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The midday sun in the winter warmed the air.

When they arrived at the forbidden forest, XunMi immediately felt a sinister atmosphere infiltrating the air. It was as if something was blocking it from escaping, leading it to wander idly.

“Before this resentful air hadn’t even appeared. Now, it’s getting thicker and thicker.” Luo Ling explained to XunMi and HanShuang. Every time he came here, he ended up sighing. Since coming back here, the younger generation had been coming with the seniors to strengthen the seal. Luckily, there was a savior for them now.

The group arrived at the outskirts of the forbidden forest. XunMi knew immediately that this place emitting the black energy was where the seal was.

There was a layer of what seemed to be a firm golden boundary that stopped those things from breaking out.

“Teacher, that black stuff is so ugly. They’re just like those white bugs.” Ouyang HanShuang rubbed her arms in disgust and moved closer to XunMi. She could just imagine all this black gas forming together to make an ugly malevolent human face staring sinisterly at her.

XunMi stepped forward and placed her hand on the golden boundary barrier. "This seal isn't broken, just loosened." If it was split open, they would need to either restore or recreate a seal. But if it was just loosened, it would only need to be restored and strengthened.

But when she touched the golden barrier, she had felt an incredibly strong yang energy fluctuation, as if it could burn up everything.

“Then let’s begin. Young girl, since you have the sacred flame ability, you would at least be a soul senior, right? We’ll first clean up the dark energy around the loosened edges of the seal. When it’s a good time, you guys can restore the seal. The best method should be to first use the sacred flame to burn the dark energy and then to deal with the seal. But…” GongZi LiRen looked at the dark energy emitting within the golden barrier and sighed.

There was too much demon energy. She would waste an abnormal amount of spiritual power using sacred flame. Forget it, they would fix the seal first before approaching this problem.

XunMi knew that the seal was just a temporary result to a permanent problem. It would be best to completely wipe out the demon energy entirely.

“Let me try.” XunMi said to GongZi LiRen. She simply nodded at GongZi Su, who was holding her hand and attempting to stop her.

“HanShuang, prepare the medicinal pills for me.”

Ouyang HanShuang acted quickly. She took a huge pile of pills and placed it to the side. She then pulled out a small table and positioned all the pills she will use on top of it. Then, she sat herself atop the table close to her teacher, prepared to feed her DaHuan pills at any moment.

The others looked at each other. What kind of strange duo is this, where did they get so much medicinal pills? Based on the aroma floating from them, it was clear that every one of them was high quality!

GongZi Su saw that XunMi had decided so he simply stood by her side to silently protect her from behind.

GongZi LiRen called on the other seniors to begin. XunMi continued to stare at the seal. Seeing the demon energy begin to spread from the loosened section, a blazing red fire burst out of the palms of her hands and rushed into the small crack of the barrier. Soon, crashing sounds could be heard from within.

The golden barrier was inflicted with a passionate red, lighting up the area. Boundless energy swept across the dark gas.

For two hours, XunMi’s face went from deathly pale white to a rosy energetic red as HanShuang continuously fed her DaHuan pills before the massive ball of demon energy finally shrank to the size of a thumb.

Then, XunMi flew a few more flames out before beginning to work on the seal with GongZi Su. When the seal disappeared completely into the ground, the resentful air surrounding the forest also left without a trace.

The gloomy atmosphere suddenly brightened. The dead wood resurrected as healthy trees. Green grass and flowers bloomed from the soil. Birds chirped together in the forest. All of these these signs was telling them that they succeeded.

“We’ve finally defeated this demon energy. Eldest, we won!”

“It’s been over a thousand years, but we can finally stop worrying about this burden on our backs!”

“I need to go back home and pack. I can go to the outer world now, let’s go!”

Everyone cheered. They were filled with excitement and joy.

XunMi and GongZi Su watched the others with satisfied smiles.

“This fellow, the iron tree is finally blooming. I’ve seen you smile more today than in your previous twenty years combined.” The second uncle they had met on XunMi’s way to GongZi Su’s residence teased him.

GongZi Su didn’t respond, only smiling. “Mi’er, this is second uncle.”

“Hello second uncle. I am XunMi,” XunMi obediently modded her head in greeting.

“Good good good. The younger generation has surpassed the old.” Second uncle praised. If not for this fragile looking young girl today, they would have suffered many more hardships.

“Second uncle, I’ll bring Mi’er back to rest first,” GongZi Su carried XunMi up in his arms. Although she had taken many DaHuan pills, her face was still too pale. She had used too much spiritual power, it was best for her to rest for a while.

“Go, go.” Second uncle waved his hand.

The issue was settled so everyone began leaving together. A problem that had stressed the clan and threatened the entire TianZe mainland for over a thousand years was finally put to rest.

As the crowd left, they completely missed seeing a dark red gas flash underneath the golden barrier.

XunMi woke up in a beautiful room situated within a tree. Vines wrapped around the walls as flowers bloomed from them. Under the sunlight, the green leaves shined like emerald jade, making people believe that they’ve perhaps walked into some kind of wonderland.

XunMi stepped her bare feet onto the white furry rug and walked to sit down by the door. She placed her feet over the ledge, swaying them back and forth as she watched a white fox chasing after a red DuoWei demon beast.

“Why are you up, you’re not even wearing shoes.” When GongZi Su returned with a bag of Mengluo fruits, he saw a red figure smiling peacefully. His heart immediately melted.

He leaped onto the tree and brought a washed Mengluo fruit to her lips.

XunMi looked at GongZi Su’s hand and took a big bite of the Mengluo fruit. Sweetness erupted in her mouth and heart.

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