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"I dreamt that your real ident.i.ty was exposed! Niya and Focker worked together with a dozen elites with True Nirvana cultivation to attack you!"

Upon calming herself down, Luo Puti tried to recall her dream. As usual, Chen Xiaobei had a gentle look on his face when listening to Luo Puti. In actuality, he was laughing out loud in his mind. Niya and Focker did work together to go against Chen Xiaobei. However, he was not surrounded by a dozen elites with True Nirvana cultivation! He was surrounded by an entire carrier fleet!

"After that, I dreamt that my hands and legs were cuffed. No matter how I try, I just couldn't shake them off! In the end, I was forced to watch those elites attack you without mercy! The ending was you did not survive the brutal beating…"

"Am I really that weak? d.a.m.n it!" said Chen Xiaobei with a smile on his face.

With the help of Jingu Bang and Somersault Cloud, Chen Xiaobei could easily defeat a demiG.o.d! All those elites with True Nirvana cultivation were just specks of dust to him!

"You are really talented! No doubt about that! Having someone powerful to guide you, your future is literally limitless! However, you are still really weak for now! I'm trying to bring you down by telling you the cold hard truth!"

"I know. Sometimes the truth is not always pleasant but I believe that it will fuel me to work towards something bigger!"

Chen Xiaobei nodded his head to indicate that he agreed with Luo Puti. It was true that Chen Xiaobei claimed the victory of this naval war but he had to rely heavily on the power of Jingu Bang. Without this powerful weapon, he would have been killed by his enemies before the battle even began. Following that, the Spiritual Qi inside the green jade gourd had been consumed greatly. It was not possible for him to wield the Jingu Bang, period. In any case, he was actually thinking about returning the Jingu Bang to the Monkey King later. He could always borrow it from Monkey King when he had enough Spiritual Qi. After all, Jingu Bang was not the solution to his problem. In the end, he had to work and train harder to become more powerful!

"I'm glad that you understand what I'm trying to tell you! How did we come back here safely? I remembered that we are stuck in a pretty bad situation! How is it possible that we traveled back to Dragon City unharmed?"

"Regarding… This…"

Taken aback, Chen Xiaobei realized that it was going to be difficult to explain the whole thing to Luo Puti. If he told her about Jingu Bang and Somersault Cloud; the Red Envelope Group would definitely be exposed as well. Until now, Chen Xiaobei had never told anyone about it.

Chen Xiaobei knew that he could trust Luo Puti fully but he also knew that Luo Puti would definitely not believe what he said. In the end, the whole thing would become really difficult to deal with.

"Because the four mother worms are not dead! So, Niya was still afraid of me! After dealing with them, they sent us back here with their private jets!"

"I see now! That is why we manage to come back here, unharmed! Wait! Something is not right! Why would you knock me out if your mother worms were still alive? Don't try to fool me! You better spill the beans now!"


Sweat started to drip down from Chen Xiaobei's forehead. He came to a realization that it was not an easy task to fool a smart woman.

"Did you... You knocked me out and took advantage of me! That must be it! You pervert! a.s.shole!"

"Lady… Can you stop having thought like that? Look at your attire! It does not look like that I have done something to it! It is not possible that I tried to take advantage of you when you still have your clothes on!" 


Immediately, Luo Puti looked down at her clothes. She realized that there was nothing wrong it and there was no weird smell on it as well.

"Now you believe me right? I want to be able to capture your heart! If I only want to have s.e.x with you, I would have taken advantage of you a thousand times now!"

"Die now! Stupid a.s.shole! Get out of my room! Now! With such a beauty like me by your side, how dare you go and look for prost.i.tutes and have s.e.x with them? You are an animal!"

"Huh? Prost.i.tute? I did not do that… Listen to what I have to say first!"

Taken aback, Chen Xiaobei did not expect that Luo Puti thought that the reason of knocking her out was to look for a prost.i.tute.

"You didn't go and look for a prost.i.tute? You must have had s.e.x with Niya! You are worse than an animal! Get out now! I don't want to see your face anymore!"

"Lady! What the h.e.l.l is going on in your mind? Are you trying to say that I made Niya cheat on the president of America? I have been wronged… I will never show any interest to a woman like her!"

Frustrated, Chen Xiaobei was trying his best to explain everything to Luo Puti. However, before he could finish his sentence, Luo Puti pushed him out of the room and locked the door.

"F*ck… She will never listen to what I have to say!"

"Wait! Why did she get so angry? She is the well-known ice demon queen! Even if she gets angry about it, she should vent her anger in a cold manner!"

"Could it be… She is actually angry… She is jealous!"

"Right! I'm right! If she is not in love with me, she wouldn't care about me having s.e.x with another woman! She is jealous! Hahaha!"

In other words, Chen Xiaobei had already occupied Luo Puti's heart. Clearly, jealousy was the sign! If not, she would have treated Chen Xiaobei in a cold manner after knowing that Chen Xiaobei had s.e.x with a pig. It was not possible that she would get so worked up about it.

"Hehe! This is a good sign But, when a woman gets jealous. I will not be able to talk any sense into her! I should come back another time to talk to her. Attempting to talk to her right now is no different from getting into trouble!"

After saying goodbye to Elder Luo, Chen Xiaobei left the place alone.

The first thing that Chen Xiaobei did after returning to Bei Xuan Faction was to grow another three pairs of mother-child voodoo worm! Knowing that it was so powerful, the more the merrier! However, Chen Xiaobei was left with not much of Spiritual Qi so he had to watch his consumption closely. The more he grew, the more Spiritual Qi was needed! Initially, Chen Xiaobei was planning to do some training after dealing with the voodoo worms.

He could not wait to step into the world of True Nirvana cultivation after knowing that he was just one step away from it. Suddenly, Feng Qingyang came and look for him.

"Greeting, Sifu!" said Feng Qingyang while bowing at Chen Xiaobei politely.

"What happened? Why are you running?"

"There is someone here to challenge you again!"

"Challenge me? What is going on? Why is there someone here to challenge me?" said Chen Xiaobei in a frustrated manner.

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