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Chapter 39 : 1+1+1+1 = ……..

Me and Jiisha whose HP bar already in red zone is in the middle of a dance. I’m stabbing s.h.i.+darezakura to his forelimb while dodging his claw attack and then running toward his face while drawing a trail of blood.


And then politely sending my hails-of-grat.i.tude-bullets into the mouth of Jiisha that opened wide. Though a slight mistake one will ended up as a food of Jiisha if they’re too late to retreat, as for me, this is a golden chance to feed him with my bullets.

Even more so, it’ll be even more troublesome if he’s using that AOE attack to attack the entire arena again. Midori-san is still in the middle of cooling down after she fired such big magic, s.h.i.+nji HP bar isn’t filled to the brim either. Moreover, Aoi-san song of healing won’t make it in time. This place will become the watershed of this battle. That was my conviction.

「This is――

(~’.’)~To Be Continue Next Week Xp~(‘.’~)



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Real Cheat Online Chapter 39 - 1+1+1+1 =........ summary

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