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Reincarnator - Chapter 388: Flameless Land (2)


“There’s too many weaklings around here.”

Kiriel smashed away the skull of a Abyssal monster and shrugged as she spoke.

Maybe it’s because they were in the outskirts but there were no humans here.

But there were quite a lot of others filling their spot.


Hansoo picked up a crystal from where the corpse had been at and spoke to Kiriel.

“Maybe it’s because people don’t live here. They probably didn’t clean here that well.”

Just like his words.

If the area where the humans lived and the area where the Abyssal monsters appeared was the same.

And there weren’t enough humans to clean them all up.

It wouldn’t be weird that there would be abyssal monsters in a place where humans didn’t exist.

‘Or the opposite.’

But then.

R-Korun Nell gave the answer.

“Dammit… Who would want to live in a place where these things are swarming around. Those trash… For them to let these things roam around here...The Neropa Union would not let that happen.”

Hansoo nodded at R-Korun Nell.

Those words were correct as well.

They probably didn’t expand their powers up to this point because of all these monsters.

But Kiriel shrugged her shoulders as she looked into the distance.

“Anyways… What shall we do about them? I’m not really into being stalked.”

R-Korun Nell frowned as she asked.

“...Someone is watching us? Since when?”

“Hmm. Ever since we arrived? They are pretending to run away and just watching us from the distance.”

“What the…”




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