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“Do you know her in-game name?”


After a moment of thought, the player shook his head, “Nope. n.o.body mentioned it before.. She’s just a normal player I guess.”

w.a.n.g Jiangnan nodded. The player might be right about Ye Ci, but his instincts told him that that she was not just an ordinary player. Perhaps due to his interaction with video games since young, he developed a sharp intuition to recognize the differences between experts and normal players.

For any other individual, an expert player was no different from a normal player in real life. But w.a.n.g Jiangnan had a sixth sense that allowed him to identify a gamer’s ability.


He was able to recognise Flawless Reflection earlier on, before he could introduce himself. He had never seen a picture of the player in real life, but was able to tell that Qin Churuo was no normal player at first glance.

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Reign Of The Hunters Roth Chapter 194 (3) summary

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