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As expected, big brother really does worry over me, great, receive the call immediately.

“How are you doing?”

“Great,”Shu Ning was happy.

“Did you have a good lunch?”

“……”His voice was very cold, compared to usual it was more……icy? Shu Ning immediately noticed that something was wrong so he held his tongue.

“Answer me.”

“……”Those two wears were said with so much weight, he’s questioning me? Shu Ning felt a bit depressed on the spot and he pursed his lips.

“Is he good?”


“Du du du du du……”He hung up.

Other than his first sentence, Shu Ning did not speak after that, because he didn’t know what to say, there was nothing he could say, what was up with Shu Heng’s att.i.tude? Or does he think I’m planning to murder him with Shu Zi Xuan?

Maybe I’m thinking too much, maybe Shu Heng wasn’t even suspicious and he was just angry that I may have been in danger or trouble.

But his “did you have a good lunch” already made it quite clear, why did Shu Ning eat with Shu Zi Xuan? Of course he had a good meal during lunch, Shu Zi Xuan was catering to me like I was his grandfather throughout the entire thing, it was great. Stuff like peeling prawns can be quite a torture, he peeled an entire plate and even his hands got all red and sticky, even a fool could see that it was so hard to bear for Shu Zi Xuan that he didn’t even eat much.

That was his enemy from his past life, originally he wanted to torture him on the long term, Shu Ning will be at ease as long as his enemies are doing terribly. But as soon as he recalls that Shu Zi Xuan was after Shu Heng’s life, Shu Ning changed his plants. Thinking about it, if he joined him he would be able to know Qin Yu Zhuo and Shu Zi Xuan’s full plans and he would be able to help Shu Heng right?

Do you think it’s that easy to be an underdog? Just one wrong step will send you flying, someone who had died once before really wouldn’t want to put themselves in any more danger. Thinking about all this made Shu Ning’s head buzz, and it hurt very much, maybe it’s time to go out for a stroll. After coming to the capital for so long he’s always been depressed because he had to separate with Shu Heng, it shouldn’t be this way.

You’re born again, you have to be optimistic and be better than everyone else.

Spend money, go, so where did Shu Ning go to in such a vigorous manner? It was only the real estate agency (⊙﹏⊙)

It’s almost six o’clock soon, the uncle with thought he was a small child looking at some houses for his uncle who was returning soon from overseas, he’ll be easy to convince so he wanted to cheat him into buying a house where someone had died in once before, earning a good fortune before going home after work would be great! But unfortunately Shu Ning wasn’t buying it, he asked a few questions and turned to look at the prices of the other houses instead.

In fact, in front of Shu Heng, Shu Ning was just a speck of dust, he was simply just a fool, but in front of anyone else, his intelligence was quite there. Land is gold nowadays, this was heaven for Shu Ning who already knew what path the world will take in twenty years.

He looked at houses and land, the Shu clan’s largest business was real estate so Shu Ning was best in this field, and he also knew that this was an easy way to earn money. Even if he had the memories, he wasn’t omnipotent, Shu Ning stayed very vigilant, he chose several houses and wanted to go over to scout the area, he took a look at the land too, none of them were suitable.

The agent looked down on him at first, thinking that the game was over, he was just a kid, he probably doesn’t even know how to wash his own socks. And then only a short moment had pa.s.sed when a man walked over and stood behind Shu Ning, saying a few words occasionally, he didn’t seem like a relative but rather……like a bodyguard or something, was that kid the son of an official?

Possibly, all the rich kids were riding BMWs or something, but this kid seems to have come by taxi, normally even if their dads weren’t in a high position they would only have one car at home, it wasn’t enough.

Well whatever, it’s fine as long as he has the money to buy a house, who cares which hole he crawled out from? Shu Ning did not object to seeing the houses immediately, the agent called over a guy called Xiao w.a.n.g and had him drive him over to see the house. It takes till about eight something these days for the sky to turn dark, there should be enough time.

Shu Ning knew how things worked here, while driving, Xiao w.a.n.g kept blabbing on, seriously trying to schmooze with him, if he really had the experience he may have convinced the little guy that they were fellow villagers from the countryside and they’d be crying together.

The house that Shu Ning was looking at was in the campus district next to the city, he walked a few rounds but didn’t buy it immediately. Xiao w.a.n.g was quite disappointed, although houses at the campus district was more expensive, they were quite popular, but this place was in quite a remote area. WHile driving out from the right side of the school, Shu Ning saw a rather large plot of empty land, it was suitable for investments, there were quite a lot of broken old houses next to it, there were no penthouses on top of them. WHen another decade, most single-storey houses would have penthouses, relocation would cost a fair bit of money. Shu Ning narrowed his eyes at that moment and seemed to be lost in his thoughts.

Ten million……is probably enough to buy that empty plot, he could probably try to arouse Shu Heng interests with the houses beside it.

You cheap a.s.s!

Weren’t you angry with him?

Why would you need to put him into your plans?

Shu Ning had a bit of a headache again, he raised his right hand and touched his temple, the bodyguard sitting beside him immediately asked Xiao w.a.n.g to talk to less, we needed to consider which house we wanted to buy in peace. Xiao w.a.n.g said okay but that was not what he felt in his heart, d.a.m.n poor people, you don’t even have a car and you want me to shut up? You’re afraid of feeling bad from me working so hard talking so much aren’t you, sigh~

If Shu Ning bought it he would be poor again, unless he turned it over to someone else, but it couldn’t be done immediately, but Shu Ning recalled the prosperity that would come in a few years, some agricultural universities would move in, as well as architecture universities, he’ll buy this whole plot and build a pedestrian crossing, there will be buildings on both sides and two blocks down would all be filled with storefronts.

As for the engineering team, he could look for his uncle’s foreman for a discussion, he just might have the insight to build himself his own piece of heaven, he’ll start a company when that time comes and it’ll be easy for Shu Ning to continue expanding his business.

It was already nine when he returned home, Shu Ning was more at ease now but he still hadn’t the appet.i.te to eat, when the car pa.s.sed a street stall for grilled food, that depressing feeling in his heart was even more overflowing.

Shu Heng, you’re so hateful. You’ll like me when you want to, and hug me when you want to, you’ll kiss me when you want to, you’ll treat me well when you want to, and you’ll also hate me whenever it pleases you, what do you take me as?

A pet? Humph……

The room was dark, if you stuck your hand out you wouldn’t be able to see your fingers, Shu Ning was familiar with everything in there so he was able to find the bed even with his eyes closed.

But when he really sat on the bed, two hands suddenly stretched over and pulled him in, Shu Ning was so shocked that he screamed, his eyes had even widened into circles, the only person who could make a surprise attack here could only be Shu Heng himself, why was he back? Is he here to arrest me for my crimes? Can he tell me why before he does?

“Brother, not so rough!”

Shu Heng held him tight, everywhere his hands touched, were done with much force, the person in his arms was trembling, seeming very uneasy. Shu Heng’s voice was extremely husky:”I’ve been waiting for a long time.”

“Then why did you hang up on me?”

“You weren’t speaking.”

“……”My fault again →-→

“What’s so good about Shu Zi Xuan?”


“What’s good about him? You sucked on his fingers, were the prawns so good?”

No, when did I suck his fingers? Shu Ning was furious, he couldn’t push Shu Heng away so he could only retort with his speech:”What the h.e.l.l are you joking about? When did I suck his fingers? You’re disgusting.”

“Say it one more time?”Shu Heng’s veins were popping out from his forehead, his heart was seething with rage when he heard the report.

‘What’s going to change if I say it again?”Shu Ning straightened his body, in the darkness of the room he was slightly taller than Shu Heng, he yelled in high spirits:”Look at you, my mother and those from the second house are thinking of knocking you out for good, why would I have to wrong myself if not for you? If I treat you any better I’d wu wu wu……”d.a.m.n, he didn’t say anything and kissed right on the lips, can’t you do it somewhere else.

Shu Ning just opened his mouth and wanted to tell him to screw off but the tongue went in again, oh s.h.i.+t……his mind turned blank in an instant, he was dumbfounded.

Shu Heng curled himself around the little tongue and retreated immediately, although he still wasn’t done, it’s still no good to do bad things:”I didn’t mean to do that.”

Shu Ning who was about to turn aggressive:”……”So it’s my fault again?

“Shu Zi Xuan was your brother too, I’m just worried……”

Shu Heng did not continue the next half of his sentence, it was already hard for such a proud person like him to say half of it, Shu Ning understood. Naturally he was willing to continue:”Don’t worry, you’re the only one I like, I was angry when I heard him talk about those plans then, so I made him peel prawns on purpose, you didn’t see it but he was so depressed that he didn’t even have the appet.i.te to eat.”

“I’m the only one you like?”

“Mm,”Shu Heng was a straight man so Shu Ning naturally wouldn’t think of it in a weird way.

“How long did you like me for?”

“How long do you want?”His love deprivation disease is back again? Shu Ning rolled his eyes, he was pondering about whether he should continue being angry at him, but whatever, digging a grave for his mother was more important:”How does forever sound?”

“Good!”Shu Heng liked where this was going.

But sadly Shu Ning switched the topic, he curled his arms around his brother’s neck:”Leaving tomorrow morning?”


“My mom got Shu Zi Xuan to send a box of something over, I haven’t looked at it yet,”Grandpa said that stuff that was brought in had to be checked first, it’s hot during Summer so whatever was sent here may have already gone bad, I think there’s something up with these words, brother, get your bodyguards to take a look,”Shu Ning wasn’t afraid of live broadcasting, only recordings were popular at this time, things weren’t as developed as they are twenty years later.

“Grandpa was just concerned about you,”On this rare occasion, Shu Heng defended Shu Gao:”You weren’t born and raised within a big family so you may not understand the complexity of things, always leave information unsaid, you need to be able to adapt to any topics at any moment, he’s already going very easy on you.”

“I understand that.”

“I can tell that grandpa really wants to be close with you, but he just doesn’t know how to express it since you weren’t by his side since you were young.”

“I know.”

“Ning, do you really choose your big brother?”He wants to abandon Qin Yu Zhuo doesn’t he, Shu Ning made himself very clear, Shu Heng still had to ask:”If you choose to stand with me, I’ll protect you for the rest of my life.”

Oh heavens, that snake Qin Yu Zhuo truly is G.o.d’s gift from heaven isn’t she, she can even dig a pit proper for her son, how could she compare with Shu Heng? She wasn’t even worth as much a foot rest.

This promise came too suddenly, Shu Ning’s sulky att.i.tude disappeared in a moment, he was very happy:”Just protecting me is not enough.”

“Then what would you like?”

“I can’t think of something so suddenly, I’ll tell you in the future!”

“Alright, give me a kiss!”

“Mm,”Shu Ning closed in and kissed his face obediently, but Shu Heng was too rotten, he moved in an instant and got a kiss on his little lips again:”Brother!”

“What’s wrong?”

“You can’t kiss my mouth you can’t kiss my mouth you can’t kiss my mouth how many times do I have to say it?”

“Do you still have to say it after you’ve repeated it so many times? Should I say you’re stupid? Or still pure?”

“……”( ⊙ o ⊙ ) Ah! That sounded similar?

“You don’t have to mention it anymore, I’m not going to change,”Shu Heng held the little one and turned over, he stuffed his hands into his clothes as if it was very normal and rubbed his little belly, he swerved up the his chest and lingered for a moment before popping out from his short collar and touched his neck, his chin, and his face.

His neck was his weakest part, Shu Ning would s.h.i.+ver subconsciously every time it was touched, but he knew that his big brother liked touching it, it felt just like……the caressing between a pair of lovers, where has my mind wandered off to again? Shu Heng will get married in the future and have kids. Suddenly his face seems to have darkened, Shu Ning quickly changed the subject:”Brother, I’m hungry.”

“There’s chicken porridge, I’ll go get it.”

After saying that, Shu Heng turned and got off the bed, he was even thoughtful enough to turn the lights on for him, Shu Ning watched as his brother’s figure left, and was slightly out of it, while the box was lying quietly on the ground, n.o.body had touched it, it shows that Shu Heng had great respect for Shu Ning. With thoughts filling his mind, Shu Ning fell to the bed and thought about all the words Shu Heng said to him from when he just appeared to now, as well as his every move.

Not long after, Shu Heng returned. He blew on the porridge and fed it to Shu Ning.

He had hands, and he wasn’t tired either, is Shu Heng feeling apologetic because of his misunderstandings? It even seems rather unspeakable, but Shu Ning did not try to think about the reason and quietly observed Shu Heng instead. Shu Heng liked how his little brother peeked at him, he would even give him a kiss on his little cheeks every so often, he was in a great mood. As for Shu Zi Xuan?

He better not show up anymore.

They were both in A University, it was quite convenient for him to take care of Shu Zi Xuan.

Shu Ning finished up the last bite of porridge and watched his brother go into the bathroom to fill the tub, this means that he plans to bathe me. And as expected the process of it was very warm, Shu Heng was already a skilled worker. While dressing up, Shu Ning’s gaze was steady, the animal pajamas has magically appeared again, Shu Ning had already seen everything in the room so these clothes must be brought over specially.

You came here to fight and you still brought clothes?

“Why are you looking at me?”Shu Heng noticed, something wasn’t quite right with his brother’s gaze.

Shu Ning wanted to ask if he had fancied him? But it sounded like a joke, Shu Heng is a straight man, the kind of straight man who could never be bent, if he said it he would probably be beaten to death /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~

A certain someone misunderstood:”I know you don’t like these type of clothes but these will become best sellers when they reach the stores, just give it a try, tell me how it feels, I need to know how comfortable they are, and how the material feels.”

( ⊙ o ⊙ )

Shu Ning could feel himself going silly, turns out his brother was doing this to have him try clothes for him? The people hired by him probably has to make it sound positive, they wouldn’t criticize it, if not they’ll probably lose their jobs right? And the only “little kid” by Shu Heng’s side was only me, if he’s not going to compare them on my body then who else is he going to compare them with? Ah, truly a big brother who digs pits for his little brother.

You could’ve opened any kind of business you wanted but you started a pajama business? The quality of life of the general public is leaping by bounds nowadays, everyone needs pajamas, the company will stay strong as long as new styles can constantly be designed ╮(╯▽╰)╭ Qin Yu Zhuo had reminded Shu Ning before, she told him that Shu Cheng had given some money to Shu Heng to start a business.

“Put it on!”

As Shu Heng spoke, he skillfully put the clothes on Shu Ning. He had a good excuse so that Shu Ning would be able to wear it with no burdens. Shu Heng’s quite the hardworking guy, he even started a clothing company that attracted people’s attentions. But there was an ulterior motive, he had quite a fair bit of fun with this. The stuff from his toy company were even more amazing, but he needs to get the little one slowly used to it before trying to work with it.

Shu Ning was helpless, he drooped his head and watched as his big brother b.u.t.toned up the fluffy little b.u.t.tons, there was a tail attached to the pants with small claws embroidered on the bottom of the pants, they were slightly bulging unlike the ones from last time with the four hanging chibi feet. All of them were very cute anyway, kids will definitely like them, and maybe their parents would like them even more.

“Sorry for troubling you.”

The corners of his mouth twitched, isn’t this nonsense? Shu Ning cried without tears:”It’s fine, but I’m not wearing them anymore after I grow up.”

“Mm, by that time Shu Yao would be one year old.”

“What can a little kid like him wear? Does he know how to express himself? I’ll do it, they’ll just have to be made a size bigger, I”ll wear them around the house and then I’ll tell you how they feel.”

“This……would be too uncomfortable for you.”

“No matter, this is brother’s business so as your little brother, naturally I had to support you!”

“What a good boy,”He kissed his lips. Shu Yao is the Achilles’ heel of Shu Ning, he truly does get jealous quite easily. Even if he knew this little one’s weakness, Shu Heng wouldn’t use it anymore in the future because Shu Ning wasn’t pleased about it.

Shu Ning……_(:зゝ∠)_ You actually dare to use Shu Yao to talk business with me? Shu Heng will find out when he interacts with Shu Yao in the future, that’s a little devil right there.

The two fell to the bed, Shu Heng gave Shu Ning’s ear a little pinch but Shu Ning dodged away, Shu Heng hasn’t had his fill yet so with one of his big hands he caught his two hands and secured them to his chest, and continued touching with his other hand. Shu Ning’s face was slightly red:”Brother, if there’s anything else in the future you can just ask me directly, don’t beat around the bush with it,”Making it sound so enigmatic, I can’t bear it. Shu Ning was sincere towards Shu Heng, he couldn’t stand being suspected by him.


“About my mother and the second house……How much do you know?”

“Not much,”Shu Heng spoke the truth, where would he find the time and interest to stare at those people all day? Qin Yu Zhuo was the wife of his adoptive father so Shu Heng knew his limits:”So she wants my life?”


“And you don’t want me to……”

He hadn’t said the word “die” and his mouth was already blocked by Shu Ning’s, his hands couldn’t move so in desperate times, there was nothing else he could do.

But if you give Shu Heng an inch, he would ask for a mile, he kissed him even harder:”So soft, like jelly.”

Shu Ning wanted to get angry and tell him to get a girlfriend, her lips would be even softer, but his words could never go past his lips. He’s been getting weirder and weirder these days, what’s going on? His heartbeat was rather chaotic, he simply shut his eyes and stopped thinking about it. Shu Heng’s gaze stilled, and he closed his eyes as well, smelling the unique fragrance on Shu Ning’s body.

Shu Heng left in the morning and left a note for him, he had to go overseas for a bit so he won’t be able to stay with Shu Ning during the holidays, the bodyguards checked what was in the box and the modified stuff were thrown out, so Shu Ning can be at ease. The actual unpacking process was all doc.u.mented, they were quite special indeed, those dirty stuff as well as the video will be sent to Shu Cheng. Shu Heng can easily stand his ground, but when he makes his move he’ll directly take them out!

Shu Ning opened up the box, there were just some branded stuff inside.

Time flowed like running water, Shu Ning got on the plane on the day of his holidays and left for F City. His uncle would always tell him the good things but he wouldn’t tell him about the bad, Shu Ning thought he was doing good until he contacted the foreman, the second aunt and her family had been sticking to him again. Why do they always remember when they reaped the benefits but not when they were beaten down? Do they really have to get their skin shaved off to learn to stay obedient?

Shu Ning gave Shu Gao a call and told him he was going to visit his uncle, then after that he’ll go and see his grandpa.

Shu Yao had a big chest and a big heart so he immediately agreed, he was very kind.

Reaching the villa, Shu Ning blinked his eyes, what is this? The garden in the yard was trashed, and there were vegetables planted, as well as caged chickens, there was a rope probably used for drying clothes, and the rack on the other side was drying some blankets, there was even a tricycle on the parking s.p.a.ce, the fresh looking villa had turned into a potpourri.

The car Shu Ning was sitting on was specially sent over to the airport by Shu Gao, there was no s.p.a.ce for him to stop at right now so he could only find a parking spot far away, one bodyguard watched over Shu Ning and the other one went forward to ring the doorbell, the one who came out was actually the third daughter, after a short pause, they went triumphantly to the carved gate but did not open it:”Hey, came over to play for the holidays?”


“Oh I’m sorry, the door is heavy so why don’t you say something good?”

“Is this your house?”

“Of course it’s my house, uncle went to work and I’m the only one in the house, you better think of something good.”

“Open the door, I’ll give you eighty thousand.”

“Really?”The third daughter happily opened the door, Shu Ning walked inside, where’s the money?

Shu Ning picked up the “eighty thousand” from the scattered mess on the table and threw it to the third daughter, the third daughter opened her mouth, isn’t this a mahjong piece? He fooled me, but she didn’t dare to do anything to Shu Ning, there were two burly men following behind Shu Ning, they don’t look like people that she should be provoking. The third daughter was very smart, she gave her mother that had gone out a call.

At the same time, Shu Ning also contacted Qin Yu Fu telling him that he arrived.

After Qin Yu Lan’s reputation was swept away, she had been thinking of moving to another city, starting anew in a place where n.o.body knew her, but her man was a teacher, he couldn’t be moved so easily, so she just stayed in her house and listened to gossip. Until her mother in law came knocking and forced her to divorce her son. The hospitalized Teacher Tian thought the scandal was just a rumour, but other people described it so vividly, how could anyone make a lie out of rape?

At that time Teacher Tian did not know why he was so impulsive and called the neighbour.

His neighbour knew as well, he told him all about what he heard, saying that the day when Qin Yu Lan returned to the city, the car was robbed, at that time she was the only woman in the car who was beautiful, so the evil of the thieves sprung up and they did that to her, even her pants were taken off, behind the backs the neighbour said they had skill but naturally it was embarra.s.sing to say it to his face, he was too shy to say it and tried to cover it up a bit, but this instead made Teacher Tian feel like he was going mad.

There was no way for him to stay at ease in the hospital any longer, Teacher Tian returned home on that day itself and just so happened to find his mother slapping his wife. THe fl.u.s.tered Qin Yu Zhuo kneeled on the ground saying that she didn’t say it, how could she do that in public? They were all rumours, she can ask the police.

Teacher Tian was the head of the family after all, seeing his wife get beaten till she was black and blue with his dad scowling by the side, cigarette b.u.t.ts littered all over the ground, he may have come too late. They’ve been married for so many years, and they even had three kids. For a moment, Teacher Tian couldn’t bear it, he pulled away his old mother.

The old lady had been open and upright her entire life, she didn’t think that her reputation wouldn’t be guaranteed at her old age and she’d get a daughter in law like this, what a heart ache, she sat on the ground and wept.

With blood coming out the corners of her mouth, Qin Yu Lan crawled over to her husband and held his thigh:”Brother Tian, you have to believe me, I’ll go find a witness, there were many people in the car! Rumours can’t be trusted, if you come with me you’ll find out whether I’m lying or not.”

Just like that, Teacher Tian followed her lover and searched for five days, Qin Yu Lan rode the tricycle with Teacher Tian sitting in front, a person’s heart was just flesh, even if……that was an accident, his wife was a good person, she was good to her kids too, she went to the city so she could find her sister to borrow some money for his leg.

And the heavens bless those who strive, they found two people who were willing to testify, Qin Yu Lan did not get raped, she told them her family was very poor at that time and she refused to hand over the money, and those hoodlums got angry and hit her, they had only ripped her clothes while pulling at them. There were quite a few hoodlums in the car and everyone was worried, how could they be staring at Qin Yu Lan the whole time?

Qin Yu Lan finally calmed down, those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds didn’t rape her but what shouldn’t be touched was indeed touched, it really was humiliating.

As rumours began to circulate, the school had received the news as well. The old head teacher was a pretty good guy, he wrote some recommendation letters so the teachers a.s.sisting in the countryside could return to the city and teach.

In this way, Qin Yu Lan finally had the chance to run away from the worries of those rumours, but the questions came, where would they find the money? The houses in the city weren’t cheap and it would cost ten thousand to buy a house, they did have ten thousand but it wouldn’t fit her three kids! Both of her in laws were also willing to sell the old house and following them as well, they’re old so their faces are thin, they’d rather have a new start.

As a result, they could only buy a small house by the edge of the city, suddenly Qin Yu Lan thought of Qin Yu Fu, didn’t he have a villa?


He says stupid (chun) and pure (dan chun) but the chun he says is the stupid chun and not the pure chun

eighty thousand!

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