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"What the f*ck! Who the h.e.l.l does the kid think he is? There must be something wrong with his brain!"

"He is just a low-life that sits at the back row! He has definitely lost his mind! How is it possible that Lin Caoyin would hand over the white jade Ganoderma to him?!"

"Of course! Lin Caoyin just spent over ten billion dollars on that item! She did not even mind going to war with Hu Bawan! No matter what, she will protect her prized possession at all cost! There is simply no way that she would give it away for free!"

"You guys are acting way too serious! That kid is just trying to draw some attention to himself! He doesn't need to pay a price for acting tough in front of us anyway!"

To the crowd, Chen Xiaobei was just a big idiot or he was just trying to draw attention to himself. None of them treated him seriously.

"Hmph! It's him again? What a useless b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Other than daydreaming, he does not know how to do others things anymore!"

Demonic Fox did not say a word as she frowned because the bad feeling she had was getting stronger. She knew better than anyone that Chen Xiaobei was not as simple as others thought he would be! Those who underestimated him would not meet a good end. And she was the best example in a situation like this. In total, she had been taken advantage of by Chen Xiaobei three times!

Still, she could not understand that why Chen Xiaobei would utter such a ridiculous request.

On the other hand, the follower of the Blood Descendant whispered something in Damien's ears.

"My grand duke, isn't that kid our target? I think there is something wrong with his brain!"

"I never thought that our target is actually him! I cannot fathom why he would make such a brainless claim as well! But, that's not important at all! He will be dead after the auction is over! And Paradise Island will turn into a living h.e.l.l!"

"That's for sure! We have done all the preparation work! This perfect plan will never fail!"

"Alright! Stop talking about it! Let's focus on the auction instead! Let's watch that kid anger Lin Caoyin! Isn't that quite fun as well? Hehehe…"

"Mr. Damien! It seems like you have won the bet! In the end, Lin Caoyin managed to get her hands on the white jade Ganoderma! Let me give you the ten Spiritual Stones now!"

"There's no need to rush. Shall we bet ten more Spiritual Stones? Let's see if Lin Caoyin is going to cripple that kid."

"I bet she will! Lin Caoyin was given the t.i.tle, Spinsterminator! She is famous for her toughness! I don't think the Paradise Island will hold her responsible for killing a low-life!" said Hikari Okazaka while licking his lips.

"Hehe… I have the same thought as well! I think that kid will definitely be destroyed by her!"

Looking at Hikari Okazaka like he did not care about money at all, he acted boldly and said, "Mr. Hikari took the initiative to bet first! What a wise move! Forget about that ten Spiritual Stones! You don't have to pay me anymore!"

"Mr. Damien, thank you so much!"

To them, the ten Spiritual Stones that they included in their bet was intended to bring them closer, win or lose did not really matter to them.

"Will Lin Caoyin cripple him?"

Sitting at the side, Demonic Fox peeked at Chen Xiaobei. She had mixed feelings. Deep within her heart, she did not want Chen Xiaobei to be crippled by Lin Caoyin. Instead, she was hoping that Chen Xiaobei could do something to turn the tide around. Though he was her sworn enemy, she knew better than anyone that Chen Xiaobei was not a lunatic! If Chen Xiaobei could do something to his advantage, she would be able to prove to everyone that she was not wrong!

At the same time, Lin Caoyin was still standing rooted to the spot. She did not know what to think anymore.

"Motherf*cker! Who do you think you are? I have tried my best but I still couldn't get my hands on the thousand-year-old white jade Ganoderma! And you are trying to ask Lin Caoyin to give it to you? Clearly, you are mocking me!"

Upon seeing that, the crowd grew restless once again.

"That kid is so dead! Hu Bawan is extremely angry right now! He will definitely teach him a good lesson!"

"You are right! It's true that Hu Bawan did not dare to mess with Lin Caoyin. However, killing a low-life that sits at the back row is definitely extremely easy for him!"

"One should always know his/her stand. He is clearly looking to be killed!"

Immediately, Lin Xiang lost her calm.

"s.h.i.+jie! Please say something! Xiaobei is in big trouble!"


Like she just woke up by someone, she realized that she was shocked by Chen Xiaobei just said.

On one hand, she had just obtained the white jade Ganoderma that she always wanted.

On the other hand, she really wanted to please Chen Xiaobei as well.

She had never thought that Chen Xiaobei would ask the white jade Ganoderma from her. Now, she was having a really hard time to make up her mind. Her mind went blank when Chen Xiaobei demanded the white jade Ganoderma from her. Seeing that Chen Xiaobei had managed to anger Hu Bawan, Lin Caoyin knew that she had to make up her mind as soon as possible. Either she chose to give up on Chen Xiaobei or the white jade Ganoderma. There was no going back once she made up her mind.

"s.h.i.+jie! There will be another white jade Ganoderma in this world! However, there is only one Chen Xioabei in this world!"

At a critical moment like this, Lin Xiang was smart enough to know things that are going through Lin Caoyin's mind.

"Right! You are right!"

Immediately, Lin Caoyin came to her senses. Giving out the white jade Ganoderma did not mean that she would never cross path with another one. Once a crack formed between her relations.h.i.+p and Chen Xiaobei, she would never be able to fix it no matter how hard she tried. People that stood on Chen Xiaobei's side were Hades, Focker, and Rothschild Family! A sane person would never give up a relations.h.i.+p like this for a tangible item!

"Auctioneer! Pack the item and hand it over to the mister over there!"

Finally, Lin Caoyin had finally made up her mind.


Upon hearing Lin Caoyin's decision, everyone went into a frenzy.

"Oh my G.o.d! Is Lin Caoyin crazy?! Or did I hear it wrong? Did she just give out her white jade Ganoderma?!"

"Ten billion dollars is equivalent to twenty times of my wealth! And Lin Caoyin just gave out an item that worth ten billion dollars?! This is insane!"

"No! This is not possible! I must be dreaming! I will not believe that this is happening!"

Everyone in the auction hall received the shock of their lives. Half a minute ago, they were just laughing at Chen Xiaobei for being a r.e.t.a.r.d. Now the end result had turned into a series of invisible slaps on their faces - causing them to doubt their existence on this planet.

"This… This must be my hallucination… This is not logical at all… Other than being crazy, why would someone give out the white jade Ganoderma for free?"

At the front row, Hikari Okazaka and Damien looked into each other eyes. They were rendered speechless. The two of them thought that they knew everything. In the end, they were wrong about everything. That was why the slapping sounds on their faces were definitely louder than everyone else. Upon thinking about the bet that they had just made, they were left in a very awkward and embarra.s.sing moment.

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