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Chapter 27 – General’s Young Lady vs. Transmigrated Illegitimate Younger Sister (26)

“Why did you come?” Gu Shengyin looked at the man who suddenly appeared before her with wide eyes. During this time, shouldn’t he be in the Imperial Palace?

Ji Yu smiled softly: “I can go to the Imperial Palace at any time, but I can not see Ah Zhen at any time.”

Gu Shengyin only felt that this person’s ability to speak words of love was getting better and better.

When the eldest prince returned to the palace, the Emperor held a grand feast in the palace and invited all the influential family officials to attend.Such grandness caused people to become speechless. Everyone was aware that the Emperor was doing this for the eldest prince who had just returned to the palace.

Gu Shenyin was attending this grand feast with her parents.

All eyes on on Ji Yu when he came out with the Emperor.

This was the eldest prince who had lived in the temple for more than a decade? Many people were surprised. They thought that the eldest prince would cower in fear when

being exposed in front of them and not have the slightest demeanor of a prince from Tianjia. However, they hadn’t thought that Ji Yu would be this kind of person.

(T/N: I’m guessing Tianjia is the family name of the Imperial family or the family that is the ruler of Tian Qi Dynasty.)

Could it be that Tianjia’s genes were so formidable? Was the eldest prince’s disposition like this from birth?

Gu Shengyin gazed at Ji Yu in the distance sitting below the Emperor. Today, he was wearing a dark purple robe that outlined his slender figure. His long hair was tied up with a jade crown. His exquisite facial features were revealed. His appearance was good enough to be part of a painting.

As if he had noticed her gaze, Ji Yu suddenly turned his head and met with Gu Shengyin’s eyes. He slowly revealed a smile at her.

Gu Shengyin blinked at him.

“Siii.” She heard the sound of air being inhaled.

(T/N: “Siii” = sound of air sucked between teeth)

Oh my goodness! His Highness Eldest Prince looks really handsome.” The young lady next to her who

who was obviously fascinated by Ji Yu’s smile lowered her head and said to her ear.

Gu Shengyin secretly felt a little proud. This handsome man was already book by Gu Shengyin.

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The end of the palace feast was the most important part. The Emperor personally pulled Ji Yu’s hand and granted him the t.i.tle Yu w.a.n.g.

Once these words were spoken, the group of officials loudly called out this t.i.tle. This was an exclusive t.i.tle, and now the Emperor had granted it to the eldest prince. The Emperor’s meaning was revealed to everybody present.

Moreover, the Empress and the Crown Prince did not attend the feast. This indirectly indicated the Emperor’s att.i.tude.

The eyes of the people looking at Ji Yu already changed. Additionally, many women at the age of marriage started hitting the idea on Ji Yu.

(T/N: They start calculating on how to marry Ji Yu.)

After the feast ended, Gu Shengyin returned to Jiangfu with her parents and did not have time to speak with him.

Yu w.a.n.g’s glory and favor were seen

were seen by everybody.

The Emperor even built a new palace for him. After the prince was granted the t.i.tle w.a.n.g, all other princes were pushed out to their own fu. Only one person was able to remain in the Imperial Palace, the apparent heir to the throne.

The Emperor proposed to give him an Imperial concubine, but Ji Yu stopped him.

Ji Yu’s face turned red: “Son already has a favorite woman.”

The Emperor said: “Oh, which family’s young lady? If her ident.i.ty is suitable, I can bestow your marriage with her. If her ident.i.ty is inappropriate, then I’m afraid I’ll have to wrong her.”

Ji Yu hesitated: “It was the young lady sitting beside Aunt Wencheng that day.”

The Emperor pondered for a bit and suddenly smiled: “I got it! You’re talking about your Aunt Wencheng’s daughter, Qingyang County Lord, Ah Zhen. I watched her grow up as a child and has a good character. If you would like, I can consider bestowing a marriage with her.”

Ji Yu shook his head: “Father, she still doesn’t know me, so the marriage would be too abrupt. I too abrupt. I hope she can have a good opinion of me.”

The Emperor looked at Ji Yu’s blus.h.i.+ng face whose facial features resembled his mother’s face and suddenly thought of those days of him and Ah Yue.

The Emperor laughed: “Okay, okay. You young people like to fall in love with each other. I will pa.s.s down a decree to allow you to study the art of war with Jiang General. This way, you can meet Ah Zhen frequently. My son is this outstanding and would definitely be able embrace the beauty home.” Just a moment ago, he was just probing, after all, Jiang General holds ma.s.sive military power in his hands. If Ji Yu and Jiang General colluded with each other….

However, Ji Yu’s words dispelled the last trace of hesitation in his heart. He a.s.sumed that Ji Yu was a young man in love who was astonished on that day when he saw Ah Zhen’s heavenly appearance, which caused his heart to move.

Ji Yu bowed his head to conceal the cold light in his eyes: “Many thanks to Father.”

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