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Book 5-5.4    

With the birth of the nation of Pareia, the distribution of power changed as well.

The nation now had a domestic affairs and warrior divisions, with the chiefs and chieftains taking charge of the internal affairs of their individual oasis. About three people were sent to the largest oasis that Yulian was at to help inst.i.tute the reorganization plan as well.

This was very complicated and large scale that it took quite a lot of time.

They needed to determine the rotation for sending warriors out to collect Monster’s Souls and Black Water. Taking care of monsters or wild animals to keep the oases safe were left to each individual oasis.

Not only that, they also needed people who could come up with a way to utilize the women for different production-related tasks as well so that the nation could become self-sufficient.

Other than the production-related tasks, they started to prepare individuals who could fill necessary positions in the future by training them on the history and culture of the continent, music, and agriculture.

The reorganization was even larger on the warrior side, however, the Greatest Warriors were already very experienced and extremely literate. They were able to finish the reorganization by clearly labeling the different positions of status.

If there was anything that changed, there was now a training center to train general warriors to veteran warriors, and a training center to train veteran warriors to lead warriors. Although experience was needed, this would help support their knowledge base for the positions.

There were quite a lot of chaotic issues at first, but as time went on, people started to move to the positions they were suited for. Once they started to get used to the positions that fit their strengths, Pareia quickly started to return to stability.

Twelfth month in the year 260 in the continental calendar.

A lot of people started to gather at this location that had changed its name from the Watery Oasis to Frost.

The majority were chiefs and chieftains who were representing a portion of Pareia, the Greatest Warriors, and the lead warriors.

The reason all these people who were so busy they could barely blink were gathered here was because today was the day they were celebrating the completion of the first stage of the Castle of Storm.

Yulian, as well as the many people gathered, were extremely satisfied with the large castle in front of their eyes.

The construction was extremely large and had taken over five years; and this was the result of monopolizing twenty percent of Pareia’s population for the past five years.However, even with all of that effort and all of the money spent, it was just the end of the initial stage of construction.

It still needed years of construction and repair before drawing in citizens. There also needed to build defenses around the castle as well. This castle still had a lot of remaining construction, and was still lacking quite a bit.

However, the important factor was that they could now use this castle as the focal point to clash against the Silence Empire.

Everyone started to take a look around the inside of the castle.

“We plan to dig a large trench around the castle in the near future. The continent uses water to prevent enemies from approaching the castle, but we will fill it with Black Water. In times of emergency, we will have an extra layer of defense once we light it on fire. It will be difficult to douse it with water because of the heat. We will have an extra method for castle defense.”

The chiefs and chieftains in charge of the internal affairs were interested in the offices and meeting rooms they were going to be using, while the Greatest Warriors were interested in the layout of the entire castle.

It was because there was something else for them to study. Castle defense was something that even the experienced Greatest Warriors were not used to doing in the desert. After listening to Runa briefly explain the configuration of the castle, they went around looking at each area of the castle.

Yulian walked with Grace and Violet to the rooms dedicated for them.

“Your offices are already finished. Since both of you are moving around so much to take care of stuff, we need to make it a little more comfortable for the two of you to work. And Violet, I also ordered them to create a separate prayer room for you.”

“Thank you.”

Violet headed to the prayer room first.

The door opened silently without making any noises. After entering the room, Violet almost started to cry.

The interior of the prayer room looked exactly like the one back at the s.h.i.+re. It wasn’t like a good prayer room made it easier to determine fortunes or strengthen an incantation, but it was always easier to focus and chant somewhere you felt at peace.

Violet had left her homeland alone as a woman to come to Pareia where she knew absolutely n.o.body. She then confidently filled her position as the Glow’s wife. At the same time, it was true that she had been lonely.

Seeing the sights from her homeland like this made her extremely emotional.

“Even if you are busy, go visit the s.h.i.+re once with her. Even if you or I am taking care of her, I’m sure she is still lonely. Everybody has been finding it hard to approach her since she replaced Tuma Takaknim as the Chief Shaman so she has had a hard time getting close to people.”

Grace was whispering to Yulian while watching Violet who was in front of her. 

“I should do that. Since we are on the topic, we should take the children and visit Dejaine-nim as well.”

Grace’s expression became much brighter as she happily responded.

“That sounds great. I’ve been worried because I have heard that father is not in the past as well.”

Seeing Grace’s expression and hearing what she had to say, Yulian could easily tell how worried she must have been for a while. Even if her father was ill, she could not take a couple days off to go visit him because of her position and responsibilities as the Mother of Pareia.

Yulian’s respect for his two wives shot up significantly at this time.


The wind was cut with a loud noise as a large greatsword was flying toward its target.


Shubeon flung his body to the side to avoid this greatsword that had suddenly started to fly toward him and had to roll on the ground a couple times before finally getting up and starting to shout.

“What the h.e.l.l are you doing?! Are you trying to kill someone?!”

Shubeon was shouting at Thrint, the owner of the sword. Thrint just stoically stared down at his greatsword before shaking his head.

“Still a far way to go.”

Seeing Thrint say that before starting to walk away, Shubeon took out his sword and asked.

“Hey hey hey, just what do you mean? If it is not far, would I be dead?”

As Shubeon pointed his sword at Thrint in disbelief, Thrint responded.

“Who knows.”

“Then let me test it out as well. Let’s see if it is still far or close.”

Shubeon said that to Thrint before starting to attack as if it was a life-or-death battle.

A battle between two people who reached the level of a low-tier master as the continent would call it was really a fierce battle that shook the earth and caused a storm. Many people started to gather together to watch their battle.


People would shout out whenever one of the two ended up in a dangerous situation, while the children were cheering on their preferred warrior.

There was n.o.body in Pareia that did not know about the Red Storm, and naturally, they had turned into the idol and the goal for the children and the young warriors.

While Shubeon and Thrint were continuing to battle without being able to determine a victor, one of the Red Storm warriors who was quickly running somewhere before seeing the two of them fighting shook his head and yelled out to them.

“All members have been called to gather. Stop fighting and start running.”

Once they heard the shout, Shubeon and Thrint immediately stopped as if they had never been fighting in the first place, and followed behind their fellow member.

“What is going on? Weren’t we supposed to be on break for a while?”

As Shubeon asked while running, Thrint shook his head.

By the time Thrint and Shubeon arrived at the training area, the rest of the Red Storm warriors had already gathered. Haisha, who had officially been given the t.i.tle of the leader of the Red Storm, was standing in front of the group.

“Boss, what is up?”

Shubeon looked toward Haisha while asking.

Haisha may have the t.i.tle of leader, but other than during times of war, he really didn’t have many responsibilities other than being the messenger between Yulian and the Red Storm. In addition, the Red Storm had always been treating each member as hyung or ah-oo [1], so they all spoke informally with one another.

After verifying that all of the warriors had gathered, Haisha started to speak.

“Here is the message from the Glow-nim. You are all ordered to develop one or two members for the second generation of the Red Storm.”


[1] ah-oo: Korean term for younger sibling

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