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Book 6-2.2

Yulian called out Shubeon's name as Shubeon continued to walk forward, before grabbing Shubeon's collar.


Yulian quickly realized that Shubeon was not in the right state of mind.

"Wake up, Shubeon!"

Yulian stood face to face with Shubeon and shouted directly at him. Shubeon just blankly stared at Yulian. 

"Late...I think you are late, Glow."

"Yes, d.a.m.n it … I have no excuse. I am sorry."


Shubeon fell down at that spot and Yulian started to swing his greatsword widely and shout.

"Your commander has already lost his life to my blade. Resistance is now futile. Drop your weapons and surrender."

The desert warriors were starting to appear one by one behind Yulian. 

All of the soldiers of Henkel Gate were focused on the thirty Red Storm warriors. As a result, the other Pareia's warriors were able to enter the gate without a single casualty. They then started to attack the soldiers who were running toward them.

Viscount Stearthur knew that Henkel Gate was lost and started to run with a few ranked officers. They needed to report the results of this battle as soon as possible.

The night was getting deeper.

The celebration of the victory of Henkel Gate.

Both the victory at the plains and the victory at the gate could be called an overwhelming victory.

Yulian brought out food and alcohol to console the warriors. First of all, they got control of the gate and achieved their goal. Furthermore, it was a difficult war until now and there was a need to console the warriors and let them rest.

Everybody was enjoying themselves, smiling, and chatty, but there was an area that wasn't like that as well.

It was the residence of the Red Storm that was covered in silence.

Even though the battle was over, the Red Storm had not been able to get up and just flopped right where they were sitting. They had all used so much energy that they had reached their limit.

Even Thrint, Haisha, and Shubeon, the strongest of the Red Storm, were no exception to this. All of them were laying down in a residence inside the gate and could not move.

All of the shamans were gathered together to restore their staminas, but maybe it was because they not only used up their stamina but their hidden potential as well, but they needed to rely on natural healing to recover.


With a quiet moan, Thrint suddenly sat up.

Only the small light in the corner of the room was flickering to brighten Thrint's view.


Thrint let out another moan and lifted his upper body. He could feel the emptiness in his body and his head was aching.


He heard the door open and one person walked in.


Thrint quickly tried to straighten his body, but Yulian quickly stopped him and held him there.

"It's okay. Stay there."

"I am embarra.s.sed."

"The person who should be embarra.s.sed is me, Thrint, not you."

Thrint started to frown. He remembered the battle now. The battle that they had once again lost a friend.

"You are right. Glow, you were a bit late."

Thrint did not hide hs grudge. His voice and his gaze were both cold.

"You are right. I was late. I was very late."


Yulian thought it would be difficult if they fell into silence and continued to speak.

"How is your body?"

"It is okay. But based on how empty I feel, I probably need to recover for a while. Where are the rest of the group?"

"You are the first to wake up."

"I see."

"Then get some rest."

As the conversation continued to be awkward, Yulian told Thrint to rest before turning around. There were a lot of things he wanted to say, but it was difficult for him to say anything right now.

"Epori's death. That d.a.m.n b.a.s.t.a.r.d felt like he was going to cause us harm and killed himself. He disobeyed your order by dying, but I hope you can forgive him."

Was he able to say it because they weren't looking at each other face to face?

Yulian's heart was breaking, listening to Thrint's voice that was hiding his deep sorrow and pus.h.i.+ng back his tears.

He really did not know what to say at all.

"Wanana did not wake up either."

However, the thing he ended up saying in the end made Thrint go blank for a moment.

"When all of you fainted and we moved you inside, Wanana's life … was already gone."

"Did Wanana?"

"There was an arrow in his chest. I presume……"

"He must have pushed forward even stronger so that we would not notice."

Seeing Yulian not being able to say anything, Thrint turned away from looking at Yulian's back.

"I'm sorry. It is my fault."

Yulian could not turn his head around and just walked toward the door. He felt like he would blow up from frustration if he stayed any longer.

"It is our fault for going against your order."

Thrint's words stabbed Yulian's back like an arrow as he walked out.

"You seem to be having a hard time."

Seeing Yulian walking out so weakly from the residence, Runa asked Yulian about how he was doing.

You could not find the joy of victory anywhere in Runa's expression either.

Although less of them died compared to what he had expected, it was still true that he had no confidence to deal with the aftermath of it.

"If I moved a little bit faster, they didn't have to die."

Yulian did not make eye contact with Runa. He knew that his expression would not be good right now.

"They would not have died if the Red Storm would have held on a little bit longer."


"It is always the same story. We managed an overwhelming victory, and have now overcome a significant obstacle. We are supposed to be happy."


Runa sternly continued.

"If the Glow and the Greatest Warriors all look down like this, the regular warriors will quickly notice it. They will find out that another two Red Storm warriors were killed in battle. The invincible Red Storm."

"Runa, you……"

Yulian wanted to say something before he stopped. There was nothing that would get better or change even if he said it.

"I will meet with the Red Storm. I never had a good relations.h.i.+p with them to start, so there is no issue if it gets any worse."

"That is my biggest concern. You know very well that no good will come from making your relations.h.i.+p worse."

Runa made direct eye contact Yulian before speaking.

"Glow, not everything can be great. If this is good, that will be bad. Things do not go as we wish. And the fact that there are opposing powers is a natural phenomenon."

"Runa! What is that supposed to mean?!"

As Yulian became angry and raised his voice, Runa did not seem to show any changes as he answered.

"The Glow seems to forget quite often that you are a ruler. It is difficult to be a ruler."

"If I cannot trust you or the Red Storm, who am I supposed to trust?"

"I am talking about the degree of trust. In fact, the Glow should be using the difficult relations.h.i.+p between myself and the Red Storm to your advantage. Either side getting too strong will become a critical weakness for you, Glow."

"I don't know why you are suddenly bringing up these useless things."

"Glow. Our Pareia is no longer a small tribe of the desert. We have unified the Eastern Continent and have control of one of the most sought after plains in the continent. The Glow needs to be a little less invested now. You can no longer pay attention to each individual warrior is what I am trying to say."


"It is something I've wanted to tell you for a while. I apologize for it coming in a situation like this. The Glow is courageous and valiant, but you are moved too much by your emotions. It is a critical weakness for an emperor. That is all I want to tell you."

Runa bowed to Yulian to show his respect before turning around.

Yulian just blankly stared at where Runa had stood before leaving.

The morning of victory started to finally arrive.

The overall atmosphere was bright, but Yulian, as well as some high ranked warriors did not seem so happy.

It was normal for people to die during war, but the presence of the Red Storm was so big that those who knew about what happened could not be happy. Thousands of warriors were able to live because of the death of two Red Storm warriors.

The Red Storm warriors started to wake one or two at a time, but they were filled with sorrow at the unexpected pa.s.sing of another one of their peers.


The door to the hall where the Red Storm warriors were gathered together opened and two people walked in. The Red Storm warriors looked toward them with odd expressions.

It was Yulian and Runa.

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