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Unwilling to create a blemish on the people’s good impression of him, he couldn’t go against his wife’s words at the moment.

XunMi’s face timely colored with sorrow. She was crying for the original Wenren XunMi. Now, her mother was still alive and she hadn’t walked into that trap. So why wouldn’t she cry tears of joy, why wouldn’t she release her gloomy emotions now?

“Be good, Mi’er, be good. Tell mother, mother will help you get justice. Even if mother is useless, there’s at least your Duke grandfather.” All mothers are strong for their children. Even though the prime minister’s madam never fought or competed with the other concubines, she released a more fierce side in this instant.

Shangguan Yan had spoken to let Prime Minister know that no matter how high his position was, he can’t forget she was from the Duke estates. She was the daughter of the Duke. Wenren Xiang froze for a moment, shocked by this side of his madam. He realized Shangguan Yan’s status wasn’t just any regular aristocratic lady. If he wanted to touch her, he needed to be careful.

After crying, XunMi withdrew from her mother’s embrace. Zongzheng Mufeng timely handed over his handkerchief.

“Thank you.” Lightly expressing gratitude, she received the handkerchief to dry her face of tears. Her face, still moist from tears, and her little red birthmark made onlookers sympathetic. With every step and every word, she was like the most elegant orchid amongst a cluster of flowers. Only now did those watching the show realize that this was the Prime Minister’s second miss.

Who had said she was ugly? If this face was considered ugly, then there wouldn’t be any pretty people. The so-called number one beauty, Prime Minister’s Eldest Miss, probably had only a third of Second Miss’ beauty.

“Mother, father. Daughter could have only come back safely thanks to An wang.”

“What exactly happened?” The prime minister quickly asked. This was the first time that he thought his second daughter was also not simple. If he had trained his second daughter, things might be going more smoothly. But now wasn’t too late. When he settled this matter, he’ll have to have a talk with this daughter of his.

Zongzheng Mufeng flashed with dissatisfaction. This old thing doesn’t even know who he is anymore, how dare he try to scheme of his Belle?

XunMi pretended not to notice the prime minister’s urgent tone, unhurried supporting her mother’s body. She greeted her little brother, then lifted Xiao Xiang from the floor and patted her back comfortingly. “Yesterday I had planned to gift the phoenix pearl that Eldest Sister had wanted to her. So I had Xiao Xiang call Eldest Sister over. But before I could bring it up, I had lost consciousness. When I regained consciousness, it was already midnight. Fortunately, I met An wang. An wang took pity on me and brought me back to the prince’s estate. I had planned to apologize for my inconvenience this morning but I heard that the crown prince had married his crown princess. Father, I could give up anything, even the crown prince. I know that Eldest Sister likes the crown prince. Every time the crown prince visited, Eldest Sister would be inseparable.” Smearing someone’s name into mud, that XunMi could do too.

“But I hadn’t thought that Eldest Sister would be so heartless. I also don’t want to bicker over this, so I’m willing to step back to allow these lovers to be together. But I cannot bear the fact that after wanting to abandon me, she would turn around and harm my mother. Father, I know that you won’t believe me so An wang, I’ll have to trouble you.” XunMi nodded towards her man before stepping back to return to her mother and brother’s side. She took in the interesting expressions on the group of concubines’ faces, especially the female lead’s mother. As expected, she had quickly avoided her gaze with fear.

After hearing her bitter experience, Zongzheng Mufeng had ordered An Yi over to investigate. In the process, An Yi also conveniently kidnapped Second Madam’s confidant/maid Xiao Hong. Under intimidation, she had confessed everything. Now, An Yi dropped Xiao Hong onto the floor before quickly disappearing again.

“I quite admired Second Miss’ proudness and magnanimity, so I decided to get involved in this matter. You all should be very familiar with this Xiao Hong so I will skip introductions. Everyone here is smart.” Zongzheng Mufeng walked forward to kick the person currently playing possum on the floor.

“I’ll spare your life if you tell me everything you know. If you’re not honest…” He didn’t need to finish his sentence. It was enough to give Xiao Hong the scare she needed.

She immediately raised her voice and reported, “Second Madam, please save me. Save me, this was something you and Eldest Miss had instructed me to do. It was Eldest Miss that planned to ruin Second Miss’ reputation because she was jealous that Second Miss was prettier and more talented than her. It was also Eldest Miss that had rallied up Second Madam to go poison Prime Minister Madam so that the Prime Minister would promote Second Madam and then Eldest Miss will become the legitimate daughter. That way, she could marry the crown prince. This was all the Eldest Miss’ strategy! It has nothing to do with me! Please, please, let me go!” Xiao Hong was already scared shitless by last night’s torture,  incoherently blurting out everything she knew.

The Second Madam quickly rushed out, grabbing Xiao Hong and screeched, “You bitch! How dare you frame your master!” She was really about the kill Xiao Hong. With sudden strength, Xiao Hong escaped from Second Madam’s grasps, pushing her off her.

She kneeled and crawled to the Prime Minister’s side and grabbed onto his pant leg. “Prime Minister, Prime Minister. Xiao Hong is speaking the truth. Eldest Miss planned this with the crown prince. They agreed that when she became the crown princess, then she’ll make Prime Minister you help him seize the throne. Ah!” Wenren Xiang harshly kicked her.

He was flustered. It was one thing for this to become a joke amongst commoners, but it was another entirely for such rebellious talks to be leaked. He was trembling from head to toe, how could that Wenren Yunfei be so daring?

Onlookers were all shocked by Xiao Hong’s words. The emperor of country An was still in the prime of his life. Yet the crown prince was already thinking of usurping the throne, even getting a backer in the form of the Prime Minister on standby. He really was planning far ahead.

Before Zongzheng Mufeng even had a chance to do anything, an imperial edict arrived. The emperor requests audience in the palace.

The Prime Minister’s entire face fell ashen, he could already predict the results. No, he couldn’t let a daughter that was going to be abandoned sooner or later bring down the entire prime minister estate.

If An Yi hadn’t been one step ahead and brought over Xiao Hong, the prime minister would have found a way to silence her. XunMi, along with her mother and brother, entered the prince’s carriage. A splendid jade carved pattern decorated the outside. Inside was spacious, with a sheepskin rug covering the floor. In the middle was a tray with pastries and tea. Two formidable Ferghana horses pulled the carriage steadily.

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