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Chapter 185.1
Chapter 185: Teasing, don’t want to owe people (Part 1)

No accident happened, it’s just Lin Chujiu’s wound was stretched!

It wasn’t really serious, but when it got stretched, it was painful. Lin Chujiu eyes got teary. Her right hand was still pressing Demon Lord’s shoulder, while her left hand was on his wound. So, she curled up her body a bit and gasp for breath to ease the pain.

“You… …” Demon Lord stretched out his hand to hold her, but Lin Chujiu rejected him: “Don’t move. Your bones just connected. If it dislocated again, you’ll be in trouble. So, take it easy.”

The medical system is truly deceptive. She was hurting like this, but it didn’t let her go. It seems it wanted to push her to death and reincarnate.

“Mmm.” Demon Lord was

really obedient, he didn’t make another move.

After a quarter of an hour, Lin Chujiu finally managed to relieve her pain. Then, she hardens her body and put medicine on Demon Lord’s shoulder. Lin Chujiu handed the bandage to Demon Lord and said: “Wrap it up, then leave. I can’t use my left hand anymore. Go and find another doctor to treat you as soon as possible. Once you treated, you’ll be fine in half a month or so.”

Lin Chujiu was not trying to push away Demon Lord in a hurry, but if he won’t leave. How is she going to treat her wounds?

Demon Lord wrapped the bandage around his shoulder for multiple times. Lin Chujiu checked it again, then nodded her head: “Its good, you can go now.”

However, Demon Lord didn’t leave.

leave. He carries Lin Chujiu back to the bed and commanded: “Take off your clothes.”

“Huh… …” Lin Chujiu was dumbfounded. She weakly asked: “Demon Lord, are you this hungry?” He can’t even spare a disabled woman? How long did he hold his hunger? 

“What are you thinking? This lord asked you to take off your clothes, to give you medicine.” Demon Lord almost wanted to knock Lin Chujiu’s head in anger.

“Cough, cough …” Lin Chujiu coughed twice and said: “No, I can do it myself.” Well, it’s true, she was thinking too much. How could this overbearing lord get attracted to her? But, she really cannot understand it, why this man always pop up in front of her?

“This lord doesn’t like to owe people. You help this lord, so this lord will now help you.”

help you.” After saying his righteous words, Demon Lord didn’t wait for Lin Chujiu’s approval. He started removing her clothes.

Lin Chujiu wanted to hide. But, in front of this lord with bloody red eyes. She couldn’t dare to move at all. She just let this devil stripped her clothes.

At this moment, Lin Chujiu was really fortunate. She wrapped a white cloth over her chest. It’s not because she wanted to disguise herself as a man, but she wants to protect her wound. When she hadn’t wrapped her chest, whenever she undress, she felt very awkward.

Lin Chujiu could only bear her chest to be exposed. Although she grew up in the future, she couldn’t bear to be fully naked in front of a stranger. 

Demon Lord admits that he was disappointed when he sees Lin Chujiu’s sees Lin Chujiu’s chest were wrapped in a white cloth. On the other hand, he was relieved: This woman is very careful. No wonder she didn’t refuse this lord. It turns out she’s prepared.

Similarly, Demon Lord could only use his right hand. But, he was more flexible and experienced than Lin Chujiu. He did not only removed the bandages clearly but also cleanly wipe the old medicine. Then, he put the medicine.

These are all done with one hand?

Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but asked: “Young Master Demon Lord, are you also a doctor?”

Lin Chujiu is really not comfortable to just call him by his name. Demon Lord would like to emphasize this issue again, but he sees Lin Chujiu more at ease this way.

Well, one way or another, his name is still there.

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