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Brother! Shu Ning roared without sound!

Shu Heng actually shrugged, he……actually shrugged ( ⊙ o ⊙ ) That’s my b.u.t.t!!!

Right when Shu Ning had flown into a rage and was about to do something, the sound of a voice rang out.

He Ran sighed:”They’ll be holding a banquet and inviting some guests after that, you come too. You can call me Ran, then that would show that you still see me as a friend, if it’s any inconvenience to you then you can just stay in me room till it’s over, when the storm ends in the He family I’ll be able to go out to stretch my legs too.”

When have I ever called you Ran? Oh, because of your brother, while asking and then he stuttered, and it turned into ran~ and then, this was all a misunderstanding. But Shu Ning didn’t have the need to explain himself, does the He family think they’re top s.h.i.+t? Do I have to go to their banquet? Heh heh, but that’s normal for them to feel that way, Shu Ning was anxious of dealing with that big demon Shu Heng right now, he didn’t have the time to act nice.

“He Ran, I won’t be going to your banquet, see you.”

See you, see you never! Right when He Ran was about to happily say alright because he mistook that as meeting again next time, Shu Ning had already ended the call.

In actuality, Shu Ning didn’t have the guts to go at all, really, his heart was filled with suspicions because He Ran’s tone was quite different from usual, could He Yu have returned home? Anyone can go to that banquet but Shu Ning? For get it, there was no need to feed himself right to the dog’s mouth now was there? He’ll send his bodyguards over to check, He Ran could even sell out Shu Zi Hui whom he had been engaged to and even done stuff together in the past, who else wouldn’t he sell out?

Does he really take me as a friend? That’s too big of a joke, I’ve been tossed around so much by him in my past life that I nearly turned crazy, I didn’t even dare to raise my head at school, all because I was afraid of seeing the mocking gazes of my cla.s.smates. That’s a b.l.o.o.d.y “thief”! He would try to frame him sometimes and it was horrifying now. While Shu Ning was replaying those thoughts in his mind, tsk~ He was bitten again!

Now that there were no more hindrances, Shu Ning widened his big eyes:”Brother!” Howl~

“Shh, your uncle might not have slept yet!”

“My uncle dozes off as soon as he hits the bed, did you think I wouldn’t know?”

“He’s working too hard, I’ll have to find an easier job for him!”

“Don’t you change the topic, right now I’m……”

He cut off the little one, and Shu Heng put on a serious face:”No no, his skin is dark because of the sun, it’s unnatural, it’s alright now that he’s young but he’ll get skin cancer when he grows older, it’ll be very painful then.”

Ah! If that’s so, that won’t do, Shu Ning frowned with much worry:”But my uncle is very stubborn, he thinks he didn’t study well so he spends all his time at the construction site, and the salary is higher than many other places so he got used to it, and now he’s not willing to switch elsewhere.”He wanted to bring him out of there but his uncle wasn’t willing.

“I’ll be overseas, and you’ll be here in the capital, don’t you need someone to take care of you? The bar for nighttime universities aren’t too high and they accept adults, if he thinks that his education is a problem, then let him find some confidence where he feels himself inferior.”

Shu Ning’s eyes brightened up:”Let’s go as big brother says.”

“Good boy~”

But Shu Ning turned his body around and pressed down on top of Shu Heng’s body, the look in his eyes were extremely pitiful and innocent, he even pouted his little mouth:”Brother~ What were you doing just now?”Don’t you know that what you’re doing is asking for some love? Only lovers do this, they would chase and tease each other, adding some fun in the bedroom was also a way to add spice in their lives.

Shu Heng was also very innocent, the light in his gaze didn’t change either, they were still dark like deep chasms with an inscrutable look, if you looked into them too long you would find yourself unable to pull away. Shu Heng watched him for a while before he spoke:”I was just playing with you, if you don’t like it, how about you bite me back?”

These words were spoken too warmly, this was fatal for a gay man, but for a straight man, it was nothing more than some bite marks.

Shu Ning twitched his mouth in disappointment, his big brother was so extremely handsome, and so charmingly s.e.xy, but after all he wasn’t his top, so it would be a pity to let him off. The thighs had always been one of Shu Ning’s favourite parts of his big brother, might as well just bite him then, if not, in the future……he may not have the chance anymore.

Shu Ning swallowed his saliva and looked them up and down leisurely, he picked out the best spot, as well as the most delicious one.

The skin on the inner highs were extremely sensitive, since you want to play, then let’s play. Shu Ning came in close, slowly, as if he was being very attentive, and also as if he didn’t dare to bite him. Big brother’s overbearing gaze was staring right at the top of his head, it was definitely very scary, sweat could be seen forming on Shu Ning’s forehead, it was too scary, desire can make you lose yourself, and as expected it was wonderful. Bite him~ You have to, if not you’ll regret it for life.

Shu Ning pressed his hand down on his brother’s abdomen with his other hand on his thigh, then~ Lowered his head~ Opened his mouth~ Bite!

The fresh Shu Ning brand bite mark appeared, it was very well-proportion and placed right at the inner section of a certain wolf’s thighs, Shu Heng pushed Shu Ning away and went out.

Big brother got angry?

Shu Ning’s brows were knitted in worry, but he didn’t regret it, he had liked this male G.o.d for a long time so he definitely wouldn’t give up this chance to be intimate!

And what was Shu Heng doing in the toilet? Of course he was putting his hand to use, up and down he went, and had his release, then he took a shower before going out. The little one was getting more and more charming, he was exuding a unique fragrance unconsciously, it was too maddening. When he was leaning his face over slowly, he had come too close to his legs, Shu Heng couldn’t bear it any longer, the strong grasp it had on him had pulled him past the limits, and it took until the little one released him from his mouth~ Before he finally got hard.

Was the so-called sweet honeyed torture like this? But he will gladly endure this hards.h.i.+p. Shu Heng entered the room with a gla.s.s of water, Shu Ning was supporting his head with one hand with his legs crossed over each other, making his body look slim and fascinating, Shu Heng immediately diverted his eyes and handed him the cup.

Shu Ning took the cup and as he drank, he looked at his brother, completely ignorant of how provocative his gaze was.

Shu Heng’s throat bobbed up and down, the place where he was bitten felt as if he had been scalded, it was hot and fiery, but not painful, it was a feeling that he couldn’t describe, as if his little brother had imprinted his mark onto him, he was his now. Thinking of this made Shu Heng’s throat start to feel dry again, his little brother finished drinking his water and licked the corner of his lips subconsciously.

Shu Heng looked towards the ceiling and went out with the gla.s.s in hand, then took a few deep breaths at the balcony before he returned.

Shu Ning was still laying down on the bed, filled with temptation~

Shu Heng remembered that Shu Ning wasn’t “cooked” yet so he couldn’t eat him up, he simply decided to turn off the lights, everything would be better when he can’t see, but he didn’t expect the atmosphere to become even better, as if they were having an affair. Shu Ning leaned close, not minding the heat at all, and hugged his brother around his waist, his naughty little hand lingered around the eight packs on his abdomen.

Shu Heng’s eyes were extremely dark, with a flash of fire lit within:”Don’t touch anymore, or there’s going to be an accident.”

Shu Ning had a start, and he had turned earnest, Shu Heng was slightly regretful, brothers could mutually comfort each other, but forget it, after they do it for the first time, he won’t grow tall anymore, Shu Heng laid down well and stretched his arm straight, the little one rested his head on it automatically and his hair was brus.h.i.+ng against the cracks of Shu Heng’s neck, it felt extremely warm, and at the same time very ticklish.

“Ning Ning~”


“You can’t date young.”

“Has big brother dated before?”


“If you don’t……”He nearly said ‘then I won’t either’ directly, heheh, Shu Ning changed the topic:”Brother, it’s very hot, I want to eat watermelon~”

Shu Heng Shu Heng had went out in a hurry earlier, but now he had put his pants on and went out with his torso bare, he opened the fridge and brought a watermelon over to the kitchen, there was a fruit knife in the living room, Shu Ning remembered that he liked to put stuff under the coffee table, so he hurried over to look for it in case his brother couldn’t find it.

In the kitchen, Shu Heng was holding a knife, and cut down on the watermelon in a swoos.h.!.+

Shu Ning had even started to have a cold sweat, he’s probably practiced hasn’t he? Everything was so neat, even the angles were exactly the same, maybe because he liked learning?

Shu Ning was intoxicating, he narrowed his eyes and admired the scene very much, the look of his brother as he was cutting fruit was very handsome, and his back muscles were to die for! There was even a curve going directly down his waist, the lines were good, and the Adonis belt was practically perfect on his body, Shu Ning wanted to stretch his claws over but he was afraid of Shu Heng accidentally cutting himself, that would’ve been no good.

“What are you looking at me for?”Shu Heng had a calm look on his face but his heart rate was actually speeding up, his brother’s admiring gaze made him feel very comfortable, and very useful to him, if not for the fact that he had a knife in his hand, he really wanted to pull him into his arms and pamper him, and give him a few kisses. The fruit was prepared, it was already eleven o’clock now, both the uncle and the foreman was sleeping soundly, Shu Ning didn’t peep at them and went straight back to the room in light steps just like a thief, but instead the well-postured Shu Heng was walking proudly, but he was still being thoughtful ╮(╯▽╰)╭

“It’s cold, so don’t eat too much.”

“Mm, you eat some too, brother.”

Of course Shu Heng would eat, his body was filled with flames so it was even better if he could have a piece of ice, and so he went to the fridge and brought out a cake.

In Shu Ning’s heart, the one he was most concerned about was his uncle, so sharing a bed and pillow with his brother or whatnot in his uncle’s house, the feeling was very strong and it was unusually exciting, he tossed about until it was twelve before he fell asleep, Shu Heng was patting the little one’s back and after determining that he would not wake up, he turned around and got off the bed, his gaze was extremely cold and sullen, with a bloodthirsty air swirling within, he took his phone and brought himself to the sofa on the living room to send text messages. He Ran knew what type of person He Ran was, he had checked up on him because he had been quite close with the little one, he investigated him very thoroughly. He Ran wasn’t the type of person who had nothing to offer but he wasn’t that smart either, he would kiss up to him when he had a need, but when he didn’t he almost didn’t even contact Shu Ning.

The He clan’s banquet?

The eldest of the He family was getting married to the precious daughter of the Wen family, there was endless glory to be had, they had already dragged so many people down, and now are they trying to lay a hand on the Shu clan’s treasure?

The second eldest of the He clan had already been recovering overseas for a long time, he should be just about well shouldn’t he?

Hearing He Ran’s invitation to Shu Ning, and even mentioning his room, Shu Heng was wary, was the banquet a trap?

So they dare to pine after what’s mine as well, interesting.

That recluse used to be like a dog in heat, he was best at concealing his tracks, but he had been forced out and came face to face with Shu Heng, he thought that this little guy coming over from C City was still young, so he should be fun to fool with, having him as a backer to put up as a front or whatnot, how wonderful! But in truth, that was not what happened. The recluse had nearly been thrown to his death, and he was left with only one breath when he returned to Shu Heng’s territory, he had been sent to a special place to live for a year due to his injuries and he had a great change, he repented his past mistakes and he had his heart dead set on Shu Heng, but of course, he liked the feminine pretty boy type better.

He had overheard the He clan’s secret last time and received a reward of a hundred thousand, and after spending the money on brothels, it was all gone again.

The taste was gone from his mouth again, his tasks had come again, he opened up the text message and his eyes brightened up at the sight of it, he thought he had seen wrong, but then he laughed madly, this was good, this is great, the best!

Originally, Shu Ning didn’t want to step foot in such a dangerous place, but his brother said he was going so he could only pout and agree.

Because his big brother was here, he was fearless, and Shu Cheng was on a business trip abroad so the He clan was joyful, and went all out, the Shu clan doesn’t fear them so why won’t they go? If they don’t go, Shu Cheng may end up having the labels of being timid and cowardly stuck on him.

Those of the Wen clan had also come, and the ones who were interesting of seeing the Wen clan’s style of doing things were even more. The media was gathered right at the door, they were allowed to take photos from both sides but they weren’t allowed to hara.s.s the guests, they had to be willing.

The brightly lit hall was extremely resplendent and luxurious, this was the style the He clan enjoyed. The Shu clan’s team of cars had arrived, and after an extended version of a Lincoln had stopped, the bodyguards personally opened the door for them, and welcomed Shu Heng down the car. Lights were flas.h.i.+ng everywhere……Shu Heng extended a hand very gentlemanly, who was the person inside? Which family’s precious young lady? All the media reporters had gone mad, they were all rus.h.i.+ng forward to press their shutters!


After that – 然后 Ran Hou, He Ran 何然

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