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Book 3-9.3

Yulian slowly backed up until he returned to the white haired man’s side. It was because he had determined that combining his strength with the white haired man’s strength would make them battle more effectively. The white haired man must have been paying attention to Yulian as well; he quickly noticed Yulian’s plan and started to match his rhythm.

With Yulian preventing the further enemies from exerting their strength while the white haired man used the openings Yulian created to take the closer armored warriors out, the armored warriors started to get extremely nervous. In the end, the cape-wearing man took out his sword to start defending against the white haired man’s sword. Their skill level was pretty similar.

Yulian swept the surroundings with his sword and started to protect the white-clothed maiden from the armored warriors so that the white haired man could fight without worry.

Neither side went down quickly, but as time went by, a sense of nervousness was starting to become visible in the cape-wearing man’s face. It was as if he was being chased by time.

While Yulian was thinking that it was odd since the armored warriors were definitely at an advantage, he was able to figure out the reason for their nervousness as some more time went by.

The white-clothed maiden squirmed around a bit before sitting right up.


The white haired man enthusiastically shouted, while the cape-wearing man bit down on his lips.

“What is this?”

The white-clothed maiden looked around her before shouting in a sharp tone. Finally, the cape-wearing man shouted to his warriors.

“Black Brigade, retreat.”

The armored warriors started to retreat as soon as they heard his command, but the maiden laughed as if she thought they were pitiful and started to speak.

“Where do you think you are going? I warned you.”

Yulian could not help but drop his jaw at that moment.

The maiden started to run toward the armored warriors, making the lace on the hem of her clothes start to flutter as she swung both of her hands.

It was as fast as the martial arts that his master had shown him. Even though the maiden seemed to lightly run into the armored warriors, all of them ended up flying high up into the sky before falling to the ground.

“All units, retreat.”

The Black Brigade did not even look around to their comrades as they quickly started to run.

As the maiden tried to chase after them like she did not want a single one of them to leave, the white haired man stopped her.

“Hwai, enough!”

As soon as the white haired man finished speaking, the maiden stopped immediately.

“We need to quickly go. What good will it do to chase them? They will return anyways.”

At the white haired man’s words, the maiden who was called Hwai turned around to look at the man before smiling and sticking right next to him.

“Are you angry?”

“No. Is there a reason for me to be angry? We just have to hurry onward so I was saying it was enough.”


The maiden named Hwai grabbed the man’s arm like she was a kid and started to rub her face on his arm before looking toward Yulian.

“Who are you?”

Seeing the maiden talk so casually to him, Yulian started to speak with disbelief.

The white haired man pulled her behind him and bowed to Yulian before starting to speak.

“Thank you for your help. My name is Aizen of the Rojini Kingdom. May I ask for our benefactor’s name?”

“I am Yulian Provoke, the Glow of Pareia, one of the desert tribes.”

The man who was called Aizen did not know what the term Glow meant, but since he was able to get Yulian’s name, he bowed his head once more before starting to speak again.

“Thank you. We would have been in serious trouble today if it wasn’t for Yulian-nim.”

Yulian looked at Hwai who was peeking at him from behind Aizen and awkwardly started to speak.

“Well, it looks like you wouldn’t have been in much trouble even without me. Hahaha.”

“We were in danger because the enemy used the moment Hwai was poisoned to attack. We were able to get past it thanks to Yulian-nim’s help. As you may have noticed, they are not just your typical warriors.”

Yulian had indeed realized the strength of the armored warriors. For someone to have warriors of that caliber, this Aizen’s enemy must have some power.

“Now it makes sense. I was shocked because their level of strength was not something that you can see very often. But could you tell me where this is?”

Aizen looked toward Yulian with a shocked expression.

“Did you not come from the Magic Tower?”

“The Magic Tower?”

Yulian had heard that term before.

‘Where was it? I definitely heard it before. Who did I hear it from? Was it from a book?’

Yulian tried to remember this name that he was sure he had heard before.

– There is a continent to the end of the north that people do not know about. We call it the Ancient Continent. That place is like the desert; it is full of monsters. That is actually the continent of the past civilization. There is a large tower on that continent called the Magic Tower, and it has hundreds of floors. It was made of magic.
“Ah! Master!”

Yulian remembered what he had heard from Chun Myung Hoon and shouted out loud.

Aizen looked at Yulian as if he was weird, and Yulian started to ask Aizen a question.

“Then is this the hidden continent to the end of the North?”

Aizen was nervous as he responded.

“We are headed there right now. We should still be in the Eastern Continent.”

“Ah! But how did I end up here from the desert?”

“The desert?”

“I came from the desert.”

Yulian decided to travel with Aizen and Hwai. Since he didn’t know how to get back to the continent and knew nothing about this place, it was the best decision.

But most importantly, he remembered that his master knew the master of the Magic Tower. He felt like he might receive some news about his master if he went there and asked.

“The granny at the Magic Tower is said to possess an immense amount of strength. If we arrive there, she should be able to find a way to return Yulian-nim back to your original spot.”

Yulian nodded his head at Aizen’s words.

Yulian and Aizen hit it off as if they had been friends for over ten years. Maybe it was the bond of fighting together with their lives on the line, but they became so close that Hwai kept getting annoyed at Yulian.

Yulian decided not to care about Hwai at all.

She was extremely beautiful and strong, but surprisingly, her mental state seemed to be that of a child. An extremely immature child.

Aizen did not say much about that. Yulian did not ask much about it, since there seemed to be some type of situation.

Other than the uncomfortable situation with Hwai, the two men were enjoying themselves because they had so much similarities with each other.

They also had some similarities when it came to the way of the sword, so they were able to teach each other about their weak points.

Although Aizen used something called mana like the rest of the swordsmen of the continent, the skill that he used to make his mana burst out from time to time was similar to Yulian’s internal ki.

The two men continued to get closer as they shared all sorts of stories, and as time went by, it was revealed that Aizen was four years younger than Yulian. Once that was revealed, the two decided to become sworn brothers.

They saw many things on their way to the Magic Tower. A tree person who wanted to become human, a Lycansloph that was depressed, they saw so many things that they would have never dreamed about.

The three people resolved all issues on their way and started to get closer to the Magic Tower.

The time that it took to arrive at the Magic Tower under the guidance of the Elf race that he had only read about in books, was exactly three days less than one month.


Yulian and Aizen both let out a noise of awe the instant they arrived at their destination.

The Magic Tower.

A tall tower that seemed to pierce the sky.

A magical tower than humans would never have been able to make.

Yulian tilted his head 90 degrees to look toward the top of the tower once more and could only be amazed.

Author’s Thoughts – At the end of Book 3

There are a couple things I need to share.

A good portion of book 3 was focused on the individual named Runa Brink.

I wanted to show all of you that he was an amazing warrior, and share that when this genius continues to impact change in the future, that he was prepared to play that role.

– The division of the war
I feel like I made this book quite lively, but I felt like it would drag on for too long if I just continued to talk about the war, so I decided to make the latter parts of the war much shorter. Honestly, to keep your interest, I actually decreased it by quite a bit. There will continue to be wars in the future, so there was no need to make it drag on forever.

It’s not like there were mountain ranges or anything. Since it was the desert without much of anything, they said that there were not many scenes to depict great war scenes…cough……

– The last thing for now is how non-realistic it may be
I know that it may seem non-realistic, but it is impossible to keep it completely realistic due to the restrictions of time.
I know there may be a lot of issues with how they are taking over the desert.
However, if I keep it too realistic and have them fight against every desert tribe, this novel will really end up going over 10 volumes. ^^;; (I am planning on a total of 5-7 volumes for Red Storm)

I feel like it needs to hit your emotions whenever you are reading something.

So if it feels non-realistic, please just laugh haha! And look past it. In return, I will do my best to create atmospheres for you to be sympathetic about.

If you have suggestions about war, feel free to send me an e-mail or post in the forum at any time. ^^;;

End of Book 3.

Next Up:

The Magic Tower
A tall tower that goes beyond your wildest imagination.
With a single flaw in its color
That place broke all limits of his imagination

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