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[???: ――Emilia? Emilia? Oy, are you alright!?]

[Emilia: Aa, e…… uh… suba… ru……?]

Woken by someone shaking her shoulders calling to her, Emilia opened her eyes and muttered Subaru's name. She shook her head to recover her hazy consciousness, but,

[Emilia: Subaru, why… are you here……?]

[Subaru: Do I need a reason to be? If it's Emilitan's face, I can keep staring for a whole day without getting bored]

[Emilia: Not that, I mean…… um]

Perhaps because her consciousness hadn't fully cleared, Emilia's response was still somewhat unsettled.
To wipe away her anxiety, Subaru patted his knees as he stood up with a smile,

[Subaru: Can't have you letting down your guard around me. I'm really happy you trust me, but I'm still a guy with a ravenous wolf hiding beneath this cloak of rationality. I'd like you to be a little more mindful of the kind of person I am, Emilitan]

[Emilia: ……? I didn't forget about you, Subaru. I said something strange while I was waking up, that's all…… but, dozing off without even realizing it……]

Although it didn't sound like she understood what Subaru was telling her, Emilia's voice as she replied indicated that she was more or less properly awake. Having confirmed this, Subaru gave the troubled-looking Emilia a nod,

[Subaru: I get that the exhaustion's piling up, but if you're gonna sleep it's better to sleep on the bed. If you keep sleeping on the floor like this it's gonna give me a heart attack every time I come in here]

[Emilia: ……ah, I'm sorry. I made you worry, didn't I?]

[Subaru: And I just renewed my resolve too, but seeing this and thinking some new EVENT activated and everything's ruined had me seriously in a panic, you know. You can even say that seeing your sleeping face today was even more emotional than usual…]

In fact, the shock that struck Subaru when he walked into the room and saw Emilia was beyond description.

Getting no response when he knocked and thinking maybe she had gone out, he entered the room to find Emilia lying there in front of the bed with her silver hair sprawled across the floor.
Surely, no one could blame Subaru for falling into instant despair at that bloodcurdling sight.
That said, the warmth of her body when he held her up and the unmistakable rhythm of her breathing and pulse quickly dispelled those worries.

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