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Originally, Zongzheng Mufeng had wanted to kidnap XunMi to his bedchamber. However, XunMi refused using the excuse of being tired after a long day. Based on her understanding of her man, if she entered that room there was no way she would be sleeping anywhere except on his bed! She didn’t want to not be able to get out of bed tomorrow so she could only disappoint her man for now. With a smile on her face, she shrank into her sheets and comfortably drifted into sleep.

On the other side of the wall, Zongzheng Mufeng didn’t have such good luck. His mind was filled with continous flashes of his belle’s image. When he did eventually fall asleep, he had a wet dream. The scene in the dream was truly seductive. He had covered her beautiful fair skin completely with red marks. Enticed, he couldn’t bear to stop, causing him to harden.

Looking at little Mufeng standing valiantly and full of vigor, Zongzheng Mufeng resignedly went outside to take a cold bath. He murmured in his heart, after helping her get revenge, she’ll definitely want to give her heart to me. Then, he’ll definitely eat to his fullest.

But currently, after one whole bucket of cold water, it still…aiya.

Meanwhile, in the Crown Prince’s Estate. Under the influence of Xiao Xiang’s aphrodisiac pill, the female lead was currently making love to her new groom. The loud noises made the servant girl standing outside on night duty blush. Xiao Xiang’s head drooped to mask her elation. These two shameless people dared to scheme against her Miss? Thankfully, Young Miss knew in advance or else…

Xiao Xiang raised her head, looking at the night sky. She couldn’t wait for tomorrow to arrive.

At the break the dawn, a ear-screeching shriek rang through the crown prince’s estate.

“How could this happen? Where’s my young miss? Where’s my young miss?” Xiao Xiang and two other maids entered the bedroom to wait upon the crown prince’s new bride. But when they saw the face of crown princess, Xiao Xiang dropped the water basin in her hands with a thud and immediately drawing attention to her words.

So this was instead the shameless Eldest Miss? Tsktsktsk.

Although the female lead was in popular demand with men, but amongst women she was an person that elicited hatred and loathing. She portrayed a seemingly standard Young Miss, yet she was always revealing her face in public and even seducing men. She was an embarrassment to other women.

The still drowsy Wenren Yunfei was fully awoken by Xiao Xiang’s screech. She angrily yelled, “How dare you! Why are you making so much noise so early in the morning? Go away!” Seeing Eldest Miss’ bad temper, the maids could only feel disgust. What were all the rumors about have a good temper, of being kindhearted?

Xiao Xiang had achieved the goal and found no need to stay for any longer. Pushing away the others, she ran out. On her way out, she didn’t forget to stab into Wenren Yunfei once again, “Young Miss, Young Miss, where are you? Right, I must find Madam, must find the Prime Minister. I must go find them!”

Wenren Yunfei blankly stared at Xiao Xiang’s escape, not able to react. Only when she saw the look on the faces of the maids standing by her bedside did she realize she wasn’t in her own bedroom. Where was this?

Wait. What did that damn Xiao Xiang just say? That bitch Wenren XunMi was missing? Hehehe, what happy news to start off the day.

Zongzheng Haotian had been waiting for the crown princess, finally losing his patience and angrily coming to find her himself. When he came in, he saw that the crown princess was still in bed and a few maids were standing stiffly. “What are you doing? Why aren’t you helping her get ready? Can you handle the blame if we are late to the palace?” In his head, he cursed Wenren XunMi a thousand times. If she wasn’t the legitimate daughter, he would never marry her. At least last night’s taste was still at least joyful.

Wenren Yunfei heard a familiar voice, turning her head in surprise, “Crown prince gege?” What’s happening? Why would crown prince gege be here? Hold on, where exactly was this?

“Fei’er?” Zongzheng Wutian was also surprised. He immediately understood: the one he wedded yesterday was his lover. But how did this happen? The two saw the shock in each other’s eyes, completely at a lost.

But before they had a chance to talk, news came informing them of the emperor’s summons.

XunMi was ruthless. This time, she decided to pay back the original Wenren XunMi’s tragedies all in one move. Bright and early, XunMi and An wang left for the prime minister estates.

Rather than going to morning court, An wang had headed for the prime minister estates, even bringing along a woman. Those who heard the news in court were all left very curious, sending off a servant or two to make some discrete inquires about the situation.

XunMi stood at the prime minister’s gates. When the guards at the gate saw An wang, they had hastily gone to notified the Prime Minister. Soon, the Prime Minister wearing his court uniform came out along with the rest of the family. Seeing her mother in the mix, XunMi let out a breath in relief. Before she could speak, Xiao Xiang came running.

Seeing the Prime Minister, Xiao Xiang kneeled with a thud, not caring who else was around. She quickly relayed the situation, “Prime Minister, I beg you to please help Young Miss. Yesterday was Young Miss and the crown prince’s wedding day. Yet, the one who went through the ceremony with the crown prince  wasn’t Young Miss. Instead it was Eldest Miss! I had personally watched Young Miss enter the marriage sedan, those matchmaker aunties can also testify. But this morning, the one in the crown prince’s bedroom was unexpectedly Eldest Miss! My Young Miss is missing so Prime Minister, please help find her!” Xiao Xiang’s performance was topnotch, portraying grievance in her voice and tears.

Shangguan Yan cried out in fear at the news, suddenly fainting in shock. Luckily, Wenren Lu moved quickly and caught her, preventing the Prime Minister’s Madam from crashing onto the floor.

Murmurs began spreading from surrounding people, causing the Prime Minister’s face to darken. He was angry and resentful. How could his eldest daughter be so stupid. Hadn’t they agreed that when the crown prince inherited the throne, she would marry over? How could she act out at this crucial time? Even if she did it, how could she not cover up all the evidence, causing such a big ruckus?

Goddammit, he needed to think carefully how to explain to the emperor how a legitimate daughter suddenly turned into an illegitimate daughter.

When XunMi saw that the performance had reached it’s goal, she stepped forward a bit and took off her muslin veil. Her dazzling looks stunned the people on sight. Even those that were part of the prime minister estate were affected.

She curtesied in the direction of the prime minister, “Father, mother, little brother. Guests and madams.”

Shangguan Yan was pretending from the start so she began to slowly awaken in her son’s arms. Seeing her daughter appear, she immediately ran forward, worriedly checking her body for injuries. “My unfortunate daughter, how could such a thing happen? Tell mother the truth. Mother will put my old life on the line to get you justice.”

In the presence of a prince and so many onlookers, the prime minister couldn’t afford to lose face.

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