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Chapter 147.2
Chapter 147: Disappointed and Will not eat her (Part 2)

Xiao Tianyao wanted to take off the mask over his face, but he hasn’t made a move when Lin Chujiu stops him. Lin Chujiu leaned over to his body and said: “Wangye, don’t move. I will not harm you.”

While whispering those words gently over his ears, Lin Chujiu’s soft body was leaning against him. Xiao Tianyao felt an electricity swept passed through his body, so in just a few seconds, he stops resisting.

All right, he will trust Lin Chujiu!

“Thank you, Wangye for cooperating. Just relax, we’ll finish soon” In order to stop Xiao Tianyao from moving, Lin Chujiu lie her body next to Xiao Tianyao. Then, she used his shoulder as a pillow and speaks naturally over his ear.

Xiao Tianyao felt itchy, but he didn’t find it annoying. And instead, he obediently listens to his instinct and embraces Lin Chujiu with his arm: So soft!

With Lin Chujiu lying next to him, Xiao Tianyao completely becomes helpless. And at this point in time, he felt dizzy and his eyelids become heavier. Xiao Tianyao’s high speed brain becomes dull… …

And so, he finally calmed down.

Lin Chujiu sighed in relief inside her heart when the anesthesia had completely taken it effect.

The anesthesia didn’t let her wait for too long, but if… …

Xiao Tianyao who was in a deep sleep, suddenly awakened. His mouth was covered by a mask, so he won’t be able to speak. But his eyes that were sharp as a knife will definitely shot her and tell her in silence: You’re dead. 

Although it was only her anticipation, Lin Chujiu felt scared to see Xiao Tianyao’s sharp eyes, so she lies a bit longer beside him before she stood up.

“Huh … … what a terrible man.” Just by thinking Xiao Tianyao’s sharp eyes, Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but shiver. And so, she just busily stops administering anesthesia.

After all, if she administered too much anesthesia and Xiao Tianyao didn’t wake up, she’ll be very miserable.

After taking off the face mask and watching Xiao Tianyao in a deep sleep. Lin Chujiu who was still terrified of Xiao Tianyao felt worried: When Xiao Tianyao woke up, he will not eat me alive, right?

After thinking of this possibility, Lin Chujiu really felt terrible!

However, she shook her head and dare not to think about it. Because she wanted to focus on today’s surgery.

“Doctor Wu, you can come inside now.” After putting back the anesthesia machine inside the medical system. Lin Chujiu shouted.

“Coming.” Doctor Wu loudly shout one word before coming into the operating room. However, before going in, he put on the same dress as Lin Chujiu.

“Put on these gloves too.” Lin Chujiu passed a pair of surgical gloves to Doctor Wu, so he could wear it.

“This thing is really good, it’s wrapping up my hands but it feels likes there was nothing. It’s very convenient” Doctor Wu sweet talking while looking at Lin Chujiu. Hoping her to give him several pairs more, but… …

Lin Chujiu acted like she didn’t hear anything.


Doctor Wu who felt depressed grunted. But, it didn’t affect his mood to work. He still wanted to meet Lin Chujiu’s expectation. 

“Cut Wangye’s pants.” Originally, Lin Chujiu wanted Xiao Tianyao to personally take off his pants, leaving only his underwear, but… …

After a having a hard time in administering anesthesia, Lin Chujiu lost her gallbladder.

Well, she admits her courage is not big, but also she’s afraid of Xiao Tianyao.

“Um … Wangfei, cut up to, which part?” Doctor Wu who was holding the scissors couldn’t start.

Their Wangfei is bad. Because if their Wangye learns that he was the one who cuts his pants and expose his thighs. He will definitely kill him… …

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