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Wei Suo had a disappointed look after hearing Chen Xiaobei's claim. Meanwhile, Li Yunlin and Li Xiang were frowning. Actually, both of them had other intentions other than buying those pills. No matter what, they could not believe Chen Xiaobei's claim. Even Yap Xianghu and Cao Zhenyang found it hard to believe Chen Xiaobei as well. Chen Xiaobei was after all a young boy in his twenties. He looked like a university student. To the guests, Chen Xiaobei was far from becoming an alchemist.

"How dare you call yourself an alchemist?"

Wei Suo glared at Chen Xiaobei. He then opened his arms respectfully and pointed at the elder beside him.

"He is the real alchemist! He is filled with the knowledge of YinYang and Bagua! He is also an expert in medicinal knowledge! Almost everyone in Hong Kong has heard of his name before! His influence in Hong Kong is so huge that the whole island would shake in fear when he is angry!"

Everyone turned around and looked at the elder after hearing Wei Suo's claim. However, Elder Ma was still looked calm. He did not get after Wei Suo complimented him. Most probably, he was sick of hearing all these boot-licking compliments. He did look like one of those sages that sat high on the mountains.

Judging from Wei's comments, Elder Ma was definitely someone powerful and reputable in Hong Kong!

"Grandpa! Is that elder really that good? Have you heard of him before?" Yap Liangchen asked softly. He was very curious. Even Cao was paying attention to their conversation.

"Of course, I have heard of his name before. He is a famous and reputable experienced alchemist! He possesses eight pill recipes! He is known as Mr. Ultimate Eight! Not long after he became an alchemist, Huangfu Mumin taught him the secret of concocting pills for a period of time. His skill on concocting pills increased tremendously! Naturally, he became really famous in Jianghu ten years ago!"

"Ten years ago, the leg of a politician's child was broken by someone! The bone in his leg was completely shattered! However, he managed to regain his mobility after consuming the pills given by Elder Ma! From that moment onwards, Elder Ma became extremely powerful! Countless rich businessmen treated him like their G.o.d!"

Yap LiangChen and Cao Zhenyang had their eyes wide open after hearing the tales of Elder Ma. It was all so unbelievable for them.

"This is insane! How could someone heal a shattered bone?" exclaimed Yap.

"Elder Ma is the true master! It is pretty obvious that Wei Suo dude is afraid of being cheated. So, he invited Elder Ma to come along with him!" said Yap Xianghu.

"It seems like Xiaobei is in big trouble… Elder Ma will carry out the examination even if Chen Xiaobei show us the pills that he promised us earlier! By that time, he will definitely be criticized by Elder Ma!"

All the guests in the room could hear their conversation because the room itself was kind of small. Li Yunlin and Li Xiang nodded their heads lightly. Both of them heard the story before. They knew Elder Ma was a very skillful alchemist. On the other hand, Elder Yang and Elder Fang spent their whole life dealing with traditional medicinal ingredients. Their faces were filled with respect and admiration! Both of them wish they could become an alchemist someday! However, it was extremely hard to achieve their dreams. Thus, they could only admire all those skillful alchemists in Jianghu.

Wei Suo was like a proud little baby. It was as if he was showing off to the guests that he was rich and powerful enough to ask Elder Ma to come along with him! Elder Ma was calm as usual. However, he was moved when the crowd talked about Huangfu Mumin.

"Kiddo! Why are you not talking? Are you shaken by Elder Ma's great name? Can you still act tough in front of us? Hahaha…"

"I do not want to repeat myself! I have told you that you are free to roll out from this place like a ball if you still don't believe me!" 

"Like a ball? F*ck you! You f*cking a.s.shole! How dare you ask me and Elder Ma to get out? I'd advise you not to be an arrogant b.a.s.t.a.r.d in front of us! If not, I can make your life miserable!"

"I'm not going to repeat the same thing three times!" said Chen Xiaobei coldly. He completely ignored Wei Suo. Chen Xiaobei would not mind landing a few slaps on him if he continued to provoke him. Wei Suo was really furious. He wanted to continue scolding Chen Xiaobei. However, he was stopped by Elder Ma.

Elder Ma narrowed his gaze, took a look at Chen Xiaobei and said calmly, "There is a saying, normally an arrogant person possesses some really extraordinary talent! Young man, you may take out the pills if you are an alchemist! I don't mind giving you some opinions on the pills that you concocted. It will be a good thing for me to do!"

The guests nodded. They were impressed by Elder Ma's character.

"Elder Ma is such a kind person! He did not lower himself to be on the same level as that young man! He even proposed to teach the young man! This is truly admirable!" Li Yunlin gave Elder Ma a thumb up. Lin Yunlin was the richest man in Zhong Province. He rarely used the word, admirable. Young men like Cao Zhenyang and Yap Liangchen grew more respectful of Elder Ma. Both of them treated Elder Ma like a saint with extraordinary character.

"Kid! Why are still standing there? Bring out your stupid pills! Elder Ma just told you that he is willing to teach and guide you! Don't you know there are many teenagers begging to have an audience with Elder Ma? You are in luck today! Do you understand?"

"Heh heh…I don't need him to teach nor guide me. I can totally guide him if he can treat me like his master!" said Chen Xiaobei with a chuckle.

Everyone was shocked after hearing Chen Xiaobei's reply. How dare a young man like Chen Xiaobei claim that he wanted to teach Elder Ma instead. He even wanted Elder Ma to treat him like a master! That was outrageous. The guests thought that Chen Xiaobei had lost his mind, as though he had just escaped from a mental asylum. It was important to know that Elder Ma was the best alchemist in Hong Kong. He could be regarded as a master when he came to China. It was a face slapping moment for Elder Ma.

"Young man! One should act humble all the time! You are going to become the joke of the year if you keep on talking nonsense!"

"Elder Ma is right! Stop talking nonsense when you have zero skill in concocting pills! This is so stupid!" Wei Suo nodded and said.

All the other guests nodded their head as well. They all felt like Chen Xiaobei needed the guidance of Elder Ma. He was crossing the line that he should not be crossing. He just lost all the credibility in front of all the guests. However, they did not expect that Chen Xiaobei possessed two Heavenly Pill recipes. Chen Xiaobei had mastered the art of concocting pills! Chen Xiaobei could easily teach Elder Ma the knowledge of concocting pills!

"All of you here thought that I'm being arrogant and talking nonsense. Actually, my skill has surpa.s.sed Huangfu Mumin! Elder Ma cannot be compared to me at all!"

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