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Lin Chujiu was calm from the beginning to the end. She didn’t seem got affected by the Empress words. However, only she knew that her back was full of sweat.

The Empress’s words were cold and has killing intent.

When the carriage came out of the palace gate, Lin Chujiu took a deep breath, to calmed down her frightened heart: “What Imperial Concubine Zhou had said is right. I should stay away in the palace as much as possible.”

If she didn’t listen to the medical system and enter the palace. She may not fall into this dilemma.

On the way back, only Lin Chujiu was inside the carriage. But, she doesn’t want to sleep. She keeps thinking about the Empress’s words.

Lin Chujiu knew that the Empress had now finally ended treating her like her own people. In the Empress opinion right now, she has betrayed her when she cured Third Prince Xiao Zian’s disease. The Empress dissatisfaction was normal, but… …

The Empress's warning today was too sharp and straightforward. It was not like her usual style. And what good will it bring to the Empress, aside from showing her resentment to her?

Similarly, the old mama in the garden house also asked the Empress: “Niangniang, there isn’t any benefit to get by showing your disgust to Xiao w.a.n.gfei, right?”

“Bengong doesn’t need benefits. With this pressure of survival, Xiao w.a.n.gfei will try to become stronger and stronger. Bengong will wait for her to grow up more.” Xiao w.a.n.gye’s legs were now good, Lin Chujiu cannot leave the capital easily. Even if she lead those people to her door, it will be very difficult.

Now, Lin Chujiu was smart enough. She also pushed her to the most dazzling position. Those people will definitely come to find her.

“For the sake of my little seven, bengong should live well.” The Empress’s finger moved gently, but another purple peony fell on the ground… …

When Lin Chujiu returned to the Xiao w.a.n.gfu, Xiao Tianyao hasn’t returned yet. But as for his whereabouts? 

Housekeeper Cao didn’t mention it, so she didn’t ask. Lin Chujiu knew that she was not the master of the Xiao w.a.n.gfu. She was not qualified to ask about Xiao Tianyao’s activity.

Lin Chujiu returned to her room and still thought about the Empress’s words. She also couldn’t understand why she keeps thinking about it. Why did the Empress choose that disgusting way to warn her?

Lin Chujiu had some worries in her heart, so she didn’t ask about Xiao Tianyao. Until she woke up the next day and didn’t found traces Xiao Tianyao sleeping beside her. Lin Chujiu curiously asked: “w.a.n.gye didn’t came back last night?”

When Qiuxi heard Lin Chujiu’s question about their w.a.n.gye, her eyes brightly s.h.i.+ne and said: “Replying to w.a.n.gfei, w.a.n.gye didn’t come back last night. But, Young Master Su Cha came over last night and said that w.a.n.gye has urgent things to do. w.a.n.gfei should not to worry, for w.a.n.gye will come back tomorrow.”

“… …” When did she worry about him?

Lin Chujiu didn’t explain herself. Explaining was useless anyway, so she just let them misunderstand her.

Because Xiao Tianyao was not in the house, Lin Chujiu was relatively free. Xiao Tianyao had said before to the others that she was free to leave the Xiao w.a.n.gfu. Lin Chujiu was not polite. She looked for Housekeeper Cao and told him that she will go out for a walk.

“w.a.n.gfei…” Housekeeper Cao’s facial expression was very difficult to tell.

Their w.a.n.gye was not in the house, so why did their w.a.n.gfei choose to leave right now? Is their w.a.n.gfei wanted to see him being scolded by their w.a.n.gye?

“What? I can’t?” Lin Chujiu asked. Her voice was not big, but Housekeeper Cao felt uneasy. He always felt that if he refused Lin Chujiu’s request, he will end up unlucky.

No… … w.a.n.gye will be unlucky!

Housekeeper Cao didn’t want her to go, but he still said: “w.a.n.gfei, you can go anytime, it’s just… …”

“Just what?” As long as she can go out, she can compromise.

If she can’t eat a big one at once, she can eat slowly. One day, she will have an absolute freedom.

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