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Chapter 68: What Is Advanced Mathematics?

Qin Xiaomeng tightly grabbed Ye Fei's hand. He looked back to Lin Qingwan embarra.s.sedly.

"Humph, playing with cute girls during working hours…" Lin Qingwan muttered. She was very dissatisfied with Ye Fei, but Qin Xiaomeng's cute face softened her up.

If it were someone else, Lin Qingwan would certainly have refused, but she had a good first impression of Qin Xiaomeng, so she agreed.

"The pretty sister is OK with it, so you can sit next to me!" Qin Xiaomeng dragged Ye Fei down to the first row and pushed him into the empty seat beside hers.

"Hey, where's your textbook?" she suddenly noticed that he came empty-handed.

"What textbook?" he scratched his head abashedly.

"This is an advanced mathematics cla.s.s, where is your textbook? Did you forget to bring it?" Qin Xiaomeng took her own textbook out of her bag and smiled, "Oh, just use mine for now. I've already prepared for this lesson in advance, so I don't need it."

She put the textbook on Ye Fei's desk, followed by a blank notebook and a black fountain pen.

"Thank you..."

Ye Fei's facial expression didn't change, but he was moved by her kindness.

To be honest, Ye Fei had already helped her out before on the bus, so she owed him, but she was still very nice to him... Maybe she wanted to repay the favor, but in any case, she was a kindhearted girl.

However, Qin Xiaomeng's actions made the other boys very jealous and upset.

"Pfft, he didn't even bring his textbook to cla.s.s," a boy with thick sitting behind Ye Fei mumbled.

His name was Du Wenxing, a typical nerdy A student. Although Qin Xiaomeng was also a good student, she had never paid much attention to him.

Du Wenxing was one of Qin Xiaomeng's admirers, but there was little to set him apart from the other boys. All he could talk about with Qin Xiaomeng was coursework and studying.

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