack.


"I just was curious."

Seungjeong awkwardly touched the wall and complained about the wallpaper.

Changgong stripped to his underwear, getting ready to take a shower. Seungjeong still just continued to stare at him.

"Jeez, what is it?"

"I just took a look, kid. Hotheaded as always."


Changgong came out to the living room and drank water from the fridge. Seungjeong followed him to the refrigerator and slyly looked Changgong up and down.

"……Do you have something to say?"

"Not really……but you look fine for having just come back from a fight."

"I barely got hit. I told you. I ended both matches within a minute."

"I get it, kid. I was just checking since it costs money if you're hurt."

"Are you worried?"

"Worried? Look at you, kid. Why would I be worried about you?"

Seungjeong huffed before going into his room.

Changgong smirked.

He really couldn't be honest. He could just say he was worried truthfully.

Changgong glanced into the master bedroom after a quick shower.

"Are you sleeping?"

"I am."

"How can you answer if you're sleeping?"


Changgong entered the room and sat down next to the sleeping Seungjeong.

"Why are you bothering me while I sleep?"


Changgong took out the bankbook.

"What is this?"

"This is the money from the part-time jobs and the fights. Use this to pay off some of the debt. I'll be making more."

Seungjeong was quiet for a moment.

"Who told you to go out and earn money? I'm going to pay off the debt."

"Sheesh, we'll be able to move faster if we pay it off faster. I want to get away from this rotten place already."

"Why would I use your money to pay for my debt?"

"Just use it. I'm too busy training to use it anyways."

"What do you mean you're to busy. A man could meet a woman when he's out in society……"

"Whatever. Take in or not, it's your choice. I've clearly made my offer."

Changgong took his leave, but poked his head in one more time.

"The pin is 6324. Leave a little just in case though."


Seungjeong turned on the lights and checked the balance.

"……That kid, getting all puffed up over this tiny amount."

It wasn't a little.

It was 4.5 million won. It would make a big difference for them. It was 1.5 times Seungjeong's monthly salary.

But Seungjeong couldn't just take the money his son had worked hard for. He took the bankbook and hid it deep inside his dresser.

'I'm proud of that kid, already worrying about the family, He's all grown up.'

"But anyways, why's that kid so unemotional?"

-I can hear everything!

"……his ears are uselessly bright."

Changgong obviously took after his father.

They both were embarra.s.sed to express their emotions, so the father couldn't convey his worries, while the son beat around the truth.

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