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"What the f*ck?! Who called two billion? Is he out of his mind?"

 "The other only increased the bid by one million. Then he jumped in and raised it by one billion?! He is insane!

"Look! Look! That's him! That's the guy made the bid!"

The audience's gaze turned to Chen Xiaobei again. However, having been slapped by Chen Xiaobei earlier, they quieten down - not daring to throw insults at Chen Xiaobei.

The ones who were with Chen Xiaobei, on the other hand, were unnerved.

 "Xiaobei, what are you doing?" Lin Xiang who was very troubled asked, "Everyone said that the box is a useless piece of junk. Why did he bid… At such a high price?! Isn't that a waste of money?"

Lin Caoyin shook her head and said, "Mr. Chen is not an ordinary man. I don't understand what is he trying to do but he can definitely afford this. We don't have to worry about anything.

Lin Xiang was not even in the slightest bit relieved to hear this.

She was a thrifty woman - when they were shopping for clothes, she even advised Chen Xiaobei to be more careful with his spending.

How could she have any peace of mind seeing Chen Xiaobei splurge on a box that n.o.body wanted?

Just then. 

Zhang Xiaoshen shrieked, "Hey! What the h.e.l.l are you blindly calling out? What do you know about the box? How could you bid two billion on it?

"Of course, there are treasures inside!"

Chen Xiaobei smirked. He had already seen the contents of the box with his Golden Gaze Fiery Eyes.

"Oh please drop the act!" Zhang Xiaoshen frowned and said, "The box is made of a very special material! Even if you had the latest gadgets, no one would be able to detect what's inside the box! How is it possible that you know what's inside?"

"I have eyes that see through it. That's how!"

Chen Xiaobei laughed. 

"Hey, how old are you? Why are you still cracking this kind of jokes? Why don't you just say that you are a G.o.d?" Zhang Xiaoshen did not believe anything that Chen Xiaobei said.

 "Mm, technically, this ability to see through things is actually an ability of a deity." Chen Xiaobei said, straight-faced.

 "What the heck! Can't you be serious for a moment?"

Zhang Xiaoshen was so mad you could only see the whites of his eyes. "I was merely helping you! This is for your good. If you are not going to listen to me, I shall leave you be!"

Chen Xiaobei smiled and did not reply to him. Sooner or later, Zhang Xiaoshen would know if Chen Xiaobei was just bluffing him.

Whispers could be heard from the people in the first row. 

"That kid is r.e.t.a.r.ded!" Hikari Okazaka suddenly spoke. He laughed manically. "Spending two billion dollars on a c.r.a.ppy box that cannot be opened is like throwing money into the sea! How stupid! Hahaha…"

Demonic Fox had yet recovered from the previous shock. She was still racking her head, trying to figure out what Chen Xiaobei was doing.

But she was more certain than ever that Chen Xiaobei would never do anything stupid!

She had never believed in anyone like that before. Just like believing in herself, she knew that Chen Xiaobei was going to give the audience a second wave of shock really soon.

"Hikari-san! Raise the bid! I'm sure that there is something extremely valuable in that box!" Demonic Fox said without as much as batting an eyelid.

"What? You want to keep bidding? Are you insane?" Hikari Okazaka said scornfully, "No one will pay one billion for that piece of junk! The price has risen to two billion now! Only a fool will increase the bid!"

 "Hikari San! You have to trust me!" Demonic Fox said gravely, "I can guarantee that the box is valuable. It is definitely worth way more than two billion dollars!"

"Yinmu, you have always been a sensible and restrained woman. Why are you so impulsive today?" Hikari Okazaka looked disgustedly at the chest and said, "To me, two million is nothing. But I will not spend it on something so stupid…"

"I bid four billion!"

Hikari Okazaka nearly bit his own tongue in surprise.

Having thought things through, Damien raised his paddle.

What a shocker! 

 "What in the f*cking world?! Damien actually raised the bid?" What is the meaning of this?"

"Crazy! This world has gone mad! People spending four billion American dollars on a broken box. It's a waste of money!" 

"No! No! Damien, the grand duke is a very level-headed person! He would never do anything ras.h.!.+ Could the box really be worth four billion dollars?"

"That's right! That must be it! That kid in the last row and Damien, the grand duke must know the true value of the box, that's why they are bidding such a huge amount on it!"

"If that's so. Then that kid and Damien, the grand duke are not foolish at all but are very shrewd!"

The room exploded with exclamations. When both Chen Xiaobei and Damien raised the bid, everyone realized that the broken box was actually extremely valuable.

"See that, Xiang'er? Mr. Chen is not as simple as you think he is. He is a reasonable man who does things with a purpose!" Lin Caoyin said with a smile.

 "Yes… You were right…" Lin Xiang nodded hazily.

A few seconds ago, she was just complaining that Chen Xiaobei was squandering money; but a few seconds later, she could not help but be impressed by him!

Only Chen Xiaobei had the wisdom in recognizing the value of things that people deemed as junk.

"That's so awesome! My brother!"

Zhang Xiaoshen raised his brows, still taken aback by what had just happened, "Do you really have X-ray vision?"

Chen Xiaobei smirked and said, "Not only do I have X-ray vision, but also the ability to read minds!"

"Read minds?" Zhang Xiaoshen was taken aback. "You mean like when the FBI investigate people using psychology?"

"Right! It was through my observation of the grand duke's expression and movements that I deduced that he's lying!" Chen Xiaobei bluffed with a straight face, "When he first raised the bid price, it was not because he wanted to show respect to Focker, he wanted the chest for himself! That is how I realize that the chest is actually a valuable item!"

"Oh!" Zhang Xiaoshen looked admiringly at Chen Xiaobei and said, "My brother! You are a man with skills! Can you please teach me how to read minds?"

Obviously, compared to the unfounded X-ray eyes, Zhang Xiaoshen is more willing to believe the more credible mind-reading reason. Clearly, Chen Xiaobei merely made them up. "I'm afraid it is impossible with your qualification." Chen Xiaobei shrugged. Inside, he was cracking up. "Mind-reading my foot! If it were not for the Golden Gaze Fiery Eyes, no one would know what's inside the box!"

"Am I not qualified?" Zhang Xiaoshen looked defeated but he did not dwell on it, but quickly changed the topic and asked, "So what are you going to do next? Damien just bid four billion! That's not a small sum!"

"Just raise the bid!" Chen Xiaobei raised his paddle and said, "I bid eight billion!"

Zhang Xiaoshen gasped. "A… Another… Twofold! What is inside that box?"

Everyone else was also asking the same question - what was inside that box?

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