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Such case was especially true for Purity Essence. With his arrogance and pride, and his firm believe in his ideals crushed mere moments ago, saying the two words to Gongzi You was harder than killing himself.

But… Purity Essence squeezed those words out in the end.

Ye Ci was surprised. She did not expect Purity Essence to concede to the result of this bet that seemed to insignificant to her. His willingness to admit his mistake also came as a surprise to her. Ye Ci was impressed. After all, not everyone could look square at their mistakes and admit their wrongdoings. Even Ye Ci herself… Even if she was a reincarnator… She might not be able to bring herself to achieve such a feat.

Especially when it was done in front of somebody else. A huge amount of courage was required.

However, despite her own thoughts, Ye Ci did not betray any hint of emotion. She maintained a calm and detached voice, “Oh. I see.”

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