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Book 6 Chapter 18.9 - Leaving

She understood Li Gaolei too well, knowing that he might very likely be risking his life to delay the enemy, all for the sake of buying her a few minutes to run. Even if there was a slight hope of the two of them successfully breaking out from a pincer attack attack together, he would still choose to stay behind alone and give Li a greater hope of survival. Li Gaolei didn’t say much, most of the time just silently following at Li’s side. As long as he was there, Li would feel extremely at ease. Meanwhile, most of the time, Li would even forget about Li Gaolei, because he wasn’t a man who had a strong urge to survive. This was entirely different from Su, even if it wasn’t intentional, wherever Su was, he would naturally become the center of attention, even if it was only because of his excessively beautiful face.

As soon as Li rushed out a bit of distance, a purple signal bullet fired from behind the hill, immediately leaving her stupefied. This signal bullet meant that he had already withdrew, and that Li should choose a path of escape on her own. Even though she still felt a bit of uneasiness, Li didn’t have time to think too much, instead changing directions and running.

The commander released a cold laugh, reaching out his hand in Li’s direction. Four tanks immediately rushed out from the right and left, moving in a circle towards Li’s direction. The walking soldiers jumped onto the tanks one after another. Li’s full speed sprint was faster than the wheel-type off-road vehicle, but humans weren’t machines after all. Even if she ran faster, she still couldn’t last as long as an off-road vehicle. The commander led the surviving soldiers in pursuit, chasing after her in an unhurried manner. He issued orders on the tactical intelligence system screen in front of him with lightning speed, starting to transfer the surrounding troops towards a further gathering point, outflanking Li’s escape path.

After extensive observation, he had confidence that he already grasped Li’s weakness. The only annoying thing was that male who pinned down a portion of his troops, making the outflanking forces a bit thin, giving Li a very small probability of breaking out. However, from the intelligence he obtained, the male called Li Gaolei was also an important member of the great lakes’ western region, so the benefits of killing him wouldn’t be much less than killing Li.

Of course, Li was irreplaceable, this fact especially true for the commander. He stood on the roof of the command vehicle, watching the beautiful figure leap into the distance. The area in front of his pants was raised high up, the stimulation already beyond what he could suppress. If Li saw this scene, she would definitely feel shock again. It was because even though concocted males still had all functions a man had, due to the control of their emotions, they couldn’t get an erection, the effects similar to mental castration.

Right when he was feeling extremely stimulated, several new military squad numbers appeared on the commander’s tactical intelligence system screen. This was equivalent to a newly established army force, and it was currently moving in this direction! This army’s command authority was lower than the commander’s, and as such, he rather impolitely a.s.sumed command over them, as well as revised their outflanking itinerary, filling in the final gaps in the net.

“Now, you won’t be able to run! I will definitely obtain you, dead or alive!” Under extreme excitement, this commander seemed to be talking to himself almost deliriously.

Several hundred kilometers out, Diaster stared closely at the screen before him with a sneering expression on his face. He watched as the troops he moved over were transferred under a different command authority and then issued a new itinerary. The situation on the tactical map was extremely clear, several troops formed arrows one after another, clearly aiming in front of Li to establish a new line of interception.

The feeling of danger became stronger and stronger, almost all of Li’s fine hairs standing on end. She frantically ran, her hidden stamina erupting from her body bit by bit. The feeling of danger came from almost every direction, indistinct motor rumbling sounds could even be heard from a few directions. Li knew that she might be surrounded.

This made her increase her speed even more, wis.h.i.+ng to jump out before the encirclement was completed. Li didn’t fear death, the things she did during the past few days were even more so constantly dancing with the death G.o.d. However, even though she didn’t care what happened to herself, she couldn’t ignore others, and at the very least, she couldn’t allow herself to die for no reason. Escaping the encirclement, and then turning around to slaughter her way back, seriously injure the enemy, and then retreat again, this was the plan that immediately appeared in her head.

However, this time, Li’s mind just couldn’t calm down, instead twitching with pain.

She knew that she might very well have been fooled by Li Gaolei. Seriously speaking, this was the first time Li Gaolei lied to her.

In the other direction, the completed Scorpion of Disaster army already divided into two troops, each having a first cla.s.s commander leading them towards the designated outflanking position. These concocted commanders’ transfer of soldiers were extremely methodical, setting up layer after layer of interception and outflanking like continuous ocean waves, not giving Li the slightest chance of life.

Ten minutes later, Li already continuously broke through three blockade lines, the wounds on her body already refused to close, droplets of blood flying under the intense battles. The prolonged blood loss made her complexion start to pale. The long blade was still sharp, yet Li felt like it was becoming heavier and heavier. Cutting apart the off-road vehicles began to use up all of her strength, no longer as effortless as in the beginning.

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