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Book 6-2.3

"We greet the Glow."

Haisha got up from his seat and represented the Red Storm to greet Yulian. Once he did, Yulian nodded his head in response and looked toward them.


Yulian did not like this type of atmosphere. The Red Storm were the ones who had been with the longest out of anyone. They had shared blood and sweat with him. However, just what was this awkward atmosphere?

"I believe you have a lot of things you want to say. I am here to listen to it. I'm sure all of you did not suddenly become mute."


"Do you have nothing to say?"


Seeing none of the warriors open their mouths, Yulian once again looked around at each of the warriors.

"Do you really have nothing to say?"

Yulian's tone was odd.

It seemed to be like he was holding back … his tone sounded like there was something he was holding in.

Whether that is sadness, anger, or even the joy of victory, they could not tell what the tone embodied.

"What is there for us to say?"

Shubeon jumped up out of his seat and retorted back.

"I told you I came here to listen. And I hate this type of atmosphere. In addition, I hate the type of atmosphere that makes it feel like we lost even though we won much more."

The warriors all picked up their heads at Yulian's response and lookedtoward him. Yulian continued to speak.

"War is somewhere that we take the lives of others. However, it is somewhere we may lose our own lives as well. Was my judment wrong?"

"You are right. That is what war is about. We sweat and we bleed so that we can prevent ourselves from dying. So what is there for us to say?"

Shubeon's voice definitely held some anger. However, he did not dare to show that anger in front of Yulian. He was their leader and Glow, and Yulian was also one of the warriors who put his life on the line to fight.

It was a problem everyone was aware of. They knew that to go to war meant to take someone else's life. However, they did not know how to deal with this situation and atmosphere in front of them. They were not used to losing one of their own; they were not used to losing a friend whose life was just as important as their own life.

"All of you are amazing. I expected there to be some more sacrifices, but more of you survived than I expected."

The one to speak was of course Runa. All of the warriors turned to glare at him. Their expressions turned to surprise once they did.

Runa was over there bowing to them.

"I will accept it. In the current continent, there are no other brigades that have the attack strength of the Red Storm. In addition, thank you for giving this Runa the approval to use that strength for our Pareia."

Yulian was also looking at Runa with shock. Runa's eyes were starting to turn red.

"I know that it was extremely difficult. I knew that there would be a lot of sacrifices even if we succeeded."

Shubeon clenched his fists and was about to rush forward but Thrint grabbed onto his clothes to prevent him. Once Shubeon turned his head to look at Thrint, Thrint shook his head.

Runa continued to speak.

"But you must know this much. We definitely needed to take control of this gate for Pareia, and thousands of warriors would have had to shed their blood if we tried to take it using the normal strategies. That is why … I can stand tall as I look at you. That is why I do not regret my decision."

Runa stopped speaking and looked around at the warriors before continuing.

"No matter how many hundreds of times I ran through it in my head, that strategy was something the Red Storm could successfully complete. Didn't you tell me in the past? If it is for our dream, you would glady be my p.a.w.ns. And that if I do not use you properly, that you would kill me. I will ask you this. Do you … wish that I act like a sinner in front of you?"

Shubeon's fist slowly started to open. All of the warriors who were glaring at him turned away. Wasn't this something all of them knew? They all knew it was something only they could successfully accomplish. They may be sad, but there was no need to be angry.

Their sacrifice saved their nation and the lives of thousands of warriors. They knew about it even before the mission started.

After a long moment of silence, Thrint finally started to speak.

"a.s.sistant Warrior Runa, what you said is correct. You just used our strength and fame for a job that was fitting. Yes … it is better than being used for something that is not fitting for our strength. Please continue to use us properly."

"Everyone, get rid of your frowns. We have won. In order to show our respects for our friends that have gone before us, let us not blame ourselves."

Everyone nodded at Haisha's words and look around at each other and started to smile. Although it was a forced smile, this was the time to smile.

"Glow, we apologize for causing you so much headache."

As Haisha approached and bowed, Yulian shook his head.

Right now, Yulian was feeling overwhelmed by Runa's words and the warriors' words. These amazing warriors were his subordinates.

"Shubeon, it's all your fault. I couldn't say anything because it might cause you to go off again."

As one of the warriors jokingly answered, Shubeon started to smile as he responded.

"d.a.m.n it, I know, I know, but i just couldn't say anything because i felt sorry for the b.a.s.t.a.r.ds that left before us."

'Is this enough to resolve things for now?'

Shubeon thought that to himself while looking at the now smiling Glow and Red Storm warriors.

'This is why I like all of them.'

Runa wanted to be involved in the conversation as well for a moment, but in the end, shook his head and sneaked out of them.

The Silence Empire was obvious, but even the Rojini Kingdom started go wild at the fact that Pareia had conquered Henkel Gate.

First of all, the Silence Empire became completely shocked at this surprising news. The Henkel Gate that they had considered to be completely safe had fallen, which meant that the other half of Henkel Plains was no longer safe either.

Most importantly, the death of Master Spotch was really unexpected.

Spotch had ranked in the upper echlon of the Empire's masters, yet he was unable to defend against a single barbarian tribe and died.

The Silence Empire quickly entered a state of emergency. They quickly sent reinforcements to the Mobile region, while gathering people for strategy meetings that lasted for days.

During the meeting, there were many discussions internally among the Silence Empire that they needed to send an envoy to Pareia to call for an armistice. Of course they were careful about bringing it up to not anger their royal hgihness. The reason they were pus.h.i.+ng for an armistice was because they did not have many units to move to the back as they were in a fierce battle with the Rojini Kingdom.

Crown Prince Shaone had no choice but to send a diplomatic envoy to Pareia, while putting their plan for the Mobile region at the forefront of their discussions.

On the other hand, the Rojini Kingdom was extremely excited. Although they did not originally expect much from Pareia, Pareia had taken victory after victory to significantly oppress the Silence Empire. To be honest, the Rojini Kingdom never expected Pareia to be this great of an ally.

Some of the n.o.bles had even complained about what kind of help the barbarians could give them, indicating that they didn't need Pareia's help to start. Surprisngly, Master Aizen and Master Winnie had pushd them to create the alliance with Pareia.

It was because of the two of their level of respect that they had given such a significant amount of materials to Pareia. But now, the situation had turned 180 degrees. They wanted to create an in Pareia, and create an for Pareia in the Rojini Kingdom as well. That way, they could always share opinions with each other and create a path of communication.

They also needed to create a diplomat who would focus all of their time on Pareia, while making sure to increase the level of support for Pareia. Basically, they needed to do whatever they could to keep this alliance strong.

The Rojini Kingdom's emperor Finn Rojini III agreed with all of these suggestions and ordered an envoy to be sent to Pareia to discuss everything.

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