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Book 4-3.4

"d.a.m.n it."

The man started to subconsciously swear. Just how did they figure out the movements of the S-grade and shout? 

In addition, the timing was immaculate as they did it as soon as he had entered the target's tent. A dangerous looking warrior had been chatting with the target for a long time before finally falling asleep. That was why it took him so long to come take care of the ordeal, but he was discovered.

"Who are you?!"

The man he thought was not your average warrior opened his eyes as soon as he heard the shout and jumped up as he started to shout.

He didn't know when he picked it up, but that man already had a greatsword in his hand.

'He should not be used to the darkness yet.'

There was some moonlight coming in through the small hole in the ceiling, however, the man determined the warrior's eyes would take a while to adjust to the darkness. That was why he started to head toward the target with a dagger in each hand as the target got up and started to rub his eyes.

However, that type of action was looking down on a warrior of the desert.

Just as were used to the darkness, desert warriors were also used to the darkness. Since both sides considered it a problem of survival, they both started to quickly move.

The man was pretty skilled. The warrior's greatsword managed to deflect one of the man's dagger, however, he did not have time to block the dagger in the other hand.




There were two shouts that came out at the same time. The warrior had stretched out his leg in urgency and kicked the young man who was vulnerable to the dagger. Because of that, the man's dagger had stabbed the warrior in the thigh.

"Oowoo! Oooooo!"

The warrior shouted out a long yell. However, it was too much to consider that a shout of pain.

Shubeon flexed his thigh to make it difficult for the dagger to come out and tried to grab the man's wrist at the same time.

The man had no choice but to leave the dagger in there and roll backwards to avoid Shubeon's hands.

"Who are you?"

"For a barbarian of the desert, you are quite amazing. There is no way you don't feel the pain."

The man just answered in awe at Shubeon's question and took out another dagger from his chest. 

"For a man to be acting in the darkness, you must be a real coward."

Shubeon said that as he reached out and took the dagger out of his thigh before throwing it back at the man.


The man avoided the dagger that Shubeon threw by simply moving his head to the side. He then started to run toward Edwin, who was down on the ground with his mouth wide open.

"Where do you think you're going!"

Shubeon swung his greatsword to prevent the man from approaching Edwin. The man did not dare try to block the greatsword with his dagger and jumped around side to side to avoid the greatsword.

It was difficult to use a greatsword in a narrow area like this, however, since Shubeon just sliced away anything that got in his way, the man could not find any opportunity to kill Edwin.

Shubeon started to realize that he was losing strength every time he swung his sword. Blood continued to spurt out of his leg and his consciousness was starting to fade. However, the man was showing an unbelievable amount of strength that he would need to fight with all of his strength even if he was feeling normal. 

Edwin quickly came to his senses and held up his rapier to help Shubeon attack the man, however, Edwin was not as good with the sword as he was at commerce.


As Shubeon started to realize that he would not be able to last much longer, he heard a loud yell from outside the paoe.

It was the the man had stationed outside. 


Shubeon realize the one to make the noise was Thrint and called him in a loud voice. After hearing Shubeon calling for him, Thrint cut one side of the tent and rushed in.


Thrint saw Shubeon with the injury on his thigh as he barely managed to swing his sword and rushed toward the man with his sword.

"How dare you!"

Hearing the anger in Thrint's voice, the man realized that this job had gone significantly wrong. The might of the warriors transcended his imaginations.

There were not many people in the kingdom who would be able to defend against his two daggers even if he was not using his specialty of and fought them head on.

These may be the leaders of the warriors, however, with the other warriors prepared as well, the man realized that he would just end up losing guild members if they fought head on and started to run.

Thrint tried to chase after him, but Shubeon's injury was too large, and he was worried that others might come cause a ruckus while he was lured away.

"Are you okay?"

Thrint urgently sat Shubeon down and ripped his clothes to tie down Shubeon's thigh.


Shubeon let out a short grunt.

"Just hold on a little bit. You've lost too much blood. If I don't do this now, it will be dangerous."

"The situation outside?"

"There aren't too many of them. I think they were waiting in advance for us to arrive. That was why we did not notice them."

"If there were a lot of them, we would have noticed. How much damage did we take?"

"Since there weren't that many of them, it shouldn't be that big. However, their abilities were really amazing."

"They weren't aiming for the stuff. They were aiming for a person."


Shubeon's mind was starting to fade. He should have really fainted a long time ago, but he had been holding on with the thought that he needed to protect Edwin. However, as Thrint was here now, his body had relaxed and finally let him faint away.

"Shubeon? Shubeon!"

Thrint slapped Shubeon's cheeks and called out to him, however, Shubeon had already fainted and showed no signs of waking up.

"Hold on."

Edwin held a gla.s.s bottle in his hand as he pushed Thrint to the side.

"What is that?"

Thrint asked about the blue liquid in the gla.s.s bottle. Edwin took the cork out of the bottle and started to pour the contents on Shubeon's injury as he answered.

"It is called a healing potion. I bought it from the temple just in case I would need it."

The moment the blue liquid landed on Shubeon's injury, it started to bubble up and clean the wound before starting to attach the skin together.

"It is an amazing medicine."

Thrint was full of relief as he started to become amazed by this amazing medicine. Once he poured the entire content on Shubeon's thigh, Edwin was able to go grab a cloth and clean off the area around the wound as he answered.

"It was worth its cost."

As time went by, Haisha, as well as some of the lead warriors and shamans entered the tent.

Haisha urgently asked.

"What happened?"

"There is no issue with his life. He just bled out quite a bit."

Haisha started to relax after hearing Thrint's response. The shamans fed Shubeon a liquid made from medical herbs.


"All cleared up. There was only around fifty of them. But they managed to kill over 100 warriors."

"It is quite a mess. Did we manage to catch any of them alive?"

As Thrint asked trying to find the responsible party, Haisha shook his head.

"It's making me angry that something like this happened on our territory."

"I guess we need to increase our patrol. There is nothing preventing something like this from happening again."

As Haisha talked about increasing the amount of patrol, Thrint nodded his head in agreement. This time may have ended well, but there was a chance they might have lost Shubeon."

"We definitely need to pay them back for this."

Thrint started to mumble in a voice full of murderous intent.

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