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Even after Lin Chujiu left, the people on the street still didn’t disperse for a long time. They all shared their joy in seeing Xiao Tianyao at a close range.

Meng Xiuyuan smiled a little and sat back for a while.

No accident happened. So, when Meng Xiuyuan went outside and appeared on the street, the people stared back at him once again. Meng Xiuyuan has long been used to it, so he was calm. He didn’t show an annoyed look, he only calmly got on the carriage and headed for the other side of the street.

When he arrived at the annex that was arranged in East Country, the time was already late. But, Meng Daren went to look for him: “Xiuyuan, have you think about it?” It was only natural to ask for his opinion about Divine Doctor Mo’s proposal.

Meng Xiuyuan nodded his head, indicating that he had thought of it.

“What is your decision?” Meng Daren has always been calm, but he had to speed things up today.

Meng Xiuyuan shook his head without hesitation: I don’t want to accept!

“You refused? If you missed this opportunity, you may never be able to speak.” Meng Daren wanted to persuade his son, but Meng Xiuyuan's decision was firm. He shook his head and moved his lips slightly, but no sounds came out. 

“Xiuyuan, what do you want to say?” Meng Daren knows his son’s pride very well. His son knows how to do sign language, but he never used it.

Meng Xiuyuan got up and searched for an ink, then he wrote some words on the paper at the top of the table: ‘Ci Entang’

“What happened to the Ci Entang?” Meng Daren was puzzled. What was the relations.h.i.+p between this and Divine Doctor Mo’s treatment?

Meng Xiuyuan wrote another word on paper: Check!

“Well, I will check it out. You try to consider it again. I will not give him an answer yet.” Meng Daren still hopes that Meng Xiuyuan changes his mind. But Meng Xiuyuan didn’t say anything.

Once he made a decision, it was hard to change it.

Lin Chujiu was holding a child when she came to the hospital with Housekeeper Cao. The hospital’s courtyard was not big, but it can accommodate dozens of children.

The servants in Xiao w.a.n.gfu cleaned up the house. The guardsmen carried simple bed and put on some soft mats. The maidservants boiled some water, then bathe the children and change their clothes.

There were no children in Xiao w.a.n.gfu. So naturally, there were no children clothes. The embroidery mama cannot provide enough clothes for the meantime, so they wrapped big clothes to the other children. Just enough for them to withstand cold.

The children were washed one by one, and then they were brought to Lin Chujiu to be check. If the child has fever and phlegm, they will be placed in the ward for fever, cold and other contagious diseases.

As soon as the children were divided according to their condition. Lin Chujiu began to busy herself.

Chunxi and Qiuxi rubbed the medicine to the children’s rashes, while Lin Chujiu gave the children medicine for fever and cold.

From time to time, Lin Chujiu was looking after the baby with pneumonia. But in the end, she can only place him in the infectious ward. Otherwise, if she brought him to the other room, the other children will get infected.

There were dozens of children, but only Lin Chujiu was treating them. There were no nurses present, so Lin Chujiu was very busy. Housekeeper Cao tried to talk to Lin Chujiu for several times, but Lin Chujiu ignored him. Looking at how busy their w.a.n.gfei was, Housekeeper Cao looked sad.

Their w.a.n.gye already asked him several times if Lin Chujiu will go back to the Xiao w.a.n.gfu. Their w.a.n.gye must be very upset by now.

“w.a.n.gfei… …” When Lin Chujiu pulled the injection to the baby with pneumonia, Housekeeper Cao finally received a reply: “Housekeeper Cao, do you have something to say? I am very busy right now. Let’s talk when we get back.”

w.a.n.gfei I know that you are very busy, but…

“w.a.n.gfei, w.a.n.gye is asking when will you go back?” Housekeeper Cao didn’t say that their w.a.n.gye was urging her to go back in Xiao w.a.n.gfu immediately.

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