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Chapter 232: Giving Medical Treatment

Half past eight in the morning.Putting on the white coat Li Hongji personally gave him, Tang Xiu sat calmly at the consultation table, waiting for the first patient to come. At his side, a young girl in her early twenties was constantly looking at him with a curious look on her face. Dai Xinyue was a newcomer in the hospital pharmacy, a college graduate who was hired just a few months ago.However, she also had a Traditional Chinese Medical pract.i.tioner background. Her grandfather was a Traditional Chinese Medical senior doctor, while her parents also engaged in medical work. Therefore, she also had some skills due to the influence of her family.Dai Xinyue was very curious about Tang Xiu and even wors.h.i.+pped him a bit because he was of a similar age with her. But he was unexpectedly able to become an on-duty doctor; which was definitely an amazing feat."Knock, knock..."The consultation room’s door was knocked, revealing several family members pus.h.i.+ng a patient inside. Tang Xiu frowned. He knew the person who took the lead; he was originally the old man he saw when he kicked the plaque of the Rising Dragon Martial School, Yang Xianyu.“h.e.l.lo, Dr. Tang.”Yang Xianyu bowed very low with a smile hung on his face.Nodding lightly, Tang Xiu got up and looked at the eyes of the old lady who was on the stretcher. His brows suddenly wrinkled. He walked forward and took the old lady’s wrist to check on her pulse. After checking it quietly for half a minute, only then did he turn to look at Yang Xianyu, saying, “Have you checked her before? What did the other doctors tell you?” Yang Xianyu replied truthfully, “They said that she suffered a stroke. But I don’t believe it.” “Why did you say that?” Tang Xiu asked.“Although my wife’s symptoms are similar with a stroke’s, she can speak clearly, and the contents of her speech are about G.o.ds, buddhas, and ghosts; very odd. I think she didn’t suffered a stroke, more like she was bewitched,” said Yang Xianyu. Tang Xiu nodded, “You’re right, she’s being possessed!”Yang Xianyu was surprised for a moment, his complexion then immediately changing. He quickly said, “Dr. Tang, since you can see that my wife is being possessed, I believe that you must have a cure for it? I offended you in Raising Dragon Martial School before,  I hope you can forgive me with your big heart.”“Let bygones be bygones! Your wife’s Dangyang point on her forehead is being invaded by Evil Qi. But fortunately, she has a strong fire essense on her body that is keeping the Evil Qi unable to invade her sea of consciousness. Otherwise, she would have turned into an idiot already,” saying Tang Xiu faintly.“Hey! How can you say that?” Yang Zhenting, who stood behind Yang Xianyu, spoke in anger."Shut up!" Yang Xianyu’s face changed, rebuking him in a deep tone.“Father, this kid is talking irresponsibly. How come he says that Mother is being possessed? The hospital has diagnosed a stroke! So we only need to follow the treatment and slowly nurture Mother back to health. I believe she’ll be alright!”“Pa…”Yang Xianyu slapped Yang Zhenting’s face and snapped sternly, “If you dare to say one more word, you’re not my son anymore! You won’t see me again later.”Upon hearing it, Yang Zhenting turned timid. He lowered his head and no longer spoke.Tang Xiu shook his head and said lightly, “All of you, go out!”Misunderstanding Tang Xiu’s meaning, Yang Xianyu hurriedly said, “Dr. Tang, please don’t take my son’s remark to heart. It’s because of my improper teaching. In any case, you must save my wife. Please!”Tang Xiu said, “What I meant was for you and the other family members to leave. I will treat her now.”“Ah, alright!” Yang Xianyu was overjoyed, and immediately left with all of his children.Tang Xiu looked at Dai Xinyue and said serenely, “Take the silver needles you brought a moment ago and disinfect all of them with cotton and ethyl alcohol.”"Alright!"Dai Xinyue obediently took a box of silver needles and sterilized them, and then put them back to the box.Tang Xiu propped up the old lady and said, “Untie her coat and take off the rest except her underwear.”Dai Xinyue hesitated before doing it right away, according to what Tang Xiu had ordered. Soon, the old woman was undressed. Tang Xiu then turned her around with her back facing him. He then took out a few silver needles and quickly pierced the acupuncture points on her back.Tang Xiu’s fingers gently pressed the location of the silver needles as his fingers constantly moved along the body’s meridian channel’s line.Two minutes later.“Cough, cough…”The old lady woke up from her deep slumber. She coughed for a awhile before opening her eyes.Tang Xiu’s eyes flashed. He pulled out the silver needles lightning fast and quickly pierced the Dangyang point on her forehead. His needle piercing technique was extremely strange. He pierced on three points and pulled out one point; punctured another point and pulled it out again and punctured another three points.Twisting, pulling, and piercing.After having repeated this nine times, Tang Xiu quickly pulled out all the silver needles.“Uh, what a stench!”Dai Xinyue, who had been standing beside the old lady, suddenly smelt a foul stench when Tang Xiu pulled out the silver needle from the old lady’s Dangyang point. She could even clearly see a trace of gray-black gas drifting from the acupuncture point.Tang Xiu put down the silver needles and then gently held the old lady’s face. With his five fingers, he exerted some effort to ma.s.sage it, as the old lady’s mouth askance and crooked appearance then began to change. Certainly, n.o.body knew that he was using star force to ma.s.sage the old lady’s facial muscles to fix her face.From the beginning of the treatment to the end, Tang Xiu only spent a total of ten minutes. When Tang Xiu took back his hands, the old lady’s appearance was almost the same as a normal person’s. After taking out the silver needles on her back, Tang Xiu commanded, “Help her dress up! Then tell the patient’s family to enter.”At this moment, Dai Xinyue looked at the old lady’s face with a blank expression and was startled upon hearing Tang Xiu’s words. After that, she hurriedly asked, “Tang… Dr. Tang, what did you just say? I’m really sorry, I was just distracted.”Tang Xiu repeated what he had just said and then walked to the washbasin. He washed his hands before sitting behind the examination table.Shortly after, Yang Xianyu and some of his children came inside. When they saw the appearance of the old lady, each and every one of them exposed a look of disbelief.“Dr. Tang, my wife, she…”Tang Xiu said, “I have treated her. This is just a minor problem, so I will give you a few auxiliary Chinese medicine prescriptions. After you boiled the medicines, give them to her. She’ll fully recover after resting for a few days. However, I think that you should check the objects around her. She must have a few objects with Yin and Evil Qi. If you don’t pay attention to it, if later the Evil Qi invade her body again, treating her won’t be this easy.”Yang Xianyu was shocked, “She’s alright already?”“What? You don’t believe me?” Asked Tang Xiu.Yang Xianyu immediately shook his head and said seriously, “I believe you, Divine Doctor Tang. I have been with my wife in Star City for a long time, waiting for you to give medical service in this Chinese Medical Hospital. Thank you, thank you very much.”Tang Xiu was surprised, “Then, the last time I saw you in Rising Dragon Martial School was because…”Forcing out a smile, Yang Xianyu said, “Last time, I came to Star City was to find you. I heard the news that you treated a little girl’s strange illness on Jingmen Island, so I know that you are an amazing Divine Doctor. Afterward, I’ve been asking around everywhere, only then did I know that you live in Star City. Jiang Feng, the Schoolmaster of Rising Dragon Martial School, is my long-time friend. I happened to see him that day, and then I met you by chance...”Tang Xiu suddenly realized as he nodded and said, “If you see Jiang Feng again, please tell him that opening a martial school is a good deed for people to train a strong and healthy body, as well as defend the homeland. But if it’s to be used to bully the common people, he should simply close his martial school earlier!”Yang Xianyu said, “Divine Doctor Tang. You actually didn’t know. My old friend is an upright and just person. He hates people who uses martial arts and force to bully others; he’ll even severely teach them a lesson. He was also furious that some crooks emerged in his martial school. He already disciplined and expelled them. He also has increased the supervision of the school.”Tang Xiu said, "I got it."Having said that, he quickly wrote a prescription and handed it over to Yang Xianyu, saying, “Now, go buy the items in this prescription! I’ve already written the ingredients that are needed to make the medicine. Do remember it well.”"Thank you, thank you, Divine Doctor Tang," said Yang Xianyu gratefully.Tang Xiu shook his head as he watched them leave. He then looked at Dai Xinyue and asked lightly, “And you, what kind of impression do you have?”The shock on Dai Xinyue’s face hadn’t yet subsided. Upon hearing his inquiry, a bit of admiration revealed on her face. “Dr. Tang, you’re really amazing! But, the evil qi you said before, I didn’t get it.”Tang Xiu replied faintly, “If you want to be an excellent Chinese medical doctor, not only do you need to understand the patient’s condition and, to some extent, understand about their injuries and feelings, you also must understand that some ordinary people might be in difficult situations. Such as the patient I just treated who was possessed! This world has spiritual qi, life qi, death qi, corpse qi, as well as baleful qi. If you encounter similar patients in the future, don’t just a.n.a.lyze the symptoms of the patients, you also have to consider some unscientific issues; those things really exist.”"I’ll remember your teachings, Dr. Tang.” Dai Xinyue nodded repeatedly.Tang Xiu was quite content with Dai Xinyue’s performance. Compared to Sun Wenjing who judged a person by their appearance, he thought that replacing her was really a good choice. Therefore, he decided to teach her as much as possible in his consultation time."Knock, knock..."The door was knocked again as a young man that was covering his stomach entered the ward. After he sat down on the chair in front of the consultation table, he said with a pained expression, “Hi, Doctor, I… I have a very painful stomachache.”Tang Xiu said, “Give me your wrist!”As the young man extended his wrist, Tang Xiu checked it. As a slight smile appeared on his mouth, he got up and walked behind the young man, grabbing his shoulder with one hand while the other patted his back."Pa, pa, pa..."A series of beatings made several patients and their families who were waiting in front of the door look at each other in dismay. Even Dai Xinyue also showed a puzzled expression.Tang Xiu glanced at her, “Can you pulse-check to diagnose the state of a disease?”Dai Xinyue quickly said, “A little. I learned from my grandfather. I can diagnose the general state of an illness through observation.”

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