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Chapter 293: Provocation

“Brat, you know I can’t win 1 billion in this casino, but you still deliberately set me up. Holy mother, I admit I lost. I don’t even have your deterrent. If I were to win 1 billion and take it, my dead body would probably be thrown into the sea to feed the sharks tonight,” rolling his eyes, Fatty Li snapped with a self-deprecating smile.

Tang Xiu didn’t doubt what Fatty Li just said. He knew perfectly well about the characters of these casino owners. Be it on Earth or in the Immortal World, those who ran gambling establishments were used to do some evil matters, where killing people and plundering their money and wealth was common.

“Alright, let’s get down, I’ll accompany you to play.”

As they walked to the hall downstairs, many eyes instantly landed on Tang Xiu. Though many of them were envious and jealous of him for winning 1 billion, the number of people who were full of pity and sympathy were even more.

It was evident that they also knew some unspoken rules of the casino!

Ignoring them, Tang Xiu walked alongside Fatty Old Li as he smiled and asked, “What are you gonna play? I still have 990,000 chips left, so I’ll play with you.”

“I can play anything,” Fatty Li smiled. “Though I can play any game, I can’t play too well in any of them.”

After half an hour, Fatty Li lost all his 1 million chips and most of the 990 thousand chips on Tang Xiu were also spent. After having converted the remaining chips into 300-400 thousand dollars, he received a leather suitcase from the casino.

“Hello Sirs, our vice president ordered me to guide you to the VIP lounge on the second floor,” a handsome foreigner young man with a well-proportioned physique approached Tang Xiu and Fatty Li and spoke respectfully to them.

“Please lead the way!”

After two minutes, they arrived at a spacious VIP lounge on the second floor. Dozens of people were already there at this time, standing on both sides of the railing outside the hall, watching the gambling table inside with four people, one man standing behind each one of them.

Of the four were two men around their 30s, a 50-year-old man and a beautiful blonde with blue eyes whose age couldn’t be discerned.

Fatty Li gently touched Tang Xiu’s arm and whispered, “Do you see that flat head—monkey-like guy? He’s Wang Rui from Qingcheng Mountain. He turns 34 this year and has a wealth of tens of billions.”

Tang Xiu’s sight landed on Wang Rui for a while before glancing at the other two, finally fixating on that blonde belle. He slightly pursed his brows and had his vigilance slightly aroused, since he could keenly perceive a peculiar aura exuding from the woman. It was a type of aura which neither Daoist or immortal cultivators could have, but rather, the aura of the Whitewing clan members in the Immortal World.

‘She’s rather quite powerful, and I’m afraid the current me is not her opponent.’

Realizing that the beautiful belle seemed aware of him looking at her, Tang Xiu retracted his gaze back immediately and was secretly startled inside.

Right at this time, the game just begun. Each one of them had a stack of chips in front of them while the one who acted as the dealer was a foreign middle-aged man.

“They are playing blackjack?” raising his brows, Tang Xiu whispered.

Fatty Old Li nodded, “Yes, it’s blackjack. I don’t like Wang Rui, but I hope he can win since his opponent is a Japanese. At least he can give honor and glory to our country and fiercely smash the arrogance of this Japanese.”

Though Tang Xiu also had no favorable impression toward the Japanese, he was also disinclined to care about his fellow countryman. The one who piqued his attention was that blonde belle.

The gambling house started.

Wang Rui didn’t bet many chips at the start. It was exactly because of this that the Japanese man became very arrogant as he taunted and mocked Wang Rui; even the foreigner old man also backed out. Yet the belle still held her smiling face regardless of her big or small cards, as if she belittled it. She even acted like Wang Rui and started betting small.

Finally, after a dozen rounds, Wang Rui suddenly increased his bet, placing tens of millions chips. Though the Japanese man was loudly clamoring, but as a shrewd and astute man, he didn’t raise the bet and chose to give up. The blond belle herself also chose the same.

However, the foreigner old man pushed tens of millions of chips with disdain and followed the call. In the end, it Wang Rui’s win.

Twenty minutes later, the game had progressed to a more intense stage. Wang Rui constantly whispered with the middle-aged foreigner behind him. The Japanese man also refused to be outdone as he followed the call of the foreigner old man. In stark contrast was that blonde belle who gave up early.

“Brother Tang, the chips on the table just exceeded 500 million. Who amongst them can win this game according to you?” Fatty Old Li softly touched Tang Xiu and whispered.

“That Japanese man,” said Tang Xiu slowly.


 A middle-aged man beside Tang Xiu and Fatty Old Li, who heard their conversation, smirked at the duo.

Tang Xiu glanced at him before his eyes went back to the gambling table. He just observed the three people’s cards with his spiritual sense and found that the Japanese man was the one who held the biggest cards. Unless Wang Rui did something, this game was his loss.

However, outside of everyone’s expectations, Wang Rui suddenly gave up. Finally, the foreigner old man also lost to the Japanese man.

“Hahaha… Wang Rui, you’ve lost most of your chips. If you keep going like this, it won’t be long before you leave the casino with your ass naked,” the Japanese man taunted and mocked Wang Rui arrogantly.

Wang Rui only let out a cold smile and didn’t respond.

The next game began. Wang Rui straightly pushed all of his chips and lightly said, “I have 200 million left here! If I lose again this time, it means my skill is worse than yours. Begin!”

“I’m in!”

After looking at his cards, the Japanese man immediately smiled and pushed 200 million chips, followed by the foreigner old man. The belle also pushed 200 million chips.

The game ended with Wang Rui’s win. Not only did he win back the 300 million he had lost before, he even won more than 300 million.

“Baka! Continue!” The Japanese man angrily fumed.

The next game started again. Wang Rui straightly pushed 400 million and said lightly, “Each of you doesn’t have enough chips on the table. Still, I want to bet my 400 million with you. If any of you win, you can have these 400 million chips. But if you lose, unless you exchange for more chips, this gambling house will be concluded.”

The belle raised her brows as she suddenly turned her gaze to Tang Xiu, who was also looking at her. She immediately nodded to Tang Xiu before getting up and saying, “I give up, you can continue playing.”

“I’m in!” (“I’m in!”)

The Japanese man and the foreigner old man spoke at the same time.

The result of the game was a win for Wang Rui yet again. He completely swept the two men’s chips clean. When Wang Rui mocked the Japanese man to his heart’s content, the belle came before Tang Xiu. Under everyone gazes, she didn’t speak and only looked at Tang Xiu.

“Is there something, beautiful lady?” asked Tang Xiu while letting out a tranquil and calm smile.

The belle smiled softly, “I like talented young men, especially a powerful one such as you. If you don’t mind, how about playing with me?”

Tang Xiu shook his head, “Small gambling is an enjoyment, but a big one will only harm you. I don’t like gambling, so I can’t accompany you.”

The belle laughed, “Since you don’t want a big gamble, shall we find a quiet place and have a few cups together? To be honest, I’m curious about you.”

Tang Xiu fell silent for a moment and then slowly said, “It’s the same for me too. Anyways, I will have a private party myself. You can join me if you don’t mind.”


The belle gave a gesture and said, “I’ll go back and change my clothes first. Tell me where you’re staying, I’ll find you later.”


Telling her the villa’s number where he was staying, Tang Xiu then spoke to the Fatty Old Li, “Let’s go."

Looking at the departing belle’s back, Fatty Old Li said in astonishment, “Brother Tang, do you know that rich woman?”

“Nope!” Tang Xiu shook his head.

A strange look covered Fatty Old Li’s face as he said, “Brother Tang, you’re amazing. Not only is your good luck heaven-defying, even such a rich pretty belle throws herself to you. But alas, how come this Fatty Old Li’s turn didn’t come to get such a good thing? Damn! God is really unfair!”

Tang Xiu laughed, “Do you think that woman is good? How about I send her to your room later?”

“No, don’t! A gentleman never snatches anything a man’s fond of. You keep that woman and have fun with her!” Fatty Old Li waved his hand repeatedly before he continued in a low voice, “Actually, I’m not by myself in this trip to Saipan. My wife and my daughter are also with me. So, you know…”

Tang Xiu couldn’t help bursting into laughter. He nodded and said, “If so, bring big sis-in-law and niece to drink a few cups at my place this evening.”

“Yeah!” Fatty Old Li nodded with a smile.

“It’s a small world, eh. I didn’t expect to bump into you, Boss Li. It’s really my good luck!” Wang Rui, who had also discovered Fatty Old Li at this time, approached and greeted all smiling after he exchanged his chips with the casino staff and accepted his money.

Rolling his eyes at him, Fatty Old Li snorted, “Don’t give me such entrained words, kiddo! You just won big tonight, shouldn’t you be the one to treat me?”

Wang Rui laughed, “No probs. Let’s have the Seven Goddesses Dance later. I promise to let you play and enjoy yourself to the full tonight.”

Fatty Old Li replied in a mocking tone, “Fuck that. Look at my body, can’t you see that I can’t play? Come here, I’ll introduce you to my Little Bro I just met when I had a Thai Massage today. He’s surnamed Tang, Tang Xiu.”

A brilliant light flashed in Wang Rui’s eyes. He didn’t show any contempt nor belittlement just because he didn’t know Tang Xiu’s identity as he said with a smile, “Brother Tang, it’s my pleasure to meet you! Fatty Old Li may have a careless and blunt personality, though that mouth of his usually speaks nonsensical things, yet he has keen eyes for people! So I’m sure you, Little Brother, must also be someone excellent.”

“Brother Wang also has a rather skillful means. That ‘replacing the original with a fake’ technique of yours is superb and has reached perfection. Had I not witnessed it myself, I wouldn’t have expected that the trusted adviser at your side was but only a guise. The real amazing person turns out to be you,” said Tang Xiu with a smile.

Wang Rui’s complexion changed. He quickly turned and glanced around. Finding that although there were many people around observing, nobody was actually able to hear Tang Xiu’s words.

“Is Brother Tang also good in gambling?”

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