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Chapter 28 – General’s Young Lady vs. Transmigrated Illegitimate Younger Sister (27)

As a result, Jiangfu had one more frequent visitor since then, and it was the recently announced His Highness Yu w.a.n.g.

Recently, Jiang General was somewhat worried.

This Yu w.a.n.g was indeed a genius, whether is were the troop formations or attack strategies were, he was able to do them all. Jiang General, who usually treasured talents, was extremely satisfied.

However, no matter how satisfying Yu w.a.n.g this person was, Jiang General couldn’t be too favorable towards him.

Ji Yu, this boy, simply didn’t bother trying to conceal the way he looked at Ah Zhen!

There wasn’t a single father who would have a good impression towards a man who wad trying to s.n.a.t.c.h his baby daughter!

What made the general even more depressed was that his wife who was supposed to be on his

side was actually looking at Yu w.a.n.g with a satisfied expression.

“Let’s end it here for today. Does His Highness want to stay in Jiangfu for lunch?” Jiang General heavily asked. (硬邦邦的说道)

“I would be too impolite to refuse Jiang General’s hospitality.” Ji Yu accepted with a smile.

Jiang General was stunned by Ji Yu.

Truthfully speaking, although Ji Yu ran to Jiangfu everyday, the chances of Ji Yu and Gu Shengyin being alone were scarce.

Although the people of Tian Qi Dynasty were relatively open, unmarried men and women must avoid each other.

After Ji Yu left, Princess Wencheng intentionally pulled Gu Shengyin into a room.

“What do you think of Yu w.a.n.g?”

Gu Shengyin was quiet and did not speak.

Princess Wencheng saw her daughter like this and already knew the answer.

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She inwardly sighed: “I

“I can see Yu w.a.n.g is very handsome, and compared with the Crown Prince, he is a lot stronger. Just looking at the Emperor’s appearance these days, I’m afraid the heir to the throne is going to change. Yu w.a.n.g’s future will not be limited. I don’t wish for you to go to that place. You have to think thoroughly and carefully.”

Gu Shengyin looked at Princess Wencheng’s expression, feeling touched and emotional. This woman, towards Jiang Lingzhen, was truly holding her in the palm of her hand.

She couldn’t help but to reach out and cling onto Princess Wencheng, laying her head on her mother’s lap like a child.

Ever since Jiang Lingzhen grew up, she rarely acted like a spoiled child. Princess Wencheng’s nose turned sour. Where would she still remember about the Crown Prince and Yu w.a.n.g? Her heart turned soft

turned soft like water as she looked at her daughter.

There was one month left remaining before the tribes from the Northwest border would come to attack. The Emperor ordered Jiang General, the commander, and Yu w.a.n.g, as the deputy commander, to lead an army of 200,000 soldiers to the West.

The direction of the wind was already obvious. The Crown Prince and the Empress were still confined in their residence. The Emperor sending Yu w.a.n.g to the battlefield was obviously paving the way for him. By the time he triumphantly returns to the capital, Yu w.a.n.g’s prestige would reach the highest level and that would be the time when the Emperor would abandon the Crown Prince.

The day before going into battle, Ji Yu and Gu Shengyin met.

“Ah Zhen,” Ji Yu looked at Gu Shengyin with a burning gaze. “Wait for me. After returning me. After returning with the army and going to morning court covered in glory, I will go to Jiang General to ask for your hand in marriage.”

Gu Shengyin just watched him with a smile.

Ji Yu suddenly sighed and stepped forward to pull Gu Shengyin into his arms.

“Ah Zhen, I can see it. You have feelings for me. I, Ji Yu, love you. One day, I hope I can hear these same words from your mouth.” He said near Gu Shengyin’s ears in a low voice.

Finally, he hugged Gu Shengyin and turned around to leave.

He didn’t look back, so he didn’t know that Gu Shengyin had been staring at his back until he disappeared from her sight.

“System, infact, he did not know that I have said those words countless times in my heart.” Gu Shengyin said silently.

“I, Gu Shengyin, loves Ji Yu.”

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